Here Are Some Black-Owned Brands To Support This Month


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Alexa Alves
Black Owned Businesses Support
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In case you missed it, August is officially National Black Business Month. So we've decided to give you the scoop on some Black-owned companies that sell delicious food and drink guaranteed to brighten your days. Here are all of the details.

Supporting Black Owned Businesses
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Let's dive into some of the names to look out for throughout the rest of this month and onward, of course. First on our list is Major's Project Pop, a vegan, gluten-free kettle corn with a perfect blend of sweet and salty. They even have a subscription program that gets you fresh pop to your doorstep once a month!

Next is SoliDairy Creamery, which opened in 2021. New to the ice cream game, the New Jersey-based company is changing the game with their Blueberry Lavender Honey and Mint Brownie flavors. They use locally sourced ingredients and even partnered with the group Neighbors Without Addresses to gift a free face mask with each pint.

Black Owned Creamery Company
Instagram via @solidairycreamery

For those with more of a savory tooth instead of a sweet tooth, check out Egunsifoods! The business is built on West African soups and sauces made with love by Yemisi Awosan in New York City. Also gluten-free and soy-free, the delicious flavors include ingredients like Nigerian Honey beans and many vegan options.

Another product that caught our eye is the Free Range Flower Winery, created by Aaliyah Nitoto. "When customers take the time to tell me...that they've shared my wine with friends and family who also love it, that just gives me chills and even makes me tear up sometimes. My wine bringing joy to others means everything," the founder said.

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Black Owned Winery Business
Instagram via @freerangeflowerwinery

Unlike typical wine, this drink is made without grapes. Bottles of Nitoto's, such as her "L" Lavender Wine, are one of several products available. Like the others on our list, Free Range Flower Winery is just one example of the many Black-owned businesses that deserve to be celebrated and supported 365 days a year.