Megan and Pardi Celebrate 1-Year Anniversary


| LAST UPDATE 10/19/2021

By Helena Yannis
Megan Thee Stallion Anniversary
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It's Megan and Pardi's world; we're just living in it. The power couple celebrated their first anniversary together and blessed our feeds with plenty of 1-year goodies. From a sentimental video to steamy photos, here are all of the details.

Megan Pardi Anniversary Posts
Johnny Nunez / Contributor via Getty Images

It's no secret that Megan Thee Stallion's relationship with Pardison Fontaine is total couple goals. "He definitely takes care of me emotionally," the Grammy-winner recently shared of her boyfriend. "He makes my brain feel good. He makes my heart feel good." And now, it's officially been an entire trip around the sun for these two hotties. And our girl celebrated the best way Megan knows how: showing us just how good-looking she and her boo are.

Megan Pardi Celebrate Anniversary
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"1year of fun with you [heart emoji]," Thee Stallion wrote alongside a series of photos on Instagram. From Pardi drinking from a cup held up by Megan's butt to mirror selfies, the series of throwbacks did not disappoint. Take a look through for yourself below. But we gotta warn you; it gets steamy. And while the 26-year-old celebrated with some Thot Sh*t content, Fontaine took a more romantic approach to his celebratory post.

The rapper uploaded a video nearly 1.5 minutes long filled with snapshots of the pair's relationship in the last 365 days. "I love you because, you know, your presence is a gift all in itself," Pardi says at the beginning of the clip before John Legend's All of Me starts playing in the background. Yeah, he pulled out all romantic stops. While the upload had plenty of picture-perfect moments included, it also gave us an inside look at just how fun and silly Thee Stallion and Fontaine's relationship is.

"This is how she got me right here," Pardi says in a clip of Megan brushing her teeth. "I seen her brush her teeth one time." And then the camera zooms in on his talented girlfriend's toothpaste-filled mouth. It's safe to say Fontaine just upped the game for anniversary posts big time. And while the two were quite busy on October 18th, Thee Stallion's got a lot on her mind other than love.

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Megan Hottie Sauce Popeyes
Instagram via @popeyes

The hip-hop icon recently announced a collab with Popeyes for a "Hottie Sauce" and let fans know she is also now a franchise owner and will be opening her very own Popeyes locations.

Guess we'll be spending this cuffing season at our local Popeyes basking in all that Hottie Sauce.