Kanye West Under Fire for “More Hate Speech”


| LAST UPDATE 10/14/2022

By Zuzanna Krause
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Edward Berthelot / Contributor via Getty Images

Ye was recently a guest on The Shop, but as it turns out, we won't be able to ever see it. According to Maverick Carter, SpringHill Company CEO, the production company "taped an episode of The Shop with Kanye West" but chose not to air the episode after he used the platform to "reiterate more hate speech." Here's what to know.

The HBO show finished up its 4th season last year, with guests from Jay-Z to Kid Cudi. This latest season is set to feature more big names, such as Rick Ross and Idris Elba. According to Carter, the LeBron James-founded entertainment company booked Ye weeks ago for the episode, but LeBron was not present for the conversation. According to Maverick, he "believed he [West] was capable of a respectful discussion, and he was ready to address all his recent comments." However, he used The Shop interview to relay "extremely dangerous stereotypes," resulting in the decision to cut the episode.

Kanye Anti-Semetic Instagram
 Jacopo Raule via Getty Images
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The SpringHill Company co-founder added to his statement, following their decision, that though "The Shop embraces thoughtful discourse and differing opinions, we have zero tolerance for hate speech of any kind and will never allow our channels to be used to promote hate." Maverick added he "take[s] full responsibility for believing Kanye wanted a different conversation and apologize to our guests and crew. Hate speech should never have an audience." According to production sources, the rapper "doubled down on his recent anti-Semitic remarks," which resulted in the teams' final decision.

Last week, Kanye began making anti-Semitic marks about Jewish people while dissing Diddy, resulting in Instagram suspending him from his account. The artist then moved over to Twitter, where he shared more inappropriate comments, such as "when I wake up I'm going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE." Although the posts have since been removed, Ye is still active on both Twitter and Instagram, and more information is being released. Footage was also leaked from an unaired conversation with Fox News's Tucker Carlson, further inciting antisemitic remarks, and leading Jewish advocacy groups to reach out to West in light of all the hatred he is spewing. Stay tuned while this story develops.

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