Bugatti Switches Gears, Unveils New Logo


| LAST UPDATE 07/31/2022

By Raven Wade
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Martyn Lucy via Getty Images

German turn French automobile, Bugatti, has recently changed its manufacturing. As we enter more of a go-green world, high-profile companies and technology are moving towards a sustainable and adaptable system. Making their statement, Bugatti is transforming its appearance - from motors to motto. Here's a look at their brand new logo.

Bugattis are well known as a "luxury automobile," founded in 1909 in France and established as a "hyper sports car." With starting prices as high as $3,300,000, their value is as steep as their price. While their latest 2022 model, the Chiron, features a 16-cylinder engine and 1500 horsepower, it is the most potent and expensive "super sports model" out of the Bugatti range. If there is a need for speed, the Chiron can fulfill 305mph - the fastest in the world. The quality of the car is not going anywhere. Still, supported by their new partnership, the new logo will accentuate its features, moving towards a "corporate identity" rather than just a super sports vehicle.

bugatti electric car luxury
Martyn Lucy via Getty Images
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As of now, Bugatti has partnerships with a range of luxurious brands representing its "red-oval badge" logo. From watches to champagne bottles, the car symbolizes pure luxury, a ride to fit in only with the correct lifestyle of an owner. However, similar to modern sports car Aston Martin - which has re-branded its logo to "appeal to a wider audience" - Bugatti is moving in the same direction but at a different speed. With the release of its newest models, the Chiron and Veyron, the red-oval badge is shifting to Bugatti's electric blue to represent "the firm's French origin." The simplified new logo adds a sophisticated touch to the latest models, focusing more on the car's history and what it has to offer its buyers. After partnering with electric sportscar manufacturer, Rimac, last year, the new logo will represent a teaser for the "electric future" in store for Bugatti. Rather than splashing the cash on a high horse-powered engine, Bugatti aims to attract a broader range of buyers who appreciate the car's history, "justifying its price tag."

Though Bugatti is making some serious fast moves with their latest transition, their old models, as well as their recognized red badge, will still be available for purchase for those traditional buyers. The concept of this shift in engines is nothing to do with the car as a brand, but solely to serve the purpose of adapting to future generations. While future plans for models are not set in stone, the brand is likely to become a zero-emissions car maker. The combination of its luxury status and impeccable technology has the power to remain extremely popular - and more attractive to the electric future we are moving towards. Stay tuned for more updates.

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