Kanye Finally Puts Feud With Drake to Rest


| LAST UPDATE 11/19/2021

By Alexa Alves
kanye drake feud instagram
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Could it be? After endless years of digs and diss tracks, it appears Drizzy and 'Ye are finally ready to play nice. But if that's not wild enough, it seems Mr. West was the one who put ego aside to extend the initial olive branch. From his viral Instagram post to their big plans moving forward, here's what we know about the rappers' recent reconciliation.

kanye west drake feud
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It all started on November 16, as Kanye took to the 'gram to do what he does best: stir the pot. Safe to say, his latest post did just that. Standing alongside music exec J.Prince and Drizzy, the rapper's latest snap, no doubt, got people talking. And with good reason: when was the last time you saw the two rivals in the same picture?

But that's not where this story ends. Shortly after 'Ye's post, Drake, too, dropped further footage of the kickback at his Toronto mansion. "This is impressive," comedy legend Dave Chappelle was seen saying, making a nod to the rappers' squashed beef. "Kanye West... in [Drake's] home."

In case you forgot, their little reunion couldn't have come at a better time. Just a week earlier, J.Prince first proposed to bring these G.O.A.T.S together for a great purpose: "So I met with @kanyewest to pass on the message from my brother Larry Hoover who said he would like to see peace between the two of them," Prince revealed, nodding to the famous feud. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened...

j. prince kanye drake
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"I'm asking Drake on Dec. 7 to join me on stage as a special guest to share the two biggest albums of the year," West announced shortly after, referencing his upcoming campaign to free Larry Hover from prison. "I believe this event will not only bring awareness to our cause, but prove to people – everywhere – how much more we can accomplish when we lay our pride to the side and come together."

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kanye drake feud instagram
Rich Fury/Getty Images for Coachella

While we still have yet to cop more details on the Free Larry Hoover concert, it's lining up to be one for the books. Until then, make sure to stay tuned for more details.