Blac Chyna Recieves Her Doctorate Degree


| LAST UPDATE 04/10/2023

By Zuzanna Krause
Blac Chyna Doctorate Degree
Instagram via @blacchyna

Blac Chyna has just let her 16.9 million followers know that she has received a Doctorate of Liberal Arts from an evangelical college. The former OnlyFans creator, whose birth name is Angela White, was baptized on her birthday last year in May in the midst of her religious journey. Let's take a closer look.

The mother of two has recently undergone a massive "healing journey" from getting baptized to getting her degree and having all of her fillers removed. "On January 17, 2023, I got my Doctorate of Liberal Arts from Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College," the model captioned the picture of her new degree and photos of her kids. She signed the post with her birth name, Doctor Angela Renee White. Chyna has now legally changed her name back to her birth name and officially canceled her OnlyFans account. But what exactly is the Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College Angela received her degree from? Fans are asking questions.

Blac Chyna Degree transformation
Instagram via @blacchyna
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According to the college's website, they're "flexible, focused and practical education that helps our students grow deeper in God's Word and their ministry to others." However, it is unclear how many years it takes to receive a doctorate degree when the average is eight years. However, it is noted that the college Chyna received her degree from is not accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or the US Department of Education, and instead with Transworld Accreditation Commission, an evangelical organization, which was named a "fake college accreditation agency" by GetEducated. However, with Chyna's endorsement of the college, enrollment numbers will certainly see an increase in the future.

The born-again Christian has been in the headlines quite a bit the past few weeks with her bold decisions to get rid of all her fillers removed in addition to her Baphomet tattoo lasered off her hip. She shared with her followers that she also had 10 pounds of illegal silicone removed from her bottom. Chyna has been very vocal about undergoing these transformative surgeries in addition to re-joining the Christian faith - and fans around the world are saying, "You go, girl!"

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