A Look Back at A-Rod’s Dating History


| LAST UPDATE 04/19/2022

By Tiana Blanco

New York Yankees baseball legend Alex Rodriguez, aka A-Rod, has dated a fair share of familiar faces. From actresses to models to dancers, let's take a look back at the bachelor's past love interests.

Cynthia Scurtis

Despite being with many ladies over the years, A-Rod only fully committed to one special gal: He and Cynthia Scurtis were married for 6 years, from 2002-to 2008. Together the couple welcomed two children.

A-Rod cynthia scurtisA-Rod cynthia scurtis
Jon Kopaloff / Contributor via Getty Images

After accusing the baseball star of emotional abandonment, Scurtis decided to file the divorce. She claimed that A-Rod had cheated on her. But the athlete defended himself, explaining that the marriage was already ruined. Finally, after a few months, the two settled things in court, putting the athlete back on the market...

Candice Houlihan

While the media attention was all over A-Rod and Scurtis's divorce, a woman came out and claimed that she and the athlete had spent a night together... while he was still married. The Boston-based hairstylist, Candice Houlihan, claimed the baseball player cheated on his wife with her in 2004.

A-Rod divorce affairA-Rod divorce affair
MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Image / Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

The alleged incident took place during A-Rods' trip to play the Red Sox in Fenway Park. Houlihan, who at the time was a promiscuous dancer, insisted the two were together for two nights. Of course, this sent tabloids into turmoil, especially since it was said to have happened while Srutis was pregnant with their second child!

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Joslyn Noel Morse

Unfortunately, Houlihan wasn't the only woman A-Rod was allegedly unfaithful with. In 2007, this Las Vegas club dancer was seen spending a lot of time with the Yankee's athlete. Many paparazzi pics were popping up of the two seen together all over the country.

A-Rod girlfriends timelineA-Rod girlfriends timeline
@Joslynnoel143 via Twitter / Michael Loccisano / Staff via Getty Images

From Miami to Tampa, Dallas, and Toronto, it seemed like something more was going on between Morse and A-Rod. But nothing was ever confirmed by either party. Yet that didn't stop fans and tabloids from speculating that the sportsman was involved in an affair with the dancer.

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A-Rod wasn't the only celeb going through a breakup in 2008. Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie had also just filed for divorce. Shortly after the court's document went through, these two were rumored to be hanging out. The singer was even spotted sitting pitch-side at some of his baseball games.

A-Rod madonna relationshipA-Rod madonna relationship
Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer via Getty Images / Rodin Eckenroth / Contributor via Getty Images

Both of them denied any allegations that they were involved in an affair. But Scutris's layer was quoted to have said that the athlete was, in fact, involved in an "affair of the heart" with the Like a Virgin artist. Apparently, this was the "last straw" for Scruitis, who was ready to say goodbye to her baby daddy. 

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Melissa Britos

Despite claims that Madonna had A-Rod's heart, the star was rumored to be hanging out with yet another lady during his divorce proceedings. This Miami-based model was said to have received many love offerings from the Yankees short stopper, constantly getting text messages from him.

A-Rod girlfriends timelineA-Rod girlfriends timeline
Patrick McMullan / Contributor via Getty Images / Steven Henry / Stringer via Getty Images

Based on reports by The Hollywood Gossip, he was "obsessed" with Melissa Britos. They were even spotted together at a hotel. But since it was happening fresh after a 6-year long marriage, A-Rod was nowhere near ready to settle down again. So the relationship between the two didn't last long.

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Alicia Marie

In 2008, after the divorce was finalized, A-Rod was seen hitting parties left and right. And thanks to paparazzi pics, fans spotted one girl who was with the athlete during many of these outings. Bodybuilder and fitness model, Alicia Marie, started getting pretty close with A-Rod.

A-Rod girlfriends affairA-Rod girlfriends affair
Tibrina Hobson / Contributor via Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy / Staff via Getty Images

She even confessed to having been in his apartment... just the two of them. Of course, this caused the media to make many assumptions. But Marie later revealed that the two were simply just good pals and that he was a "sweetheart." We guess we'll never really know what went down with these two.

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Bethenny Frankel

Speculations that former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel and A-Rod were dating started to surface back in 2009. The pair were caught hanging out in New York City, but they never admitted to forming a relationship. Fans waited over 10 years to finally learn what really went down here.

A-Rod bethany frankelA-Rod bethany frankel
El Pics / Contributor via Getty Images / Robin Marchant / Stringer via Getty Images

During an interview on Watch What Happens Live, Frankel revealed to Andy Cohen that she and the former Yankees star had a very brief relationship. "I went out with him on two dates," she finally confessed. She also made sure that fans knew they were never a real item. 

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Kate Hudson

Rumors that Kate Hudon was dating Alex started floating around after the actress was seen hanging out at a few of his games. She even brought her parents to one! And while the couple never confirmed anything verbally, their very public kiss proved they were an item.

A-Rod kate hudsonA-Rod kate hudson
Chris Polk/AMA2009 / Contributor via Getty Images

Fans seemed to be happy for the athlete, they even gave the two of them a relationship name: K-Rod. Hudson was with Alex for around 7 months before things took a turn. According to the Bleacher Report, things were getting serious with them, but that might have been what caused them to split...

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Kate Hudson, Again

Although it was one of the longer relationships A-Rod was in post-divorce, the commitment seemed to be too much for him. Apparently, Hudson had given the athlete an ultimatum, asking him to make things even more official. But unfortunately, he rejected her.

A-Rod kate hudsonA-Rod kate hudson
 Andrew Gombert/EPA/Shutterstock

It was reported that Alex wasn't a huge fan of Hudson's career. He allegedly found it "a turnoff to have a girlfriend who always wanted to be on camera." Ouch. In December of 2009, the two were officially broken up - leaving fans wondering what the real reason behind the split was.

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Elaine Spottswood

Apparently, finding girls "too clingy" was a reoccurring feeling that A-Rod had. After his fling with Kate Hudson ended, the athlete started seeing a woman from Miami named Elaine Spottswood in 2010. The two made headlines after they went out to lunch together - but it wasn't a regular outing.

A-Rod elaine spottswoodA-Rod elaine spottswood
@spottswoodinteriors via Instagram / Kevork Djansezian / Staff via Getty Images

Spottswood was snapped wearing nothing but a t-shirt! The media went into a frenzy, curious about who Alex's new lady friend was. But, of course, fans didn't get too comfortable with the fact that A-Rod had a new lady because, after just a few months, they were already over.

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Cameron Diaz

The next lady in the lineup of A-Rod's past romances is none other than Cameron Diaz. The two were said to have been together for roughly over a year, from May 1010 to September 2011. But for a while, before the news of their relationship broke, these two were able to keep things under wraps.

a-rod Cameron Diaza-rod Cameron Diaz
George Pimentel / Stringer via Getty Images

That was until the actress was caught feeding the baseball player a piece of popcorn during Super Bowl XLV. Yet, for the most part, they spent their days working out together and keeping things low-key. Eventually, they called it quits - allegedly due to their busy schedules.

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Lauren Hunter

While it was said that A-Rod and Cameron Diaz ended things thanks to incompatible schedules, there were speculations that he had been unfaithful during their relationship. Apparently, the former Yankees short stopper had also been seeing Lauren Hunter back in 2011.

A-Rod girlfriends timelineA-Rod girlfriends timeline
Gregg DeGuire / Contributor via Getty Images / Jeff Kravitz / Stringer via Getty Images

The fitness model said she and the star first met at an exclusive gym in Hollywood. And from then on, the two spent nearly a year in an alleged affair. Hunter claimed that he was unfaithful to Diaz on numerous occasions. She even insisted they were intimate the same day A-Rod went to the MTV Movie Awards with Diaz. Yikes.

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Ella Magers

In 2011 Rodriguez started a relationship with a fitness trainer and life coach Ella Magers. The two actually met because she was training the athlete and also providing him with nutrition advice. It seems like their love for working out brought the two together.

A-Rod girlfriend affairA-Rod girlfriend affair
Patrick McMullan / Contributor via Getty Images / Rob Tringali/Sportschrome / Contributor via Getty Images

Things began heating up, and at one point, the couple even vacationed together. The two were even joined by A-Rod's two daughters from his first (and only) marriage. But, in true Alex fashion, the pairing didn't last for too long, and after a few short months, they were already over.

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Torrie Wilson

It seems like A-Rod has a thing for women who adore fitness and working out. Because after ending things with his former trainer, the Yankees star started seeing Torrie Wilson, a former WWE Diva. But unlike most of his other short-lived relationships, these two were going strong for nearly 4 years, from 2011 to 2015.

A-Rod torrie wilsonA-Rod torrie wilson
Mike Ehrmann / Staff via Getty Images

Sadly, the two didn't end things on the best terms. Apparently, Wilson had hoped that the relationship would move on to the next level, but A-Rod wasn't ready for that kind of commitment. She was allegedly also unhappy with how much the athlete's ex-wife, Cynthia, was involved in his life.

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Kyna Treacy

A-Rod is no stranger to being involved in cheating scandals. And things were no different during his time spent with Torrie Wilson. In 2012, when the two were still a thing, A-Rod was spotted seemingly flirting with a fan. Kyna Treacy was sitting in the stands when the star approached her.

A-Rod affair scandalA-Rod affair scandal
Amanda Edwards / Contributor via Getty Images / Nick Laham / Staff via Getty Images

After tossing a baseball in her direction, Alex reportedly made his way over to the Australian model and asked for her number. No surprise, after the encounter, all eyes were on the woman throughout the game. It seems like he's got game both on and off the field!

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Demi Moore

After being spotted getting dinner together, all everyone could talk about was Demi Moore and A-Rod. Especially since it was in 2012 when the athlete was still dating his then-girlfriend Torrie Wilson. But that wasn't all - Moore was also best pals with Madonna at the time. It's safe to say fans were confused.

A-Rod demi mooreA-Rod demi moore
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

Even today, the actress insists that nothing was going on between her and the baseball star. They were just friends grabbing a bite to eat in New York, as she put it. Yet still, fans aren't sure if they believe her since, at the time, she also was in a relationship with Vito Schnabel. So many questions.

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Julianne Hough

It seems that A-Rod struck out when playing the fields, and yes, we're talking both in baseball and with the ladies of Hollywood. But things took a turn in 2013 when he made a pass at celebrity dancer Julianne Hough. Even though he was 13 years her senior, he shot his shot with her.

A-Rod  julianne houghA-Rod  julianne hough
Jon Kopaloff / Contributor via Getty Images / Joe Corrigan / Contributor via Getty Images

But, to what we can assume was to his surprise, the Dancing With the Stars professional rejected the athlete, according to reports by IB Times. We guess there's a first time to everything. Instead, Hough went on to date Ryan Seacrest, whom she spent nearly two years with. 

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Erin Simmons

Old habits die hard, right? Once again, A-Rod was linked to yet another fitness model not long after he and Torrie Wilson split up in 2015. Apparently, the former Yankees star met Erin Simmons when they were both working out at a gym (surprise, surprise). The two hit it off, and in no time at all, they were spotted together.

A-Rod dating timelineA-Rod dating timeline
@erinsimmonsfitness via Instagram / MLB Photos / Stringer via Getty Images

In December of that same year, Simmons joined the athlete at a charity gala where both the media and fans eagerly eyed the pair. For some time, Alex was bringing the gym pro to many celeb-filled events. But unfortunately, the couple ended up breaking up, leaving fans wondering what could have happened...

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Anne Wojcicki

From the years 2016 to 2017, Rodriguez was in a serious relationship with Anne Wojcicki, a Silicone Valley billionaire CEO - and the ex-wife of one of the Google founders, Sergey Brin. It seemed like the pair were moving pretty fast because, just two months after meeting, they attended a major public event together.

A-Rod girlfriends timelineA-Rod girlfriends timeline
Taylor Hill / Contributor via Getty Images

Wojcicki and A-Rod attended the Met Gala together, which is typically one of the most media-filled events of the year. But despite the usually long relationship (for A-Rod) of around a year, they broke things off due to having "very different backgrounds." The billionaire even said it was a "cultural collision."

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Jennifer Lopez

The first time these two stars met was way back when in 2005. Jennifer Lopez and her then-husband, Marc Anthony, attended one of A-Rod's baseball games. Funny enough, the three even took a picture together, but since they were both in relationships, nothing ever happened.

A-Rod jennifer lopezA-Rod jennifer lopez
Andrew Toth / Stringer via Getty Images

Little did they know that 12 years later, faith would bring them back to one another. Recently A-Rod admitted that even back in '05, he felt something for the singer. "We shook hands, and it was this weird electricity for like three seconds," he admitted about their connection.

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Jennifer Lopez, Again

In February 2017, Alex and J.Lo ran into one another while out to dinner. And even though it had been many years, the sparks were still there. Allegedly, the singer tapped the athlete on the shoulder to say hi. But later on, A-Rod made the move by asking her out on a date.

A-Rod J.Lo BreakupA-Rod J.Lo Breakup
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

From then, fans adored the two's relationship - and so did he. He gushed about her on The View, "She's an amazing girl and one of the smartest human beings I've ever met and also an incredible mother." Two weeks later, after their 2nd anniversary, the Yankees star popped the big question.

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The End of J-Rod

Unfortunately, perhaps things between the two weren't as great as they made it seem to the media. In March of 2021, Page Six announced that the beloved pair had sadly called their engagement off. And it was rumored that there were a few cheating scandals to blame for the split. 

A-Rod J.Lo CheatingA-Rod J.Lo Cheating
Ari Perilstein / Stringer via Getty Images

Although it had seemed like A-Rod had put his days of unfaithfulness behind him, the accusations that arose during this breakup suggested otherwise. Sources that were close to the two claimed that Lopez was already having issues with him and the allegations caused her embarrassment.

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Jessica Sekely

Not long after news broke that J.Lo and A-Rod were engaged, rumors of an alleged cheating scandal surfaced on the internet. Jose Canseco, a former Oakland A’s player, posted on Twitter claiming that his ex-wife, Jessica Sekely, had been with A-Rod despite his relationship.

A-Rod jessica sekelyA-Rod jessica sekely
Rodrigo Vaz / Contributor via Getty Images/Duffy-Marie Arnoult / Contributor via Getty Images

Despite having a thing for baseball players, Sekely quickly denied her ex-husband's accusations. She insisted that she and A-Rod were just good friends. She added that the two hadn't even seen each other in 5 years…even though Canseco said their affair had been going on for 4. We guess we'll never know the truth…

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Madison LeCroy

In 2021, headlines began reporting A-Rod had been involved with Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy. During the season 7 reunion of the reality show, LeCroy admitted that she and the baseball player had exchanged a few messages online. The claim quickly left the media in a frenzy.

A-Rod madison lecroyA-Rod madison lecroy
@madison.lecroy via Instagram / Michael Loccisano / Staff via Getty Images

Because if what she had said was true, that would mean he talked to the actress during his relationship with Lopez. "He contacted me and, yes, we DM'd, but other than that, there was nothing," LeCroy confessed. "I've never physically seen him, touched him …"

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Zoe Gregory

Yet another accusation against the baseball player was made when Zoe Gregory spoke up and admitted that she and A-Rod had also been privately messaging one another. According to the Instagram model, their DM's to one another weren't exactly appropriate…

A-Rod zoe gregoryA-Rod zoe gregory
@zostarz via Instagram / Michael Loccisano / Staff via Getty Images

But "flirty messages" weren't all he sent her: Gregory claimed that he even asked her if they could meet in real life. This was said to have been going on up until January 22nd, 2019. But she only ever brought it up in 2021 after A-Rod's engagement was announced.

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Melanie Collins

Just a few months after ending his committed relationship with Jennifer Lopez, A-Rod was spotted hanging out with a blonde bombshell. In July 2021, the athlete was shopping in St. Tropez with sports reporter Melanie Collins. But just a mere 2 hours prior, his ex-fiance was in the same place.

a-rod dating timelinea-rod dating timeline
Wesley Hitt / Contributor via Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy / Staff via Getty Images

We can only imagine just how awkward it would have been for the three if they had accidentally run into one another. But luckily, they didn't and A-Rod and his new lady continued strolling the French Riviera, enjoying an ice cream cone. But according to close sources, the two were just pals having fun in Europe.

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Kathryne “Kat” Padgett

After Alex and J.Lo's engagement was called off, it didn't take long for the sports star to be back in the game (not the game of baseball). Perhaps to no surprise at all, A-Rod was spotted out on a date with yet another fitness guru named Kathryne "Kat" Padgett.

A-Rod kathryne padgettA-Rod kathryne padgett
@katpadgett via Instagram /Daniele Venturelli / Contributors via Getty Images

In early 2022, the former Yankees star took his new lady to the Green Bay Packers’ NFC Divisional playoffs game, where all eyes were on them - thanks to the telecasters who zoomed in on the pair during their date. But since he had recently left a 4-year long relationship, fans were skeptical about how long the fling would last.

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Kelly Bensimon

Former Real Housewives of New York City star Kelly Bensimon was also rumored to be dating the former New York Yankees in January of 2022. "So A-Rod is amazing," she gushed during a podcast for Hollywood Raw. But she also shut down any accusations of the two being in a relationship. 

A-Rod kelly bensimonA-Rod kelly bensimon
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff via Getty Images / Mindy Small / Contributor via Getty Images

Bensimon, who is currently a real estate agent, insisted that the only reason they connected was for business reasons. "He wants to invest in real estate," she explained. "I've dated some very nice men, but it's none of anyone's business until it's a really serious situation."

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Lindsay Shookus

Not long after news broke about A-Rod and J.Lo's failed engagement, Lopez was spotted hanging out with her ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck. At around the same time, the former Yankees star admitted that he was looking to "step into a new beginning," as he wrote on the 'gram. "Anything that doesn't serve me is clearing out of my life." 

A-Rod girlfriend timelineA-Rod girlfriend timeline
David Livingston / Stringer via Getty Images / Nicholas Hunt / Staff via Getty Images

But despite his claim to be enjoying a new life away from his past, he continued being involved in a love triangle with his ex-fiance. Apparently, the athlete was seen hanging out with none other than Lindsay Shookus: Ben Affleck's ex. Yep, this one's messy.

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Lindsay Shookus, Again

The SNL producer was with Affleck for around a year before splitting up in August 2018. So naturally, fans were shaken to learn that J.Lo had gotten back with her ex, Ben Affleck and that A-Rod was rumored to be dating Affleck's ex. Talk about confusing.

A-Rod girlfriend nowA-Rod girlfriend now
Robert Kamau / Contributor via Getty Images

But despite the accusations made, representatives for Alex explained to Page Six that there was nothing going on between the baseball star and Shookus. "There is absolutely zero there. They've been friends for 15 years." Yeah... we've heard that one before. We guess we'll have to wait and see how this one plays out.

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