Kanye West Plans To Build His Own “Universe” Known As the “Yecosystem”


| LAST UPDATE 10/24/2022

By Zuzanna Krause
Kanye West Yeezy Yecosystem
Rich Fury/VF20 via Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Despite the major controversies around Kanye West at the moment, the artist doesn't seem to be so bothered and instead has decided to just create his own ecosystem, known as the "yecosystem." According to Rolling Stone, the Donda rapper has "filed a slew of trademark applications that would allow West to create his own mini-community," after the plan of his own small "universe" has been workshopped for a few years now. So what exactly does a yecosystem imply? Let's take a closer look.

Ye is used to the limelight, for better or for worse. However, in the past few weeks, the rapper has created a stir in the media due to his inappropriate Anti-Semitic comments towards Jewish people, which only continued to explode after the artist appeared on multiple talk shows discussing his beliefs. In response to these controversial comments, brands such as Adidas, Balenciaga, and Vogue have all severed ties with the artist just in time for him to announce his Yecosystem plans.

Kanye West Yecosystem Community
Jonathan Leibson via Getty Images for ADIDAS
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According to Yeezy sources, the Yecosystem will be a "self-sustained enterprise that would have its own branded homes, retail stores that sell Yecosystem-branded food items and beverages." Those living in the Yecosystem will have their own school, nutrition and beauty stores, news outlets, healthcare, and education system. Trademark applications are not just for one city but include several cities in the U.S., all filed under the trademarks "Yzyverse," "Yxyverse," and "Yeezyverse," just in case he decides to change the name a few times!

"He's trying to do s*** that people couldn't even conceive of, and he's trying to make it happen," the sources explained. "He comes from a good place. It's definitely his goal that everything that people touch that's his is a good thing and has a good impact on the world." Moving forward, Ye hopes to introduce the first campus as soon as possible, with hopes to extend these mini-communities across the country over the next several years. As of now, West has already created his own PreK through 12th-grade private school, known as Donda Academy, with hopes to expand into a university.

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