Snoop Dog Reveals That Jay-Z Threatened to Quit NFL Halftime Show


| LAST UPDATE 03/06/2022

By Tiana Blanco
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Vivien Killilea / Stringer via Getty Images

This year's Superbowl halftime show was undoubtedly an unforgettable show. But as it turns out, we were close to not getting to see some of our favorite artists up on that stage. Here's what Snoop Dog admitted about the performance.

From Kendrick Lamar to Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, and Eminem, the 2020 NFL Championship game halftime concert was a fan favorite among those who grew up listening to '90s hip hop. The whole show gave audiences a nostalgic feeling that they wouldn't forget. And they weren't the only ones who loved it. The Young, Wild, and Free artist explained ruing an interview with TIDAL, "When I got home and watched it on playback, I thought it was the greatest sh*t ever,” he said, “Being there, it felt like the greatest concert of all time. When I first came out, that meant a lot to me that Dre would let me come out first. The first vocal was me." The rapper told the streaming service, "To let me kick that off and have enough confidence in the D-O Double to say, ‘OK. The biggest moment of my career, I trust the D-O Double. He’s going to lead off, and then he’s going to come back at the end of the ninth inning.’"

snoop dog dr. dre
Rob Carr / Staff via Getty Images
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Fans were sharing how much they enjoyed the halftime show on Twitter, but many were curious how the NFL -- which has many rules regarding their Superbowl performers -- allowed the artist to get away with so many things. For example, Dr. Dre was given permission to sing the lyrics about the police in his song, Still D.R.E. And Snoop Dog also had an outfit on that the Football league considered "gang-related." Well, as it turns out, Jay-Z, who helps the NFL pick their artists for big events, told Snoop Dog not to worry about all the guidelines.

Snoop Dog recalled what Jay-Z did for them, "It is what it is, so it’s like for him to go to bat for us and tell the NFL, ‘F*ck that. They perform or I quit,’ that was the most gangster shit out of everything. Then with attire and kneeling and all this … you can’t wear your gang bang shit? JAY-Z hit me like, ‘Wear what the f*ck you want to wear. Peace to the Gods.'”

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