J. Cole Surprises Fan at College Graduation


| LAST UPDATE 05/20/2022

By Zuzanna Krause
J Cole Graduation Fan
Twitter via @princess_simba

Wet Dreamz rapper J. Cole made someone's dream come true this week! Cierra Bosarge, a fresh college graduate and J. Cole super fan, met the rapper back in 2013... and now again. Give it up for this college grad who earned a college degree in Journalism - all while meeting her favorite artist. Here's what went down.

J. Cole, one of the most influential rappers of our generation, has proven himself a living legend yet again. Not for his many high achievement awards, successful albums, or iconic verses, but this time for something a lil different. This time the rapper was spotted at the Rowan University's graduation ceremony, supporting the 2022 graduating class, specifically a major fan, Cierra Bosarge. J. Cole had previously met the die-hard fan nearly a decade ago, and now we back.

J Cole Surprises Fan
 Kevin Winter via Getty Images for iHeartMedia
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Bosarge met Moe Dee in 2013 after she called up a local radio station expressing her longing to have her favorite rapper wish her a happy birthday. J. Cole being the class act he is, called Bosarge three months later and invited her to meet him face-to-face. Upon meeting the iconic artist, the then high school student gave him a letter she wrote for him years prior. "In the letter, it says all I went through," Bosarge explained. "With being adopted, my parents being hooked on drugs, in and out of prison. At the time, both parents were in prison, so I asked him could he come to my graduation since they can't." The singer promised her he would attend her high school graduation if she got into a four-year university, and she did. Sure enough, two years after their first meeting, J. Cole attended Bosarge's high school graduation. 

Now that Bosarge was graduating from college, J. Cole showed his support for the new grad and celebrated her latest accomplishments. The graduate took to social media to show the heartwarming photo of her and her favorite rapper with the caption, "this is for all the fans that waited, the bitch n----- that hated, old h--- we dated, look, mama, we made it," referencing the rapper's song Nobody's Perfect. Speaking with Complex after her graduation, she revealed it meant "everything" to her. "The people that matter to me show up for me...  [I] definitely feel the love & that's what I needed." We love to hear it.

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