Seeing Double: Celebrity Father & Son Duos at the Same Age


| LAST UPDATE 07/25/2022

By Tiana Blanco

Kids tend to look like a mix of their parents - but with these stars, it's no doubt which side of the family they resemble. Here are famous father and son duos that looked identical at the same age.

Prince William & Prince George

Looks like the Royal genes are strong because Prince George looks like he and his dad could have been twins! We had to do a double-take because of how much the little prince looks like Prince William.

Prince William Prince George Prince William Prince George
Anwar Hussein / Contributor via Getty Images / Chris Jackson / Staff via Getty Images

Especially since The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose to dress their eldest son in a red and white outfit that resembled something Prince William wore when he was the toddler's age. Coincidentally (or on purpose?), the Prince of Cambridge wore it to his sister's christening, and William wore it to his brother's in 1984.

Jude & Rafferty Law

Fans may already know Rafferty Law for his performances on Repo Man or Twist. But what some people may not know is that acting is in his blood, because his father is the legendary Jude Law. That may explain why these two stars look so similar to one another.

Jude Law Son IdenticalJude Law Son Identical
Kurt Krieger - Corbis / Contributor via Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain / Staff via Getty Images

This father and son duo was the spitting image of one another when they were both in their 20s. From the distinctive jawline, curly hair, and smoldering stare, Jude Law passed down many of his prominent features to his eldest son, with whom he shares with Sadie Frost. 

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Dennis & Jack Quaid

From The Parent Trap to I Can Only Imagine and Soul Surfer, Dennis Quaid is arguably best known for playing the goofy yet loving father. But that role isn't just something he portrays in movies, because over the years, he has welcomed three kids into the world.

Dennis Quaid Jack SonDennis Quaid Jack Son
Ron Galella / Contributor via Getty Images / Lars Niki / Stringer via Getty Images

He had his eldest son Jack in 1992 with Meg Ryan. And let's just say, one look at Jack, and it's obvious who his father is because he looks exactly how Dennis did when he was 30 years old. But they don't just share the same face, but also a love for acting. Jack has starred in The Hunger Games, Scream, and more.

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Tom & Colin Hanks

Tom Hanks arguably has one of the most recognizable faces in the industry. So when his son, Colin Hanks, started to dip his toes into the world of acting, it was not easy trying to hide who his famous father was because he has the same face as his dad.

Tom Hanks Colin SonTom Hanks Colin Son
Michael Ochs Archives / Stringer via Getty Images / Jemal Countess / Staff via Getty Images

But the physical appearance isn't the only thing that Colin inherited from Tom - he also nabbed his acting skills. The 44-year-old has been featured in many films, including The House Bunny, Orange Country, King Kong, and more. "My dad has always been extremely supportive in every decision I've made," he admitted.

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Morgan & Alfonso Freeman

It can really come in handy for filmmakers when a very legendary actor has a child that looks exactly like their parent. So when directors noticed how Alfonso Freeman looked just like his dad Morgan Freeman they knew they had to take advantage of it.

Morgan Freeman Son ShawshankMorgan Freeman Son Shawshank
Ron Galella, Ltd. / Contributor via Getty Images / Maury Phillips / Contributor via Getty Images

In the movie, The Shawshank Redemption, Freeman portrayed the character Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding. And in one scene, there was a photo of young Red - as it turns out, the person in the picture was actually Alfonso! Because when Morgan was his son's age, they were the spitting image of one another.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger & Joseph Baena

In 1997, Arnold Schwarzenegger was having an affair with his longtime housekeeper Mildred Baena. She ended up giving birth to a son and would occasionally bring him over to the house. Arnold thought nothing of it - until the boy, Joesph, was around 7/8 years old. Why? The actor admitted, "that he started looking like me."

Arnold Schwarzenegger Joseph BaenaArnold Schwarzenegger Joseph Baena
Art Zelin / Contributor via Getty Images / TM/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor via Getty Images

They may not share the same last name, but this father and son duo definitely share the same facial features - the eyebrows, the smile, the nose. And if it wasn't for the resemblance, who knows if Arnold would have known Joseph was his? "I realized there was little doubt that he was my son," he wrote in his book, Total Recall.

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Bob & Ziggy Marley

Unfortunately, the world lost musical legend Bob Marley back in 1981. It was a worldwide tragedy, but thankfully his legacy continues to live on. Especially thanks to his son, David "Ziggy" Marley, who not only is a carbon copy of his father, but he also took on his dad's musical talents.

Bob Marley Ziggy MusicBob Marley Ziggy Music
Chris Walter / Contributor via Getty Images / Erika Goldring / Contributor via Getty Images

In 2020, Ziggy revealed during an interview with Rolling Stones that growing up, he looked up to his father in many ways. And through the years, he learned a lot from the late Bob Marley. He acquired knowledge on things like “rehearsal, discipline, a work ethic, and a standard of music.”

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Damon Wayans Snr. & Damon Wayans Jr.

Anyone who has seen My Wife and Kids and New Girl was probably very confused. Because at first glance, it looks like Damon Wayans Sr. hasn't aged a day from starring in the 2001 sitcom to starring in the 2011 sitcom. But as it turns out, it's not Damon Sr. who plays Coach in New Girl: it's his son, Damon Wayans Jr.!

Damon Wayans New GirlDamon Wayans New Girl
Barry King / Contributor via Getty Images / Jemal Countess / Staff via Getty Images

These two famous actors look so similar that they often get mistaken for one another! Their shared face makes it look like they were literally copied and pasted, so we guess it's only right that they also share the same name and the same love for comedy.

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John & Sean Lennon

Sean Lennon couldn't look more like his father even if he tried! From the hair, the beard, and even the same iconic circular silver framed glasses, it's no doubt that the late John Lennon is Sean's dad. Especially since that's nearly exactly what the musician looked like when he and Sean were both in their 20s.

John Lennon Sean SonJohn Lennon Sean Son
Express / Stringer via Getty Images / Alexandra Wyman / Staff via Getty Images

Facial features aren't the only thing these two had in common. The son of John and Yoko Ono continues to ensure that The Beatles icon's legacy lives on. Sean told The Guardian, "The only reason I'm interested in art and music at all is because of my parents. Respect for them is at the heart of everything I do. It defines me."

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Nicolas & Weston Cage

Weston Cage may not share the same admiration for acting as his dad Nicolas Cage, but they definitely do share a striking resemblance to one another. Weston chose a different career path than his father, but he still stayed in the entertainment industry as the lead singer in the black metal band Eyes of Noctum.

Nicolas Cage Son WestonNicolas Cage Son Weston
Paul Harris / Contributor via Getty Images / Gabriel Olsen / Contributor via Getty Images

Nevertheless, when Nicholas and Weston were both in their 20s, they basically had the same face - especially those piercing blue eyes that could arguably be spotted from a mile away. Maybe Weston's 8-year-old son, Lucian, will also grow up to also look like his dad and granddad.

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Ice Cube & O'Shea Jackson Jr. 

Ice Cube's son, O'Shea Jackson Jr., looks so much like his famous dad that he even portrayed the young rapper in the movie Straight Outta Compton. Who better than to play him than his very own son? Especially since O'Shea looks the same way Ice Cube did when he was his age. 

Ice Cube Son ComptonIce Cube Son Compton
Jeff Kravitz / Contributor via Getty Images / Kevin Winter / Staff via Getty Images

"I've seen him rap my songs before on stage with me," the hip-hop icon said. "So to see him do this on the big screen, it was great. I wasn't surprised that he was so good, because I knew how good he was." Not only does he look and act like his dad, but he also raps like him. "My son, O'Shea. He looks like me - and he can rhyme."

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Prince Charles & Prince William

These days Prince Charles and Prince William may not look so similar. But back in the day, when this father and son duo were the same age, Prince William looked like a carbon copy of his royal father. This photo of Charles in 1976 and his son in 2008 looks like it's the same person.

Prince Charles Prince WilliamPrince Charles Prince William
Anwar Hussein / Contributor via Getty Images

Even the way their beard grows is the same! Talk about strong genetics. We can't help but wonder if Prince Charles gets flashbacks to his younger days talking to his look-a-like son. Maybe he feels like he's looking into a mirror of the past? Who knows…

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Clint & Scott Eastwood

Clint Eastwood was arguably known as the go-to leading star for western films back in the day. Throughout the years, he built up a pretty impressive resume with features in classics like The Outlaws of Josey Whales, Bronco Billy, and Two Mules For Sister Sarah.

Clint Eastwood Scott MoviesClint Eastwood Scott Movies
Hulton Archive / Stringer via Getty Images / Rachel Murray / Stringer via Getty Images

While today at age 92, he looks quite different than he did back then, his son, Scott Eastwood, looks like Clint did back when most of these movies were shot. That's probably why Scott decided it was best to dress up as one of his dad's infamous characters from the film The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly for Halloween.

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Jackie & Jaycee Chan

When Jaycee Chan was 25 years old, he looked like the spitting image of his dad, Jackie Chan, when he was around the same age. But their similarity doesn't just start and end with their facial features. This father-son duo has also been known to star in action-filled movies.

Jackie Chan Son JayceeJackie Chan Son Jaycee
Central Press / Stringer via Getty Images / China Photos / Stringer via Getty Images

Yet while Jackie Chan has made a name for himself doing unbelievable stunts, his son has chosen to stay more on the safe side of things. The actor has even taken up starring in romantic comedies. And while these two may be very alike, one major difference between them is that Jaycee sings, while his dad does not.

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David Bowie & Duncan Jones

The late David Bowie's son may not have a striking resemblance to his famous father, but he sure does share many of the same features. If we look close enough, we can see that Duncan Jones inherited his dad's eyes, and they also had the same smile. Their biggest difference was probably their career path.

David Bowie Young SonDavid Bowie Young Son
Michael Ochs Archives / Stringer via Getty Images / Vera Anderson / Contributor via Getty Images

David was an icon in the music industry, but his son chose a path in filmmaking. And it looks like it was the right choice because he is very successful, just like his dad was. "We are all a little sad," Duncan wrote about Bowie's passing. "He's missed… but with so much of him in the work he made, he's clearly still here."

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Denzel & John David Washington

Denzel Washington was named the greatest actor of the 21st century back in 2020 by The New York Times. He's starred in numerous hit films, and even directed and produced a few of them. So it's safe to say he's a talented star - and we're not the only ones who think so. His look-alike son, John David, agreed with the Times.

Denzel John David WashingtonDenzel John David Washington
Nancy R. Schiff / Contributor via Getty Images/Rosdiana Ciaravolo / Stringer via Getty Images

Denzel's son said, "it's about time" that his father received some recognition. "I think he is one of the greatest to ever do it so, it was a very proud moment for our entire family." John David has also shown an interest in acting. He's already been featured in many movies like BlacKkKlansman and Tenet.

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Cristiano Ronaldo & Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

Christiano Ronaldo and his son don't just share the same name - they also have identical-looking faces. When a picture of the soccer player as a youngster is placed side by side with to picture of 12-year-old Christano Ronaldo Jr., they look like they are twins!

Cristiano Ronaldo son familyCristiano Ronaldo son family
@cristiano via Instagram

It seems like facial features and a name aren't the only things that this father-son duo shares. The little youngster is also on his way to becoming a pro soccer player, just like his dad. Ronaldo once said, "My son tells me: 'Dad, hang on a few more years, I want to get to play with you."

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Mike & Miguel Tyson

Throughout the years, Mike Tyson has welcomed 8 children into the world. And while all of them resemble their famous father, there is one that stands out because of how much he looks like the legendary pro boxer. 20-year-old Miguel Tyson could be mistaken for 20-year-old Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson Son MiguelMike Tyson Son Miguel
Bettmann / Contributor via Getty Images / Rich Fury / Stringer via Getty Images

When Miguel was young, Mike wanted him to follow in his footsteps, but now he wants the opposite. Mike revealed what he told his kid, "'Man, just get a job. Get a real estate license. Just chill out, man. Why can't you take advantage of your lightweight wealthiness? Just chill. You don't want none of that heat. I'm telling you.'"

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Michael J. & Sam Fox

Although it sadly doesn't seem like it will happen, if Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis decide to create a fourth Back to the Future movie, we know exactly who they should cast: Sam Fox, a.k.a. the son of Michael J. Fox, who starred as Mary McFly in all 3 films.

Michael J. Fox SonMichael J. Fox Son
Ron Davis / Contributor via Getty Images /Frank Trapper / Contributor via Getty Images

Sam looks like a carbon copy of his famous father! We can't help but think he'd be a perfect match for playing a younger version of his dad, thanks to their similar face shape, eyebrows, hair, and even the same smirk! TBH we'd probably think the DeLorean was real because of how similar they are…

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Martin & Charlie Sheen

Although he was born with the name Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estévez, he changed his name to Martin Sheen when he decided he wanted to be big in Hollywood. And let's just say he definitely was - from winning numerous Emmys and Golden Globes, the star was undoubtedly successful.

Martin Sheen Charlie ChildhoodMartin Sheen Charlie Childhood
Ron Galella / Contributor via Getty Images /Walter McBride / Contributor via Getty Images

So when one of his four kids decided to also use the name Sheen, he believed he too would be famous. But beyond sharing a last name, Charlie Sheen and his dad looked nearly the exact same when both of them were in their 40s. Honestly, we can't even tell them apart in the above picture!

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Will & Jaden Smith

Will Smith's three kids arguably all look like him - but one of them looks like a carbon copy of the actor. Jaden Smith, born in 1998, has grown up to look just like his dad when he was starring in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Their eyes, lips, face shape, and basically everything else looks the same.

Will Smith Jaden InterviewWill Smith Jaden Interview
Ron Galella, Ltd. / Contributor via Getty Images / Theo Wargo / Staff via Getty Images

Jaden resembles his famous father so much that he was even cast to play Will's son in the movie The Pursuit of Happiness. But over the years, Jaden has shifted his focus from acting to music, with his debut being a feature on Justin Bieber's 2010 hit Never Say Never.

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Jerry & Ben Stiller

Many people may arguably know Ben Stiller for his hilarious performances in movies such as Zoolander, Night at the Museum, Meet the Parents, and more. But what some fans may not know about the comedian is that his dad is also a famous face in Hollywood.

Jerry Stiller Dead CareerJerry Stiller Dead Career
Ron Galella / Contributor via Getty Images / Leon Bennett / Stringer via Getty Images

Jerry Stiller is probably best known for his roles in Seinfeld, The Ritz, and more. But he's also been featured in many of his son's films, which might have confused audiences since they look alike. Especially the very recognizable ears that are, quite frankly, hard to miss.

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Jack & Ray Nicholson

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest star Jack Nicholson is arguably one of Hollywood's most iconic actors. Over the years, he has received three Academy Awards, six Golden Globes, 1 Grammy, and so much more. So it's safe to say that his face has become pretty recognizable. 

Jack Nicholson Son RayJack Nicholson Son Ray
Roy Jones / Stringer via Getty Images / Patrick McMullan / Contributor via Getty Images

While today he and his son, Ray Nicholson, may not exactly look like twins, back in the day, Jack very much so resembled his now 30-year-old boy. Following his dad's footsteps, Ray has become an actor - as well as an assistant director. Some of his more noteworthy works have been in The Benchwarmers, The Outsider, and Licorice Pizza.

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Nick & George Clooney

Arguably most people know who infamous actor George Clooney is, and not just for his acting skills but also for his devilish good looks. The 61-year-old has even been named People magazine's "sexiest man alive." He should probably thank his father, Nick Clooney, for his appearance.

George Clooney Famous DadGeorge Clooney Famous Dad
Bettmann / Contributor via Getty Images / Harry Langdon / Contributor via Getty Images

The resemblance between this father-son duo is uncanny. And for those who may not already be familiar with him, Nick was too a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. He not only worked as a broadcast journalist, but he was also a game show host. He also made an appearance in his son's 2014 movie, The Monuments Men.

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David & Brooklyn Beckham

David Beckham not only has one or two look-alike sons, but he has three! It's like he created a clan of his own little doppelgangers. But we can't lie, it seems his eldest, Brooklyn Beckham, looks the most similar to the former professional soccer player.

David Brooklyn Beckham FamilyDavid Brooklyn Beckham Family
Dave Hogan / Contributor via Getty Images / Darren Gerrish / Contributor via Getty Images

The now 23-year-old looks like the spitting image of his famous father. Putting their images side by side from when they were the same age has us stunned because, well, look at them! But while he hasn't followed in his dad's athletic footsteps, Brooklyn has pursued his own career in modeling and photography.

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Alan & Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke famously made headlines back in 2013 for his controversial song, Blurred Lines. And from then on, he completely shot into fame in the world of music. But as the years went on, more and more fans started to realize that he shared a last name with the iconic actor Alan Thicke.

Robin Thicke Nepotism ScandalRobin Thicke Nepotism Scandal
Ron Galella / Contributor via Getty Images / Emma McIntyre / Staff via Getty Images

But as it turns out, they share more than just the same last name, because these two are father and son! And honestly, we can't believe no one noticed it sooner because they look eerily similar, especially when we see photos of the two of them when they were the same age.

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Sean & Hopper Penn

Sean Penn is probably known as one of the greatest actors, mostly for his performances in classic Hollywood hits like Mystic River, I Am Sam and more. But what some fans may not know about the two-time Grammy award winner is that he has two kids who also are in the business.

Sean Penn Son NepotismSean Penn Son Nepotism
Kevin Winter / Staff via Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain / Staff via Getty Images

In fact, his son, Hopper Penn, looks like a little mini-me of Sean because of how similar their faces are. It's truly amazing just how similar kids can look to their parents. From the piercing blue eyes to the nose, hair, and mouth, we wouldn't be surprised if Hopper played a younger version of his dad in a future film.

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Mark & Michael Consuelos

Mark Consuelos is probably best known for his roles in All My Children and most recently for his role as Hiram Lodge on Riverdale. Funny enough, the actor that played the teenage version of Hiram in the teen drama series was Mark's real-life son, Michael.

mark consuelos son riverdalemark consuelos son riverdale
Ron Galella/Contributor via Getty Images/@michael.consuelos via Instagram

We guess when it comes to casting younger versions of actors, it's best to just look at their very own families. Right? "Tonight, I have the great honor of sharing the screen with my son @michael.consuelos and the always brilliant @melton, they absolutely killed it," Mark wrote under a photo from the set.

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LeBron James & LeBron James Jr.

Iconic basketball player LeBron James has a son who doesn't just have the same face as him - but also the same athletic skills. LeBron James Jr. has already, at age 17, received many scholarships and opportunities in the world of B-ball… and honesty, are we really surprised?

LeBron James Bronny NBALeBron James Bronny NBA
Harry How / Staff via Getty Images / Joe Robbins / Stringer via Getty Images

Fans were quick to notice that the father and son duo looked like they were twins. One fan commented on an Instagram post of a picture of the two of them, “Bryce has stolen his whole face and mannerisms, you just love to see it. All his children will be special at whatever they decide to do.”

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Jon Bon Jovi & Jesse Bongiovi

With the blue eyes, iconic smile, and similar noses, the look-alike duo Jon Bon Jovi and Jesse Bongiovi don't just share DNA that makes them have many of the same facial features - they also share a line of wine together. That's right. Cheers to that!

Bon Jovi Jesse Bongiovi Bon Jovi Jesse Bongiovi
Jerritt Clark / Stringer

While Jesse doesn't have his father's rock n roll skills, he has shown great interest in entrepreneurship. Look no further than his post-Notre Dame career path: founding Hampton Water in 2017 with his dad. As described by Billboard, this rose wine is a "French rose, a mix of Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvèdre grapes."

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