Cardi B Cleared of Charges for Mic Throw Incident, Police Say


| LAST UPDATE 08/06/2023

By Bernadette Forster
Card B microphone performance
Scott Garfitt/Shutterstock

Las Vegas police have announced that rapper Cardi B will not be charged for throwing her microphone into the crowd during a recent performance. The decision comes after a concert-goer accused the artist of battery, prompting a police investigation. However, the case has been dropped due to "insufficient evidence," according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The incident took place at Drai's Beach Club in Las Vegas on Sunday, where Cardi B was delivering a high-energy performance. Video footage of the incident quickly circulated on social media platforms, showing an attendee throwing a drink containing ice at the rapper. In response, Cardi B swiftly retaliated by launching her microphone into the crowd before security intervened. This incident highlights a troubling trend in which performers are targeted with objects being thrown at them while on stage. In a similar incident in June, pop artist Bebe Rexha was hit with a phone during a performance, resulting in her hospitalization. The individual responsible for the assault was subsequently charged with assault. Another incident involved a Pink concert attendee throwing a bag containing her deceased mother's ashes onto the stage, causing outrage among fans and artists alike. These incidents have sparked widespread criticism and calls for an end to such behavior.

Cardi B microphone investigation
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Cardi B's lawyers, Drew Findling, David Chesnoff, and Richard Schonfeld, expressed their appreciation for the resolution and the police department's handling of the case. They stressed the importance of protecting artists' rights to defend themselves during performances, while also noting that this incident should not be seen as an endorsement of violence or retaliation. Singer Charlie Puth, who has spoken out against such incidents in the past, took to social media to condemn this trend once again. He described it as "disrespectful and very dangerous" and insisted that it "must come to an end."

The decision not to pursue charges against Cardi B serves as a reminder that the outcome of legal cases can depend on the availability of evidence. While she will not face charges in this particular incident, it is essential for both performers and audience members to ensure a safe and respectful environment during live events.

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