Lil Nas X Says He Had "Fun Pissing People Off" This Year


| LAST UPDATE 12/06/2021

By Helena Yannis
Lil Nas X Innovator Award
Leon Bennett / Stringer via Getty Images

All he does is win: Lil Nas X was back on the stage this past weekend for Variety's Music Hitmakers Brunch. The Grammy winner was named Innovator of the Year by the media company and delivered an acceptance speech like no other.

Lil Nas X Acceptance Speech
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The Montero singer received the award - and a touching speech - from friend and fellow artist Chloe Bailey. As usual, neither of the icons disappointed with their touching words. "It's been like a pretty crazy year," Lil Nas admitted after joining Chloe on stage. "It's been a pretty fun year. I had a lot of fun pissing people off." We're not gonna lie, we had a lot of fun watching him do it. The 22-year-old then got real about the intense stress he felt after breaking into the music industry with 2019's Old Town Road.

Lil Nas Pissing Off
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"This year took a lot of mental strength for me just to even continue to keep pushing after my debut reached such a high place so, so quickly, and it's very scary to try to follow up and keep it going," the Industry Baby artist continued. "But I came out. I was myself. I did what I needed to do. I put effort into every single part of my career. And I'm super thankful for this award."

Lil Nas X Red Carpet
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Before Lil Nas X shared his truth, Chloe showered her friend in compliments. "He has embodied the spirit of courage while also representing the culture authentically and beautifully. Maybe once in a generation, an artist comes along and literally changes the world for the better. Your impact is beyond pop, and hip-hop, and music in general," she gushed. We see no lies here.

And Bailey wasn't done there. She continued, "By being exactly who he is and commanding attention, by creating a universe that is both undeniable and exceptionally entertaining, he's kicked in the door, breaking down barriers while delivering unforgettable music and visuals." The Have Mercy singer then delved into how Lil Nas X is not only a great professional in the music industry - he is also a grade-A person in every aspect of his life.

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Lil Nas X Chloe Bailey
Prince Williams / Contributor via Getty Images

"Yes, he has smashed records. Yes, he's broken down barriers," Chloe said. "He delivers creatively like no other, and that makes him so deserving for this - Innovator of the Year. But what makes him Nas is his heart, his love for everybody, his positive light. And for that, Nas, you mean more to me than anything, and I am so proud to honor you today." Someone pass us the tissues, please.