A Hip-Hop Museum Is Headed to NYC


| LAST UPDATE 04/04/2022

By Logan Shaw
Hip Hop Museum, NYC
Bennett Raglin via Getty Images for BET

Hip-Hop fans of New York get ready to rejoice: a hip-hop museum is coming to the Bronx, the first of its kind for the state. Situated on East 150th Street, as part of the Bronx Point development, the cultural site will be in the borough known for birthing the hip-hop music genre. The Universal Hip-Hop Museum, UHHM, developed by hip-hop icons Kurtis Blow, LL Cool J, Nas, and Fat Joe, will consist of two floors that showcase hip-hop's best. It will be divided into five sections: DJing, emceeing, break dancing, graffiti, and knowledge. Unfortunately, the grand opening is not expected until 2024, but here's what we know so far...

Collecting the museum's memorabilia has officially begun, and the list so far is incredibly impressive: the speakers from The Roxy club, a sound system from Pete DJ Jones, a Borbay canvas painting of Eminem, a signed bike that belonged to Snoop Dog, a Rocawear Roc-A-Fella tour jacket, and first editions of iconic hip-hop publications, the museum promise to be the ultimate experience for hip-hop fans. If that wasn't enough, the UHHM has teamed up with Microsoft to create a metaverse, which will allow visitors to experience the history of hip-hop in a completely new way. Transporting guests through the different sections of the museum and immersing them in live performances, the museum promises "a unique kind of museum experience."

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But the museum will not be limited to hip-hop artifacts; there are also plans to establish programs that educate and mentor the younger generations to become future hip-hop stars and entrepreneurs. The recent program titled "The Fresh, Bold and So Def Women's Initiative" will be held in the center and help tackle prominent issues for women such as misogyny and racism. There will also be an emphasis on the contributions that women in the hip-hop industry have made.

Hip Hop Museum, Bronx
Johnny Nunez/WireImage via Getty Images

While construction is underway, eager hip-hop fans have a while to wait till they can cop tickets. Until then, check out its temporary site at the Bronx Terminal Market, located close to the location of the upcoming museum. Titled the "Revolution of Hip-Hop" exhibit, visitors can learn about hip-hop during the 1986-1990 period, often seen as the 'golden era of hip-hop.' Be sure to check out uhhm.org for all the details. And stay tuned for the latest updates.

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