These Are America's Least Favored Fast Food Chains, Ranked


| LAST UPDATE 09/15/2022

By Diana Mcgee

Terrible customer service, shocking food quality, and low cost-value ratios are just a few opinions people have about US fast food. Let’s take a look at Consumer Reports' findings on the most controversial fast food chains.

50. Arby's

For years the fast food chain Arby’s has been touting the slogan “we have the meats,” due to the vast array of meat-based dishes they offer. If only we knew what kind of meats they were actually selling…

Arby's ranked fast foodArby's ranked fast food
Instagram via @thesweetlifeoflina

Be especially wary of the roast beef sandwiches, which are apparently made out of meat paste and gels rather than solid beef. If that’s not enough, in 2004 one Arby’s customer discovered a piece of human skin in their meal, which might be why only 44% of their customers plan to visit Arby’s again, according to Consumer Reports.

49. Wetzel's Pretzels

For almost thirty years the bakery chain Wetzels Pretzels have been making Americans' mouths water, due to their delicious-looking displays of sugary, buttery, cinnamon, and chocolate-stuffed baked goods. But it’s safe to say that not everyone is impressed with the pretzels Wetzel is serving.

Wetzel's Pretzels fast food rankedWetzel's Pretzels fast food ranked
Instagram via @ericalacarte

Just look at some of the chain's customer reviews on Yelp, where several dismayed customers have flocked to share their less-than-tasty dining experiences, including one who shared "Lmao I asked for Wetzel bitz what the hell is this? They don't even separate them, also uncooked." Oops!

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48. Baskin-Robbins

One of the most beloved ice-cream chains in history, Baskin-Robbins has been the stuff of childhood nostalgia since 1945. But even with countless stores across America, there doesn’t seem to be enough Baskin-Robbins ice cream to go around, and customers aren’t happy about it.

Baskin-Robbins fast food reviewBaskin-Robbins fast food review
Instagram via @banaras__ka_swad

According to some customers, several Baskin-Robbins branches are "constantly out of chocolate ice cream and they refuse to order more! All I'm getting is excuse after excuse enough is enough." While it’s not very promising feedback, at least it shows how many people are still ordering from the chain. There’s always a silver lining.

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47. Krispy Kreme

Who doesn’t love Krispy Kreme? Whether we’re wandering through airport customs or window shopping at the mall, this donut chain is the definition of tempting for any sugar junkie. Unfortunately, it seems customers have some very mixed feedback for KK and their glazed donuts.

Krispy Kreme ranked fast food reviewKrispy Kreme ranked fast food review
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Just take these two very contrasting reviews left by different users. One wrote on Yelp that Krispy Kreme is "hands-down one of my favorite donut places," while a less impressed reviewer on SiteJabber has said that the chain's "High glazed donuts [are] very poorly looking."

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46. Wingstop

Many people believe that we should still be able to enjoy our favorite fast food meals without dealing with unnecessary health risks. And though many Americans adore Wingstop for their famous chicken wings, sweet fries, and ranch sauce, apparently this diner chain isn’t doing any favors for our sodium levels.

Wingstop review fast food rankedWingstop review fast food ranked
Instagram via @wingstop

Over the years several diners have pointed out the high level of salt in Wingstop's famous wings, which make them both unhealthy and unpalatable. If that's not enough, the wings tend to be soggy instead of crispy, which might be why Consumer Reports has cited that only 44% of Wingstop customers plan to return.

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45. Popeyes

Some people are absolutely crazy about Popeyes chicken and biscuits, but not everybody has good things to say about the southern chicken chain. Just take a look at the website Trustpilot, where Popeyes was given a dismal average rating of 1.5 stars based on a whopping 690 customer reviews!

Popeyes fast food review ranked listPopeyes fast food review ranked list
Instagram via @popeyeslouisianakitchen

Some took issue with the iconic Popeyes chicken sandwich, which they labeled as “[not] only a disappointment, it was dangerous,” while others took a stab at the fried chicken, writing "The chicken was spoiled, burnt, and smelled horrible." Not a great look, but after 50 years in business Popeyes won’t be shutting down anytime soon…

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44. Shake Shack

There’s no denying that shake shack has become one of the trendiest fast food joints in recent years, becoming a favorite on social media and enabling the chain to expand and open dozens of branches. While the hype hasn’t died down, not everyone is pleased.

Shake Shack review Shake Shack review
Scott Olson via Getty Images

According to Yelp Shake Shack has over 1,800 customer reviews, and a portion of those reviews have given the corporation an absolutely dismal 1-star review. Thankfully, there are enough positive reviews of the Shack’s shakes and burgers that we’re sure the negatives won’t affect the bottom line too much.

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43. Hooters

Unlike most other chain restaurants on this list, Hooters probably isn’t known for its food as much as it’s known for its eye-catching wait staff. But they do indeed have a full menu, and Hooters patrons often praise their signature spicy wings. Well, some of them do.

Hooters ranked list reviewHooters ranked list review
PETER PARKS/AFP via Getty Images

However, other customers are far less impressed with the chain restaurants' offerings. And many have taken their grievances to Yelp, where their reviews have drawn attention to both the objectification of Hooters waitresses as well as the poor service and cold food. "Literally couldn't get any worse," one user stated bluntly.

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42. Nathan's Famous

No one can beat a slice of New York pizza, but what about a Coney Island hot dog? That’s right, we’re talking about Nathan’s Famous, the hot dog chain that has been taking the nation by storm since 1916. For years the chain has been touted as some of the best hot dogs in the world, but what do its customers think?

Nathan's FamousNathan's Famous
Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

We’re pleased to say that Nathan’s Famous is one of those exception fast food chains that truly live up to the hype. With over 1,300 reviews on Yelp, the Brooklyn-based diner and its 100+ branches are still widely well-received to this day, with reviewers raving about their cheese fries and chili dogs.

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41. Boston Market

Back in the 90s, the fast-casual restaurant chain Boston Market was a neighborhood institution for many families, becoming so popular that it eventually swelled to 1,100 locations across the USA. But nothing lasts forever, and it seems that Boston Market’s positive reputation has taken a significant blow.

Fast food ranked review Boston MarketFast food ranked review Boston Market
Instagram via @iamjookie

Don’t believe us? Well, the statistics say otherwise, with Consumer Reports declaring that only 43% of customers would consider eating there. One Yelp user summed it up succinctly, writing "Is it too much to ask to make your rotisserie chicken, the menu item that is synonymous with Boston Market, taste at least average?”

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40. Wienerschnitzel

Wienerschnitzel may well be "the world's largest hot dog chain," but that doesn’t mean it’s the best hotdog chain. We can’t help but think that if the fast food restaurant was as good as it was large, Consumer Reports wouldn’t have asserted that only 41% of customers would consider returning to Weinerschnitzel.

Wienerschnitzel fast food rankedWienerschnitzel fast food ranked
Instagram via @jonimarienewman

But what exactly is the problem? Well, it comes down to both the quality of the meat and the lack of meat, considering that the hot buns are significantly larger than the hot dogs. "There were more pieces of bone in the patty than there was 'beef,'" one disgruntled Yelp user shared.

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39. A&W

While the A&W chain has plenty of greasy burgers and crispy waffles, it is no doubt best known for its famous root beer draft, which can still be found in refrigerators around the world almost 100 years after the first restaurant was open. Sadly, there seems to be a good reason why its food is much less famous.

A&W review list fast foodA&W review list fast food
Roberto Machado Noa/Contributor via Getty Images

Over the years, plenty of customers have voiced their dissatisfaction with a number of locations across the US, particularly due to the unhygienic conditions including dirty floors and greasy tables. As a result, Consumer Reports shared that only 35% of customers would return to A&W.

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38. Dunkin’ Donuts

First Krispy Kreme, and now the Dunkin’ Donuts: can it be true? Yes, despite this donut franchise's long-held reputation as a mainstay for people who love a good cup of coffee and a glazed donut, Dunkin Donuts' reputation has been plummeting for years.

Dunkin’ DonutsDunkin’ Donuts
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

In fact, many online reviewers agree on one damning fact - the food at Dunkin Donuts often isn’t fresh enough to sell. On Yelp one user even insisted that they “have never had a fresh donut here." Ouch. No wonder people are always ‘dunkin’ their donuts in coffee…

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37. Tim Hortons

If there’s one thing that will boost sales, it’s the support of a world-famous pop star! That’s exactly what happened to the Canadian cafe chain Tim Hortons, which briefly became known as "Bieber's favorite place to grab a quick bite.” But Canadians and Americans alike have rejected JB's flattering review.

Tim Hortons reviewTim Hortons review
Instagram via @timhortons via @eunascipraviajar

So what is Tim Horton’s really like? Well, 75% of customers on Trustpilot have labeled the establishment as “Bad.” So… that’s one way of putting it. Those numbers don’t sound too good, but the reviews are even worse, with online reviewers comparing the TH hot cocoa to “dishwater” and calling the bacon and egg muffins “scandalous.”

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36. Panera Bread

Panera might be best-known for its artisanal bread rolls and baguettes, but the famous bakery cafe isn’t necessarily firing on all cylinders. While many people adore their fresh baked goods, apparently the other food items on their menu leave much to be desired.

Fast food review Panera BreadFast food review Panera Bread
Instagram via @panerabread

Let's rewind to 2019 when a former Panera employee shared some of their experiences on TikTok under the handle @Briannaraelenee. Their videos show pre-packaged pasta packets being microwaved and served to customers under the guise of “fresh pasta,” though the scandal hasn’t deterred many of their customers since.

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35. Whataburger

When Whataburger founder Harmon Dobson put together the first menu item for his fast food franchise, he apparently cried out “What a burger!” giving birth to one of the more iconic burger joints in the US. For years Whataburger has been praised for the “wow factor” its recipes bring to every meal.

Epics via Getty Images

But popular opinion seems to be slowly shifting over the years, as disappointed customers have reported mixed-up items in their orders, excruciating lines and waiting times, and overall poor customer service. But despite the 2 ½ star average rating on Yelp, million are still lining up for that “southern hospitality.”

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34. Chipotle Mexican

Since opening its first store back in the 90s, Chipotle Mexican Grille has made an impressive name for itself as a Mexican eatery that offers fresh, healthy ingredients packed with plenty of flavors, and it continues to be a favorite for Americans who want quality Mexican cuisine.

Chipotle MexicanChipotle Mexican
Scott Olson via Getty Images

But as with any restaurant chain, the food on Chipotle Mexican Grille’s menu comes at a price. And according to users on Trustpilot, the price of these tasty Mexican dishes is much higher than it should be, prompting some to wonder if it's even worth buying, with one user stating that “the burritos were small and overpriced."

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33. Five Guys

Considering how drastically unhealthy so many fast food chains are, it’s no wonder that a restaurant chain that prides itself on having the freshest ingredients on the market would quickly become a competitive favorite. Not to mention, every serving of fries at Five Guys comes with an extra scoop! What could be better?

Five GuysFive Guys
Eduardo Parra via Getty Images

Well, according to users on Trustpilot, a lot of things. 50% of the users on the site have labeled Five Guys as “Bad,” in large part due to the overwhelming price and underwhelming customer service. "Everyone who works there is full of attitudes,” said one user, while another noted that the food "cost 3times what it should."

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32. Pizza Hut

A business doesn’t become one of the biggest pizza chains in the world without making a few mistakes, but in the case of Pizza Hut, the mistakes seem to be neverending. Across the internet, customers have been expressing their distaste and disappointment with the pizza empire for a number of reasons.

Pizza HutPizza Hut
Carlos Becerra via Getty Images

Looking at Trustpilot, it seems that many customers are frustrated by both poor customer service and low-quality products, with cold and soggy pizzas often being delivered. As a result, Pizza Hut has earned an average 2-star rating based on over 1400 Trustpilot reviews. Looks like Domino’s can expect some new customers!

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31. Papa John's

Speaking of Pizza Hut, some pizza lovers who have been let down by the ‘Hut have probably moved onto greener pastures - ie, Papa John’s, another classic pizza joint that many Americans love. With decades of experience as a food establishment and more than 5000 locations, it would seem to be a safe bet.

Papa John'sPapa John's
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case. It looks like Papa Johns's has been making the same mistake as Pizza Hut, leading to a dismal rating on Trustpilot with 55% of users ranking the pizza chain as “Bad,” apparently due to poor quality pizzas and equally disappointing customer service.

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30. Dairy Queen

It’s no surprise this next establishment is called Dairy Queen since it’s practically royalty in the world of dairy products. The ol’ trusty DQ has been an ice cream parlor staple since 1940, even offering more typical fast food fare including hot dogs and burgers.

Dairy QueenDairy Queen
Getty Images via Mario Tama

And while customers still love DQ ice cream, the same can’t be said for their meals. The Chicago Tribune has described their burgers as "as poorly made as a fast-food burger can be... the gray and limpid patty was dry and flavorless." And according to Consumer Reports, only 43% of diners would eat at DQ again.

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29. El Pollo Loco

The first branch of El Pollo Loco, or “The Crazy Chicken” as it’s known in Spanish, was opened in 1975 in Mexico. Within just five years the franchise had grown enough that its first US restaurant was launched in Los Angeles. Regardless of that initial success, EPL has had some issues maintaining its popularity.

El Pollo Loco fast food reviewEl Pollo Loco fast food review
Instagram via @elpolloloco

For example, according to Consumer Reports, only 43% of customers would consider a return visit to El Pollo Loco. Looking at reviews from online users, this seems to be in large part due to the poor quality, flavorless food, and customer service that leaves much to be desired.

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28. Taco Bell

Though public opinion around Taco Bell has wavered over the years, in the past this Mexican fast food chain was undeniably popular in the US, even snagging the title of America’s favorite Mexican restaurant back in 2018. This may be due to Taco Bell’s commitment to making menus that can appeal to everyone.

Taco Bell ranked reviewTaco Bell ranked review
Flickr via Mike Baird

Unfortunately, the offerings at Taco Bell seem to be appealing less and less to customers these days, with Consumer Reports sharing that only 43% of customers would consider eating at the restaurant chain again. Its sharpest criticisms have been its tiny portions and apparently stomach-churning food.

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27. Bojangles

Bojangles, perhaps the biggest competitor to the Popeyes chicken and biscuit-based empire, is a beloved southern institution found in 14 states in the US south. But after a staff survey of the Bojangles franchise by the Washington Post, it seems public opinion may be changing.

Bojangles fast food takeawayBojangles fast food takeaway
Instagram via @briiibites

One staffer commented that the biscuits had "So many carbs, so little flavor," causing North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis to clap back, saying "Bojangles makes the best 'fast food' biscuits, period." With only 43% of customers considering a return visit, according to Consumer Reports, it seems that Bojangles has fallen out of favor.

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26. Subway

So many customers flock to Subway to “eat fresh,” as the famous slogan says, which might be the reason this fast-food chain has more locations than any other franchise in the world, according to a Business Insider report from October 2020. But is Subway really as fresh as it seems?

Subway fast food sandwich rankedSubway fast food sandwich ranked
Instagram via @subway

Well, the reviews are mixed. Though many have reported that the restaurants tend to be clean and comfortable, fewer people are buying from Subway than ever before, with thousands of branches shutting down in recent years. And according to Consumer Reports, poor food quality has led to only 42% of customers considering a return visit.

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25. Krystal

If someone can’t get to White Castle, Krystal is the next most popular fast-food chain that sells small, square hamburgers. Perhaps the reason people don’t visit them as much as their aforementioned competitor is due to the commonly negative feedback about their food menu.

Krystal ranked fast foodKrystal ranked fast food
Instagram via @mikespeed95

While customers don’t consider the food at Krystal's to be disgusting or even particularly low quality, their burgers have been described as bland with a poor meat-to-bun ratio. Overall, the franchise doesn’t provide enough bang for its buck, and Consumer Reports has shared that only 41% of Krystal customers plan to return.

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24. Domino's

We’ve talked about Pizza Hut and Papa John's, but what about the third member of the Pizza trinity: Domino’s? Well, Domino’s has had its share of trouble over the years. Around a decade ago customers accused the franchise’s pizza of being “mass-produced” and tasting like “cardboard.” So Domino’s launched the “Pizza Turnaround.”

Domino's pizza ranked fast foodDomino's pizza ranked fast food
Instagram via @dominos

This was a campaign aimed at changing the reputation of Dominos around the world, but looking at the stats, we’re not sure whether it has worked out for them. According to Consumer Reports, only 41% of customers said they would return to the franchise, though some admit that the low prices and deals make it worth a try.

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23. Long John Silver's

For most Americans, Long John Silver’s is the go-to restaurant chain for an affordable fish and chip meal. But though the prices are low, some customers still don’t believe that the quality is worth the price. Only 41% of customers told Consumer Reports that they would return due to overcooked and greasy food.

Ranked fast food Long John Silver'sRanked fast food Long John Silver's
Instagram via

Some customers took to the internet to share their negative experiences at LSJ’s, due to unhealthy and poor-quality food. "Never again will I ever get the baja shrimp tacos or the fish tacos, they were so nasty," one former customer shared. "I don't recommend either of them."

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22. Taco John's

Here’s another John on our list: Taco John’s. The jury is still out on whether or not the menu items at Taco John’s tastes good, but that’s not the only issue customers have found with the franchise. Complaints include everything from mixed-up orders to missing ingredients. "Unreal. Never seen anything this bad," one customer shared.

Taco John's rankedTaco John's ranked
Instagram via @tacojohns

Another customer even shared their specific order, writing, "I honestly got a tortilla with maybe a tablespoon of beans, a sprinkle of cheese, and a little sauce." It’s no surprise then, that only 41% of Consumer Report customers said that they would consider returning to the fast food chain.

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21. KFC

It may be a classic fast food chain that has reached numerous countries around the world, but what some people don’t know is that KFC has had to close over 1000 branches in the last few years. Somehow, these issues along with rumors about “mutant chickens” hasn’t managed to sink the franchise yet.

KFC ranked review fast foodKFC ranked review fast food
Getty Images via Moses Robinson

With $20 deals that offer chicken buckets big enough to feed a family, it’s no wonder many still return to KFC, despite claims from some diners that "the chicken went from tasty to very disgusting in the past two years!" although according to Consumer Reports, only 40% of customers would revisit the chain.

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20. Cinnabon

When someone smells rich sweet cinnamon floating through the mall, they know it's none other than Cinnabon. These sugar-stuffed, glaze-coated pastries are the ultimate guilty pleasure for anyone with a sweet tooth… atleast, that’s what people say. But what do customers actually think?

Cinnabon reviewCinnabon review
Instagram via @cinnabon

Over the years various Cinnabon customers have accused the franchise of serving stale, reheated cinnamon buns, and providing poor customer service. This is reflected in their Consumer Reports feedback which says that only 40% of customers would consider eating at Cinnabon again.

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19. Del Taco

Of all the Mexican-based fast food chains on this list, and in America, Del Taco rarely enjoys the popularity of establishments like Taco Bell and Chipotle, with one customer even saying "I understand it's fast food, but this made its competitors seem like a Michelin star-rated restaurant."

Ranked review Del TacoRanked review Del Taco
Instagram via @deltaco

"My first and last trip to Del Taco!" they concluded. And despite a Consumer Reports study that shows that only 40% of customers would return to Del Taco, there are still many people who are happy to order from the taco joint again, in large part due to their low prices.

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18. Einstein Bros. Bagels

We all know it’s a bad look when a cafe chain can’t even get their specialty food right! Though Einstein Bros. Bagels say they "specialize in bagels and coffee," many customers claim that both of these Einstein Bros. products, unfortunately, leave much to be desired.

Einstein Bros. Bagels fast foodEinstein Bros. Bagels fast food
Instagram via @einsteinbros

One customer announced that "I can tell you that Einstein Bagels are not the real thing," and others have claimed that they taste bland and are not cooked properly, while the coffee is best described as average. No wonder then that Consumer Reports shows that only 40% of customers plan to return to the chain store.

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17. White Castle

When the smash-hit comedy film Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle was released in 2004, it sent the White Castle burger franchise straight into the stratosphere. They were known for their famously petite square hamburgers, which were a novelty that often left customers feeling short-changed due to their small size.

White Castle review ranked foodWhite Castle review ranked food
Instagram via @mnmtwinz

In fact, many people who watched the film were surprised by its choice of the fast food chain, when so many other restaurants offered more bang for their buck. And this is supported by findings from Consumer Report, which states that only 39% of surveyed customers would follow Harold & Kumar's example and return for a bite to eat.

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16. Panda Express

Back when Panda Express opened its first store, it was praised as a business that offered accessible and authentic Asian food to a new market. But many former customers have claimed that the food at Panda Express is not only completely inauthentic but that it doesn’t taste too hot either.

Panda Express fast foodPanda Express fast food
Wikimedia Commons via Coolcaesar

Their reputation has dropped so far, in fact, that celebrity chef David Chang once asked "Do I gnaw on my own thumb, or do I get orange chicken?" The upside is that Panda Express is known for its excellent hygiene, but that still hasn’t convinced the 39% of foodies who told Consumer Reports that they wouldn’t return for seconds.

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15. Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken sure has a lot of competition, considering that Popeyes, KFC, and Bojangles all offer a similar array of fried chicken, fries, and biscuits. And sadly, it doesn’t appear that this next fast food chain is rising to the top of the “comfort food” market. Just ask its former customers.

Church’s Chicken reviewChurch’s Chicken review
Instagram via @churchschiken via @yeahzinea

Various patrons of Church’s Chickens have gone online to report on the lack of overall flavor in the chain restaurants' menu items, and someone even went so far as to describe their buttered biscuits as “rock hard” - what a scandal! No surprise then that Consumer Reports has found that only 38% of chicken lovers would visit again.

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14. Wendy's

Is nothing sacred? Even Wendy’s - one of the world's most popular food chains in the last several decades - isn’t faring well on this list. No matter how much we all love a good frosty, it wasn’t about to distract anyone from 2005’s "finger in chili crisis," or the scandal of 2018 where a mouse was found in a bun bag in a Wendy’s kitchen.

Wendy's rankedWendy's ranked
Getty Images via David Dee Delgado

Understandably, many formerly loyal Wendy’s customers have been unable to look past these major slipups, and it doesn’t help that some have found their food lacking too, with hamburgers that are “tasteless and dry, did not taste like a burger." Only 38% of people plan to return to their local Wendy’s, according to Consumer Reports.

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13. Little Caesar's

All a business needs to do is sell $5 pizzas and they’re guaranteed to see success - just like Little Caesar’s! Though the chain is a favorite of thrifty college students across the country, is it actually worth buying for the rest of us? According to many online customers, the answer is iffy.

Fast food review Little Caesar's rankedFast food review Little Caesar's ranked
Flickr via Mike Mozart

"You get what you pay for," is how one user politely put it, while another was blunter, calling the pizza restaurant "the absolute worst in terms of everything." Ouch. Users at Consumer Report are inclined to agree, with only 37% of Little Caesar’s customers saying they would consider a return visit.

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12. Checkers

Burgers, hot dogs, milkshakes, and fries, what more could anyone want? Well, according to customers at Checkers, there’s a lot that seems to be missing. For one, customer service at many Checkers locations has been given a big thumbs down, not to mention the waiting times tend to be far longer than average.

Checkers America fast foodCheckers America fast food
Flickr via Phillip Pessar

After taking an eternity to arrive, one might expect the burgers and hot dogs to be worth the wait, but customers disagree. "The food was made so bad that it fell apart before I can even take my first bite," one person claimed. Consumer Reports has even given the chain restaurant a 36% approval rate from its users.

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11. Sonic Drive-In

We have to admit, Sonic Drive-In does look cool. Who doesn’t love a good retro-themed eatery, with roadside pickup to boot? But as we’re about to find out, even the best marketing can’t save a company’s reputation if they haven’t got tasty menu items to back it up…

Sonic Drive-In ranked reviewSonic Drive-In ranked review
Flickr via Mike Mozart

In a scathing review from the Chicago Tribune, the hamburgers were described thusly: “the oversized bun deserves the most scorn, though the pallid-looking patty deserves to be covered up with something." Based on this feedback, it seems natural that only 36% Consumer Reports' users are willing to go back to Sonic Drive-In.

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10. Auntie Anne's

The story of Auntie Anne’s certainly is inspiring: starting off as a single small pretzel shop back in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Anne’s quickly exploded into a US institution. Today we can find an Auntie Anne’s in virtually every mall across America. But there’s no guarantee that success will last forever.

Auntie Anne's fast foodAuntie Anne's fast food
Instagram via @auntieannespretzels

Especially when dissatisfied customers continue to share their negative feedback online, with some accusing the chain of selling stale and even burnt pretzels! And while Auntie Anne’s now sells pizza, hot dogs, and other gourmet items, only 35% of customers are still interested in trying them, according to Consumer Reports.

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9. Quiznos

Once upon a time Quizno’s was a beloved family restaurant, but there’s no denying that the fast food franchise has seen better days. What was once a fast food empire now has less than 1,000 sandwich shops still operating in the US, and this might be due to the significant drop in customer satisfaction over the years.

Quiznos ranked reviewQuiznos ranked review
Instagram via @quiznos

But what has actually gone wrong with Quizno’s that would cause only 35% of Consumer Reports users to consider going back to the sandwich chain? Well, many customers have argued that Quizno’s food is no longer worth the high prices, with many opting for cheaper sandwich options such as those offered by Subway.

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8. Hardee's

Like a few of the aforementioned fast food establishments on this list, Hardee’s is primarily a Southern chain, so not everyone will be familiar with it. Like White Castle’s famous square burgers, Hardee’s is best known for its eye-catching hexagon-shaped buns. But as we can see, even a unique selling point hasn’t saved the chain.

Hardee's fast food rankedHardee's fast food ranked
Instagram via @hardees

With 34% of Consumer Reports taste testers approving of Hardee’s southern fare, we have to ask ourselves - what went wrong? We’ll let this Chicago Tribune reviewer explain - in their eyes, the burger's "toppings lack flavor, and, worst of all, the meat has a spongy texture without any recognizable beef flavor."

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7. Jimmy John's

According to the store signage, fast food restaurant chain Jimmy John’s offers "free smells," and according to many of their customers, they don’t offer much else. And their customer numbers have dropped so low that they even had to launch a targeted 2019 promotional campaign to get people back in stores.

Jimmy John'sJimmy John's
Flickr via Mike Mozart

The campaign included an offer for customers outside the delivery zone to win $250,000 to contribute to a house within the zone, along with the promise that deliveries would be "Freaky Fast, Freaky Fresh." We’re not sure if it helped much considering that only 34% of customers intend on returning, according to Consumer Reports.

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6. Sbarro

When we’re out and about many of us will grab a bite to eat from the nearest place, not necessarily because we want the food, but just because it’s there. And according to some, that is the definition of Sbarro - food bought in malls, at airports, or on the way to the office.

Sbarro fast food rankedSbarro fast food ranked
Flickr via theRabidPenguin

This was perfectly summed up by Neil Irin of The New York Times, who once wrote "You eat Sbarro not because you want Sbarro, but because it is the food that is available at the moment you want some food." And as we can see from Consumer Reports, only 34% of customers would return to Sbarro if they really needed a snack.

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5. Burger King

This next fast food chain likes to tout itself as the king of burgers - that’s right, we’re talking about Burger King - but not everyone believes that the super famous franchise is at the top of the heap. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, only 33% of customers appreciate the home of the whopper.

Ranked fast food list Burger KingRanked fast food list Burger King
Twitter via @BurgerKing

Despite their attempts to appeal to consumers across the board with vegan burgers and chicken fries, some BK products have been leaving a bad taste, with one user saying their chicken sandwich “was the most disgusting thing I've ever had. I took one bite and spit it out. I don't think it was chicken."

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4. Carl's Jr.

Here’s another rags-to-riches story gone wrong. Back in 1941, Carl Karchner poured his life savings into a single hot dog stand. And thus, Carls Jr. was born! Over the years Karchner rapidly developed his hot dogs and burgers into the mega-successful fast-food chain we know (and sometimes love) today.

Carl's Jr.Carl's Jr.
Getty Images via Kari Rene Hall

But the rapid expansion of the franchise seems to have left its customer in the dust. When CEO Andy Puzner announced that "We believe in putting hot models in our commercials because ugly ones don't sell burgers," the tide of popular opinion turned, leaving Carls with only a 33% approval rating according to Consumer Reports.

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3. Jack in the Box

Let’s jump over to the west coast and take a look at one of their biggest burger franchises, Jack in the Box. It seems those who haven’t heard of the fast food chain might be doing themselves a favor, as Jack in the Box has faced a volley of criticisms.

Jack in the Box review criticism Jack in the Box review criticism
Instagram via @jackinthebox

From calling the burgers and fries "tough and tasteless" to exclaiming that the meals are "so gross and cold we threw it away and left," it’s no surprise that only 33% of users on Consumer Reports are willing to return. Despite this, we’re sure there are still plenty of people flocking to their all-day breakfast and deep-fried tacos.

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2. Cici's Pizza

There’s a reason the saying “quality over quantity” exists. And when it comes to the extraordinarily low price of the all-you-can-eat buffet at Cici’s Pizza, many customers are saying just that. While some will certainly appreciate the tables full of pizza and pasta, others are turning away from Cici’s.

Cici's Pizza ranked listCici's Pizza ranked list
Instagram via @retailliveusa

With one customer quipping that Cici’s is the "Dollar Tree of food establishments," and another bluntly describing their food as "actually seriously terrible," we have to wonder if the all-you-can-eat model is working for them. After all, according to Consumer Reports, only 28% of Cici’s Pizza customers are open to returning.

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1. McDonald's

It’s hard to believe that the most successful, and widely recognizable fast food empire in the world is also considered to be the worst. That’s right, at the very top of our list is the iconic Mickey D’s, McDonalds, home of the golden arches. And it all started with the 2004 documentary Super Size Me.

McDonald's fast food list ranked reviewMcDonald's fast food list ranked review
Steve Eason via Getty Images

Documentarian Morgan Spurlock unveiled the truth behind Mcdonald's ingredients and their terrible effects on the average person's health, and it seemingly changed popular opinion of the fast food chain forever. Today, McD’s is a “love it or leave it” affair, with only 28% of Consumer Reports' users willing to return for a meal.

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