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| LAST UPDATE 12/16/2021

By Tiana Blanco
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In July 2020, a judge ordered Tory Lanez to stand trial for shooting at Megan Thee Stallions foot. Recently, Megan shared how she felt about the whole situation on Twitter. The WAP artist had a lot to say about the way society treats victims, especially when it comes to African American women. The shocking events took place after a night of partying at one of Kylie Jenner's Los Angeles homes. “Megan immediately felt pain to her feet, observed blood, fell to the ground, and then crawled to an adjacent driveway of a residence. … She described her injuries as bleeding profusely,” said LAPD detective Ryan Stogner. He continued his testimony by revealing that after the rapper allegedly shot he then, “apologized for doing it and offered her money and begged her to please not say anything and made a reference to the fact that he was already on probation and he begged her not to say anything.”

Lanez's attorney tried to claim that it might have been Megan's assistant at the time, who shot the firearm since she had feelings for Tory. The Captain Hook artist did not appreciate this accusation. She took to Twitter and said, "Like I’ve been SHOT and the focus of some these headlines are dismissing that I was attacked with a WEPON WHILE I WAS UNARMED and trying to paint it as a catfight between friends why do I have to relive this with everyone on the internet every day? And watch y’all gaslight me." Megan continued to tweet about how victim-blaming is a real thing and she is currently experiencing it. The attorney isn't the only one dismissing the rapper, many social media users have made that clear. "Are you going to take it back if the court says she lied?" one person wrote.

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megan tory lanez case
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In the past, the artist wrote an opinion post for The New York Times, titled "Why I Speak Up for Black Women." Megan added, "The way people have publicly questioned and debated whether I played a role in my own violent assault proves that my fears about discussing what happened were, unfortunately, warranted." This wasn't the first time that Megan discussed her issues with the way that African American women are targeted by the media, "The issue is even more intense for Black women, who struggle against stereotypes and are seen as angry or threatening when we try to stand up for ourselves and our sisters," she continued in her op-ed, "There’s not much room for passionate advocacy if you are a Black woman."

Lanez's trial will take place on January 13, 2020.