Models & More: Everyone Derek Jeter Has Dated


| LAST UPDATE 04/19/2022

By Tiana Blanco

Former New York Yankee Derek Jeter wasn't just scoring on the baseball field. Over the years, the athlete has been linked to some of Hollywood's finest. Here's a look back at everyone he dated before settling down.

Lara Dutta

Derek Jeter has always been one to turn heads. In 1999, not only did the athlete win the MLB World Series, but a few months later, he also started dating the highly sought-after Miss Universe, Lara Dutta.

Derek Jeter lara duttaDerek Jeter lara dutta
Mail Today / Contributor via Getty Images / Mark Brown / Contributor via Getty Images

The relationship between the pair was ignited in 2000 after the Indian-born model was named the winner of the beauty pageant. It seemed the two were both at the height of their careers. But unfortunately, after a year, their fling came to an end. And Dutta went on to wed tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi in 2011.

Adriana Lima

It seems like Jeter used to have a thing for women who were taking over their respective fields. The former New York Yankees started a relationship with supermodel Adriana Lima the same year that she was named 99th place on Forbes Best Paid Celebrities list.

adriana lima Derek Jeteradriana lima Derek Jeter
Roy Rochlin / Stringer via Getty Images / Dave Kotinsky / Stringer via Getty Images

The Victoria's Secret angel and the athlete were said to have started dating in 2006. And while fans adored the couple, it wasn't long before they called it quits. But just like his former girlfriends, Lima had a thing for men in sports. 3 years after the breakup, she tied the knot with basketball star Marko Jarić.

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Jessica Biel

After saying goodbye to Adriana Lima, Jeter was rumored to be dating yet another Hollywood A-lister. He and actress Jessica Biel - who was also just fresh out of a relationship with Chris Evans - were spotted out at a dance club enjoying their time together.

Derek Jeter jessica bielDerek Jeter jessica biel
Jamie McCarthy / Staff via Getty Images / Mike Stobe / Stringer via Getty Images

Naturally, it looked as though these two were just rebounding. So when they announced their commitment to one another, the world was taken aback. Yet still, after a couple of months, the two realized they were too different from one another, and eventually, they ended things.

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Jessica Biel, Again

It wasn't too long after the split that Biel was suspected of dating a new man, except this time it was a singer. She and Justin Timberlake didn't waste any time as the two quickly became serious. Sure enough, in 2012, they moved on to the next step and got hitched.

justin timberlake jessica bieljustin timberlake jessica biel
Gregg DeGuire / Contributor via Getty Images

Ten years later, it seems like their relationship is going strong. Today, the 7th Heaven actress and her famous hubby share two children together. But Biel's relationship wasn't the only thing that flourished over the years. The actress has worked on several hit films, making her one of the industry's most celebrated stars.

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Vanessa Minnillo

For many years most of the former baseball player's relationships only lasted a few months. So when he and Vanessa Minnillo were first getting closer, fans didn't think too much about it. But after he and the Miss Teen USA winner were together for many years, they started thinking differently.

Derek Jeter vanessa minnilloDerek Jeter vanessa minnillo
James Devaney / Contributor via Getty Images

For three years, the two were going back and forth with each other. That was until 2006 when they officially broke things off. It was heartbreaking for fans to hear since, for so long, they assumed Minnillo would be the one who finally got the athlete to settle down.

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Vanessa Minnillo, Again

But Jeter wasn't the one the TV star would end up with. Shortly after her breakup with the athlete, Minnillo appeared as the female lead in Nick Lachey's music video. When she showed up on set to film the footage for What's Left Of Me, she had no idea she would meet her future hubby.

 Derek Jeter vanessa minnillo Derek Jeter vanessa minnillo
Jim Spellman / Contributor via Getty Images

The chemistry that she and the singer shared on camera seemed to also translate to real life. Because shortly after the video was filmed, the two started going out. Many years later, in 2011, they had their marriage ceremony, and ever since, they have been #relationshipgoals.

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Jessica Alba

From models, singers, and actresses, Jeter has been with a fair share of Hollywood stars. So it's not shocking to learn that up next on our list, we have yet another A-lister. Jessica Alba has been in the acting biz since she was just a teenager! And over the years, she has become one of the most sought after in the industry.

 Derek Jeter jessica alba Derek Jeter jessica alba
Gareth Cattermole / Staff via Getty Images / Mike Stobe / Stringer via Getty Images

It was rumored that the Dark Angel star and the former Yankee were spending their days together back in the early 2000s. But neither party ever confirmed the allegations of their possible relationship. Yet it was said to have occurred while Jeter was on one of his several breaks from Vanessa Minnillo.

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Vida Guerra

Once again, Jeter enjoyed having girlfriends who were also in the spotlight, whether they be supermodels or A-list actresses. After all, bad habits die hard, right? Because the baseball player had, too, been romantically linked to FHM"s Model of the Year, Vida Guerra.

 Derek Jeter vida guerra Derek Jeter vida guerra
Patrick McMullan / Contributor via Getty Images / Eric Espada / Contributor via Getty Images

The Cuba-born bombshell had her first ever shoot with FHM magazine for a promiscuous lingerie ad. And after that, she quickly rose to fame. It was even reported that many readers reached out to the magazine demanding that they include Guerra in more campaigns.

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Vida Guerra, Again

It seemed like all eyes were on the model, including one of baseball's best players, Jeter. He and Guerra began their relationship in 2005, which was arguably a very lucky year for the athlete. From winning his second Golden Glove award to landing in second place in the American League run to score, he was on top of his game.

Derek Jeter vida guerraDerek Jeter vida guerra
Patrick McMullan / Contributor via Getty Images

Sadly, the couple didn't last too long, officially breaking it off in 2006. Yet it sounded like the two ended things on good terms. "He said once he retired, he wanted to get married, so he's living his dream," she confessed to TMZ years later. "He's really an awesome person, and I wish him all the best."

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Tyra Banks

Way back when in 1997, the media outlets speculated that Jeter was seeing yet another model. This time they claimed that the baseball player was dating the iconic supermodel and America's Next Top Model host, Tyra Banks. But the truth behind their relationship was never revealed.

Derek Jeter tyra banksDerek Jeter tyra banks
J. Vespa / Contributor via Getty Images / STEVE SCHAEFER / Stringer via Getty Images

That was until Jeter finally spoke up and claimed that he and Banks were never a couple. He explained that the reason the two stars were spotted sitting together at the Knicks game was because they were both clients of the International Management Group (IMG).

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Gabrielle Union

After finalizing her divorce from her husband, Chris Howard, Gabrielle Union was reported to have started seeing a new man: none other than Derek Jeter himself. Rumors quickly started to spread that the new alleged couple was getting cozy in the Bahamas.

Derek Jeter gabrielle unionDerek Jeter gabrielle union
Jason Kempin / Staff via Getty Images / Mike Stobe / Stringer via Getty Images

It sounded like a perfect place for the two since, at the time, both of them were going through heartbreak. Jeter himself has just ended his relationship with his former fling Jessica Biel. It seems like they were helping each other move on. Except it turned out that the claims may have been false…

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Gabrielle Union, Again

Union took it upon herself to set the record straight. The Bring It On star revealed to People Magazine, "I'm linked to a lot of people," she said. "Trust me, if I were dating Derek Jeter, I would hold my own press conference to announce it to the world."

Derek Jeter gabrielle unionDerek Jeter gabrielle union
Allen Berezovsky / Stringer via Getty Images

Although perhaps the actress never dated the baseball player, Union did end up with another man in sports. After dating for some time, she and former professional basketball player Dwayne Wade tied the knot in 2014. It sounds like Union may just have a type.

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Bridget Hall

Not only did Jeter date the 2000 winner of Miss Universe, Lara Dutta, but he also was linked to a Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model. Talk about lucky! He and Bridget Hall never admitted to being in a romantic relationship, but that never stopped fans from making assumptions.

derek jeter Bridget Hallderek jeter Bridget Hall
Stephen Lovekin / Staff via Getty Images / Diamond Images / Contributor via Getty Images

Especially considering how many other models the baseball star had been involved with in the past. But that wasn't the only reason. By now, we know how much the athlete loved successful women. And at the time, the model was at the top of her career. So honestly, we get why so many people believed Jeter was dating Hall.

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Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster first hit the acting scene in the 90s when she appeared in many series such as All My Children and As the World Turns. It was roughly around the same time that her future boo, Derek Jeter, was making headlines in the sports world. So perhaps it was expected for these two celebs to eventually meet.

derek jeter Jordana Brewsterderek jeter Jordana Brewster
Arnaldo Magnani / Contributor via Getty Images

But that wouldn't be till 2003, when the pair started their short-term relationship. Some might say that their time together was "Fast and Furious," referring to Brewster's breakthrough role as Mia Toretto in the hit franchise of the action-filled movies.

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Jordana Brewster, Again

While the timeline of the couple's relationship was similar to many of Jeter's past girlfriends, there was one thing that was different. Instead of keeping their relations under wraps, Brewster and the baseball star were repeatedly spotted hanging out in public.

derek jeter Jordana Brewsterderek jeter Jordana Brewster
E. Charbonneau / Staff via Getty Images

After a short while, their time together came to an end, and they said goodbye to one another. But later on, Brewster found the one she would finally settle down with. In 2007, the actress walked down the aisle to marry film producer Andrew Form. The pair share two boys together.

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Scarlett Johansson

Arguably one of Hollywood's most sought-after actresses is Scarlett Johansson. She's been featured in many movies over the years, such as The Avengers, Lost and Translation, and Black Widow. It seems like the A-lister is always making headlines even years after her rise to fame.

derek jeter scarlett johanssonderek jeter scarlett johansson
Future Publishing / Contributor via Getty Images / Tim Boyles / Stringer via Getty Images

Back in '04, as Johansson was busy in her career, she was introduced to an eligible bachelor in Hollywood. She and Jeter were rumored to have been hanging out while the athlete was in one of his infamous breaks from his then-girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo.

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Scarlett Johansson, Again

But all their relationship ever was were allegations. Neither the actress nor the baseball player commented on what fans were saying. Although based on Jeter's past with Hollywood stars, we can see why tabloids were sure they had been together. But like all his former love interests, the talk around these two quickly diminished.

derek jeter scarlett johanssonderek jeter scarlett johansson
Jason Merritt/TERM / Staff via Getty Images

And while it would take Jeter a few more years to finally find his "one," Johansson was already tying the knot just four years after the apparent relationship. She and actor Ryan Reynolds got married in 2008, but unfortunately, they filed for divorce in 2011.

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Rachel Uchitel

While spending her nights as a club promoter Rachel Uchitel met many celebs. But she herself only entered the industry when she began working as a TV correspondent and host. Yet for a while, she wasn't making headlines - that was until she started dating a very famous athlete.

derek jeter rachel uchitelderek jeter rachel uchitel
Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer via Getty Images / Elsa / Staff via Getty Images

In 2010 Uchitel was reported to be one of Tiger Woods' mistresses that he was involved with while being married to his wife, Elin Nordegren. After her name was plastered all over the news, more people became interested in her mysterious love life. 

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Rachel Uchitel, Again

But long before Rachel Uchitel's name was busy being plastered on magazine covers, Woods' alleged ex was rumored to have had a fling with a different athlete: the former Yankees star. She and Derek Jeter apparently were spotted out on the town in 2008.

derek jeter rachel uchitelderek jeter rachel uchitel
Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Contributor via Getty Images

Nothing was ever confirmed, but perhaps it can't be too surprising that these two were linked, considering their past relationships. But Jeter and Woods wouldn't be the last athletes she formed a relationship with. In 2013 she got hitched to Matt Hahn, who was a former football player at Penn State.

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Joy Enriquez

Joy Enriquez might not be a household name, but her career in the entertainment industry has been a long one. When she was just 11 years old, the singer and actress auditioned to appear in the hit talent competition, Star Search. This helped her receive many opportunities. 

derek jeter dating timelinederek jeter dating timeline
Robin Platzer / Contributor via Getty Images / Evan Agostini / Staff via Getty Images

From getting a record deal to recording her very single song, Tell Me How You Feel, it looked like Enriquez's dreams were finally coming true. In 2001, she finally dropped her debut record. Yet that wasn't the only thing going on for her. Not long after the release, she started dating a professional baseball player.

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Joy Enriquez, Again

Thanks to Jeter's fellow teammate, Alex Rodriguez, the bachelor and Enriquez got to meet. They hit it off almost immediately, and before they knew it, they were in a relationship. We guess A-Rod has a talent for setting people up. Or so that's what fans thought...

derek jeter joy enriquezderek jeter joy enriquez
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

They only made it a few months before calling it quits. This may have been for the best, as the actress ended up finding love again. By 2004, Joy was already walking down the aisle to tie the knot with record producer Rodney Jerkins. Ironically, her hubby was the one who helped produce her first album.

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Mariah Carey

Back in the 1990s, both the Yankees player and this pop singer were starting to make headlines in Hollywood. Mariah Carey dropped her first album and instantly became a global star. But behind closed doors, things were just as interesting, to say the least...

derek jeter mariah careyderek jeter mariah carey
Images Press / Contributor via Getty Images / Focus On Sport / Contributor via Getty Images

Just two years prior to her self-titled album being released, Carey was shaking up with none other than Jeter. Apparently, they were together for roughly a year in 1989, but the nonstop media attention was too difficult to deal with for the youngsters.

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Mariah Carey, Again

After Carey and the baseball star broke things off, they both went their separate ways. Instead of being involved with their relationship, the two celebs flourished in their own profession. In fact, Carey herself described their romance as "a short and sweet dream." 

derek jeter mariah careyderek jeter mariah carey
Handout via Getty Images

Carey would later on become known as "The Queen of Christmas" after her hit song All I Want For Christmas became an international success. And as for her love life, the artist went on to marry Nick Cannon in 2008. But years later, the two filed for divorce.

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Minka Kelly

There was one special woman in Jeter's life that had fans believing he may just tie the knot. Back in 2008, actress Minka Kelly met Jeter, after the two had just dealt with their own breakups: Kelly from John Mayer, and the athlete from Jessica Biel.

derek jeter minka kellyderek jeter minka kelly
Chris McGrath / Staff via Getty Images

Luckily they had each other to keep company. And yet little did they know how serious their relationship would become. At the start, they tried to stay away from the public eye, but it didn't take long before the paparazzi caught them in full-action shots of PDA. By this time, the pair had been with one another for 2 years!

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Minka Kelly, Again

The lengthy relationship had fans sure that Kelly was the one. Because, after all, the shortstop's past flings seemed to be just that - flings. Rumors that a marriage proposal was on the way began to circulate. But sadly, their fans were wrong about the assumption.

derek jeter minka kellyderek jeter minka kelly
Mike Coppola / Contributor via Getty Images

All of a sudden, in 2011, after around 3 years together, the couple broke things off. While it was likely heartbreaking, soon, all of that would change. Because in no time at all, Jeter met his future wife. Kelly, on the other hand, continued to focus on expanding her career.

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Hannah Davis

Throughout the years, Jeter was scoring both in the league of baseball and with the women of Hollywood. But after many failed relationships, the athlete finally met the girl that would get the eligible bachelor to settle down. He and Hannah Davis officially met in 2012, and the rest was history...

derek jeter hannah davisderek jeter hannah davis
Jenny Anderson / Contributor via Getty Images

From New York to Florida, Davis was spotted on Jeter's arm all around the country. The media and fans started speculating that the Sports Illustrated model was his girlfriend. But it would be a year until the two finally admitted to being in a committed relationship.

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Hannah Davis, Again

While her name became well-known thanks to her time dating a famous baseball star, Davis was arguably recognizable in the industry before meeting Jeter. But before making it big in modeling, she was competing in tennis tournaments around the country.

hannah davis derek jeterhannah davis derek jeter
Leon Bennett / Stringer via Getty Images

Unfortunately, she struggled to pay for all the expenses that came with her athletic career. So Davis decided to get a side job to support herself: modeling. "IMG and Ford [modeling agencies] were at these tournaments," she explained to Health. But her time with the side job was "purely as a job to help pay for my dream." 

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The Early Days

But over time, it became her full career. Her success in the fashion world grew, and before she knew, it she was moving to New York. Right around the same time, she met her future hubby while he was in the off-season. So luckily for her, he had plenty of time on his hands.

derek jeter wife METderek jeter wife MET
Karwai Tang / Contributor via Getty Images

For a while, Davis hadn't comprehended just how adored her boyfriend was within the league of baseball. She confessed, "I thought, here's this guy, who I go home and watch TV and order takeout with - and the rest of the world feels like they have a piece of him too. It was strange. I didn't know how to reconcile it all."

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Finally Tying The Knot

By November 2015, she was well aware of who her boyfriend of 3 years was. And by then, she was ready to say "yes" to the big question! After revealing that the two had been engaged, fans were both happy for the athlete and yet surprised he finally found the one.

derek jeter dating timelinederek jeter dating timeline
Mike Coppola / Staff via Getty Images

Their private ceremony took place in the Meadowood Napa Valley Resort in St. Helena, California. Despite their status, the wedding was small and personal. Only those closest to the model and/or the athlete were in attendance to celebrate the newlyweds.

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Home Run

It didn't take long before the happy couple was expecting! After roughly a year since their wedding, Jeter and Davis announced that she was pregnant with their first child. In 2017, they had a baby girl named Bella. And in 2019, another daughter named Story.

derek jeter wife kidsderek jeter wife kids
Al Bello / Staff via Getty Images

We wonder what Davis said that finally got the bachelor to settle down. Although we're sure the model's commitment to family didn't hurt. "She would choose her family over a night out any day," her childhood friend revealed. It seems like the athlete finally scored the ultimate home run.

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