McDonald’s Employee Shares Ordering Hacks


| LAST UPDATE 06/03/2022

By Zuzanna Krause
McDonalds secret menu hacks
Instagram via @nepomuk_von_clausewitz

Fast-food employees are unveiling the inside scoop on what we should be looking for when ordering at these food establishments - and we're lovin' it. In particular, one McDonald's employee has opened up on her TikTok page explaining what the best menu hacks are, the right time of the day to order, and overall the best way to get the freshest meals. Here's what she shared.

No doubt, McDonald's is the most successful fast-food franchise globally, with 38,000 locations worldwide. From the classic menu staples to the somewhat out-of-the-ordinary and unexpected menu items, McDonald's always hits. There is nothing like ordering a Quarter Pounder, a side of salty french fries, and an extra-large Coke to end the day - and this McDonald's connoisseur agrees as she dropped the secrets on the right way to order off of a McDonald's menu.

McDonalds Quarter Pounder Burger
Reddit via u/Filmfan345
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The 19-year-old McDonald's employee, Ashton, let her followers know what we should be ordering, starting with the right burger. "Quarter meat is fresh," she said. "It's in a fridge, it's not frozen, and it's cooked to order every time." We love to hear it. She also explained that timing is of the essence when ordering at Mickey D's. "If you don't want a quarter pounder, after 10 or 11 o'clock, everything is cooked to order," Ashton disclosed. "If you want something fresh, come later," she said on her TikTok. And yes, we absolutely do want something fresh! The user explained that the cookies at McDonald's are a must-have and that this hack is an easy one. "If you want cookies, and if you want them to taste good, ask them to make them fresh," Ashton said. "It literally takes two minutes, and they're delicious when they're fresh." So it's that simple, huh?

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When ordering the signature McFlurry at McDonald's, do not ask for extra Oreos or M&Ms - instead, ask the employee to mix in the candies "really well" because otherwise, the sweets just collect at the bottom of the cup. A fellow employee agreed with this hack, confessing, "We don't put enough bits on Mcflurries." Lastly, Ashton explained to her followers that a smart customer should never buy a bottle of water at the fast-food joint. Instead, just ask for a "large cup of water for free." And boom. Now we know what we're ordering next time we hit up a Mickey D's! Until then, check out these other McDonald's menu hacks we never knew about.

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