From The Rock to Kevin Hart: 29+ Stars Standing Next to Shaq


| LAST UPDATE 11/06/2022

By Zuzanna Krause

The 7'1" NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal remains one of the greatest basketball players of our time - and he definitely stands out! Here's a hilarious look at O'Neal standing next to other Hollywood greats.

Baby, Baby, Baby

The former NBA player is simply huge, especially when standing next to us normal-sized folks. The Inside the NBA sports analyst was seen towering over a 5'7" Justin Bieber after the two stars exchanged hellos (below).

Shaq Justin Bieber ViralShaq Justin Bieber Viral
Denise Truscello via Getty Images for RMG

Hilariously enough, years before, in 2015, Shaq was one of the special guests for Comedy Central's Roast of Justin Bieber - and the athlete didn't leave anything out! He even made fun of his old Alma Mater, the Los Angeles Lakers, and how sad their starting lineup was at the time. Ouch.

Two Athletes, Two Sizes

Throw two athletes in a picture, and boom, this is what happens! Gymnast Simone Biles is considered one of the greatest gymnasts of all time, with seven Olympic medals to her name. However, unlike basketball, it comes in handy to be smaller in size when it comes to acing that perfect landing.

Shaq Simone Biles ViralShaq Simone Biles Viral
Twitter via @Simone_Biles

So, of course, she is going to look tiny next to Shaq. Then again, she is also 4'8", making her look extra small! Biles uploaded this picture from the Superbowl in 2017 alongside the caption "hey Shaq," to which one follower responded, "now go get a Yao Ming pic." Savage.

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Uh Oh, Nick Cannon!

Nick Cannon looks like he's in a position none of us ever wish to be in! (Well, kind of). Although the TV personality looks like he's in trouble fighting up next to Shaq, we can imagine that Shaq went pretty easy on him during the Third Annual Hall of Game Awards.

Shaq Nick Cannon FunnyShaq Nick Cannon Funny
Jason Kempin/WireImage via Getty Images

The almost 6'0" Nick Cannon stands hilariously short next to the 7'1" former basketball star. And Canon's face says what we're all thinking. The television show later uploaded the hilarious photo to his Instagram, writing, "One time for the Big Guy! @shaq Happy Earth Day, King!!"

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All Eyes on Shaq

So many legends in one picture! However, as we've seen, not all celebrities are built the same. Here we have award-winning actress Julia Roberts, 5'9", spending time with Shaq as she, Bruce Willis, 6'0", and his mother smile for the camera at Beverly Hilton Hotel in 2000.

shaq awards show picturesshaq awards show pictures
Kevin Winter / Staff via Getty Images

While we have no word on exactly how tall Mrs. Willis is, something tells us the actor's mother doesn't quite measure up to Shaq's 7'1" stature. Nonetheless, she seems to be in rather high spirits that night. If only those ballroom walls could talk...

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No Heel Is High Enough

What a throwback! Musician Jordin Sparks and Shaq linked up to visit FOX & Friends at Fox Studios back in 2013 in New York City. The weekday morning show has been running since 1998 and frequently has major Hollywood stars stop by to make an appearance.

Shaq Fox Jordin SparksShaq Fox Jordin Sparks
Slaven Vlasic via Getty Images

The One Step at a Time singer is smiling big standing next to Shaq, but still looking like a shorty next to the 7'1" basketball legend! However, Sparks is already pretty tall, coming in at 5'9" - plus three or four inches of heels. But even standing on a risen platform is no match for the athlete!

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Supermodel Status

Standing next to a supermodel - and still, Shaq is towering over Cindy Crawford. The supermodel and the NBA player were pictured together as Crawford looks up at Shaq. And still, she barely reached his shoulders! She's also probably in heels like supermodels often are.

Shaquille O'Neal Cindy CrawfordShaquille O'Neal Cindy Crawford
 Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc via Getty Images

The 5'9" supermodel is hugging the much taller athlete during the 1993 MTV Video Awards at Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. The MTV awards are always a star-studded event, but we can imagine Shaq is typically one of the tallest in attendance. Just a hunch...

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Turning the Tables

Something is not right here... We all know how tall O'Neal is, so there is no way that British chef Gordon Ramsay is taller than him - but he can definitely dream! The 6'2" chef decided to push his limits outside of the kitchen when he stepped on a platform that resulted in him towering over the athlete.

Shaq Gordon Ramsay ViralShaq Gordon Ramsay Viral
 Emma McIntyre via Getty Images for Apple

Ramsay took to his personal Facebook to post a photo of him and Shaq, similar to this one. He wrote a hilarious accompanying caption, "Finally, someone with bigger feet than me! Great seeing you tonight, Shaquille O' Neal, and can't wait to see your #carpoolkaraoke!!"

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Short and Sweet!

Talk about a height difference! Shaq is quite literally towering over Kelly Ripa and quite literally almost two feet taller than her. The tiny day host is only 5'2" and looks extra tiny next to the gentle giant, otherwise known as Shaquille O'Neal.

kelly ripa shaq funnykelly ripa shaq funny
Instagram via @livekellyandryan

In some behind-the-scenes footage from the episode, we see Shaq bringing laughs and smiles to the whole team as he compared his shoe size and hand size with the television host! Ripa later uploaded the photo with the caption, "Hahaha!! #Shaq is still growing! #KellyRipa #KellyandMichael #Tall #Tiny #ShoeSize22."

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Time To Call the Tailor

This may not be one of Jimmy Fallon's suavest moments. The famous talk show host looks like he is sweatin'! Usually, he is not the one in the hot seat, but in this case, it seems like the roles were reversed, and Fallon has all the pressure (and padding) on him!

shaq jimmy fallon jacketshaq jimmy fallon jacket
YouTube via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

This gem of a photo is actually almost a decade old. Coming from a 2014 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where Shaquille was kind enough to lend his jacket to the host. Oh, and did we mention Fallon is 6'0"? Safe to say, most of us would be swimming in that ensemble too...

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Makin’ It Look Easy!

This is not the average red carpet event. It's not every day Shaq shows up and starts lifting people up in the air, but with all his height and strength, sometimes it's just a must! It looks like Breckin Meyer took advantage of the added height and had Shaq pick him right on up!

Shaq Next To Celebrities Shaq Next To Celebrities
Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage via Getty Images

Considering the actor is only 5'5" inches, the added height was definitely fun for him! He also looks pretty comfortable up there waving to the crowd. But it looks like the woman in the background is both mortified and concerned about what's going on. Can we blame her?

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Deja Vu

From one DJ to another! Diplo was all smiles when spotting fellow athlete-turned DJ superstar Shaq. And no, Diplo isn't sitting in this picture. Thomas Wesley Pentz, AKA Diplo, stands at about 5'10" - but, of course, still not a match for Shaq Attack!

diplo shaq dj instagramdiplo shaq dj instagram
Instagram via @diplo

Shaq, aka DJ Diesel, made his debut into the electronic dance world at TomorrowWorld in 2015. And, since then, he has consistently thrown down on the turntables! "Being at TomorrowWorld brought me back to Game 7 energy," O'Neal told Forbes. "The co2, the crowd of hundreds of thousands of happy people, the energy. It's too similar."

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The Backstage Pass We Didn't Know We Needed

What an iconic squad: Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg, Shaquille O'Neal, and more. For whatever reason, it just feels right - and we're loving it. But what happens when a former NBA all-star, a rapper, a professional chef, and several comedians try and take a selfie? Well, let this picture do all the talking...

shaq comedy central roastshaq comedy central roast
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

Snoop, Shaq, Stewart, and our other VIPs all got together in celebration of the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber - and, of course, snapped a quick pic! Martha Stewart stands at 5'9", while Snoop stands a lot taller at 6'4." And something tells us poor Shaq didn't make the final cut of that selfie.

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When The Rock Becomes "The Pebble"

Let's go way back for a second, to 2007. Shaq was married to Shaunie O'Neal, and the two stopped for a photo-op with the actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson during the ESPY Awards at the Kodak Theater. Considered pretty large himself, The Rock stands tall at about 6'4" - but the height means nothing next to Shaq.

Shaq The Rock ViralShaq The Rock Viral
 Kevin Mazur/WireImage via Getty Images

Let's not forget the NBA player's ex-wife, Shaunie O'Neal, whose standing between two of the tallest men in Hollywood. Shaunie O'Neal is only 5'5", making her ex-husband over a foot and a half taller than her. The two began dating back in 1996 and have four (tall) children together!

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Finally, Someone Taller Than Shaq

And finally: someone giving Shaq a run for their money! Who knew it was possible? However, former Houston Rockets player Yao Ming stands even taller than number 34 at an unbelievable 7'6". It must be fun for the former Lakers player to finally look up at someone!

Shaq Yao Ming HeightShaq Yao Ming Height
ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

The two were both inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame back in 2016. But it was rumored that back in the day, the two actually didn't completely get along, unlike they do now! "I have been going to China for the last seven or eight years. And we always get together, hang out with the families. He is a great man," Shaq revealed.

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Truth Hurts...

We are loving this duo! Something about it feels just right. The two are exchanging big laughs and smiles in New York as the two attend the Warner Bros. Discovery Upfront event at The Theater at Madison Square Garden. Again, we are big fans of this duo!

Shaq Lizzo Viral PictureShaq Lizzo Viral Picture
Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images for Warner Bros. Discovery

The smiles are so big that we almost forget that Shaq is towering over the 5'10" musician. It was this evening that Lizzo got the former NBA player to get in on the #aboutdamntime challenge, where we see Shaq and her dancing to one of the hottest songs of the summer. Again, here for it.

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Shaq & the Ladies

It might be hard to find a lady as tall or even remotely close to Shaq. So instead? He goes for the shorties. The former NBA player dated Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander for three years, who is famously known for winning the VH1 reality shows, Flavor of Love and I Love Money.

Shaq Nicole Girlfriend History Shaq Nicole Girlfriend History
Tamarra via Getty Images

Despite winning these TV shows, the relationships didn't last too long. The 5'2" reality star dated Shaq for a few years before calling it quits back in 2012. The two had been living together in Boston while the athlete was playing for the Celtics. We can't even imagine seeing that height difference in real life.

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Rush Hour + Shaq

Look at those outfits! Chris Tucker, Shaquille O'Neal, and Jackie Chan are serving looks at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles! Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are ironically known for being sidekicks during the Rush Hour films. And it looks like Shaq jumped in for a photo op.

Shaq Jackie Chan MTVShaq Jackie Chan MTV
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc via Getty Images

Even though Chan is recognized as a professional stuntman and unbelievable martial artist, he still stands quite short next to the Big Shamrock, aka Shaq, at 5'7". Chris Tucker, on the other hand, stands pretty tall at 6'0" - but still, no match for Shaq!

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Break It Down

Shaquille O'Neal is seen showing the world his dance moves as he and Spice Adams break it down on the court during the 2022 Celebrity Crunch Classic. The former NFL player and former NBA player got together for all fun and games to prove athletes can also dance! Right?

Shaq Next To Celebrities Shaq Next To Celebrities
Cindy Ord via Getty Images for Cheez-It, Pringles, and Kellogg's Frosted Flakes

As the two balance on their legs and lean into one another, Adams looks relatively short despite being 6'0" tall! However, Spice Adams joins the four-time championship winner weekly on The Big Podcast with Shaq, as they discuss all things sports, music, pop culture, and more.

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Where’s Shaq?

Sometimes this is just bound to happen. There's nothing like pulling the tallest guy in the room next to the shortest guy in the room for a hilarious picture. Kevin Hart is publically known for his height, coming in at 5'2" inches. So it makes sense that Shaq's head didn't quite make the picture.

Shaq Kevin Hart InstagramShaq Kevin Hart Instagram
Instagram via @kevinhart4real

The comedian hilariously uploaded this photo to his Instagram with the caption, "Me & my man "Shaq" chilling backstage…" But the hashtags are where things get even funnier. Hart hilariously wrote #HisFaceDidntMakeThePhoto and #TheseIsAmessageToAllTallPeople among a few more hysterical hashtags!

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From One Lover Boy to Another

Drake is a pretty tall guy. Nearly 6'0", the rapper comes in at about 5'11". But standing next to Shaq, he still looks like a shorty! The duo standing next to each other are still looking wildly different in height (which they are at the end of the day!).

Shaq Drake NBA AwardsShaq Drake NBA Awards
Michael Loccisano via Getty Images for TNT

The two are looking friendly on stage during the 2017 NBA Awards, where O'Neal, otherwise known as DJ Diesel, served as the DJ for the evening. Don't forget the four-time NBA championship winner also released two albums in the '90s that went both platinum and gold! The man clearly does it all...

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I’m Sorry Ms. Jackson!

Shaq is quite literally towering over Janet Jackson here! The TV sports analyst was presenting the All for You singer with the Award of Merit at the 28th Annual American Music Awards back in 2001. And we can't believe how tiny she looks in comparison to him!

Shaq janet jackson pictureShaq janet jackson picture
Vince Bucci/AFP via Getty Images

However, the musician is only 5'3", so to be fair, she would look short standing next to a lot of people. Right? But having her next to Shaq is a whole different ball game. The athlete recently revealed on a podcast that he once made an ex uncomfortable when he was asked to join Jackson on that stage. Consider us intrigued.

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Give Us That Smile Jay!

Shades on and looking down at one of the most talented rappers in the world! Jay-Z is looking miniature compared to the massive former Lakers star, but Hova is actually 6'1"! Yet even though he might be tall for us regular folks, he's still a shorty to Shaq.

Shaq Jay-Z PictureShaq Jay-Z Picture
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images for Fanatics

In fact, the two go way back. In 1996, Jay dropped a verse on Shaq's third rap album, You Can't Stop The Reign. And apparently, it took the artist only five minutes to complete. Shaq even has a Jay-Z lyric tatted on his arm: "Don't compare me to nobody. I'd rather not be mentioned. I'm offended."

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When Worlds Collide

During the height of all their careers, in 2003, this photo just made a lot of sense. Posing for the camera at the NBA Read To Achieve Celebration in February of 2003, Shaq, Yao Ming, and Christina Aguilera smile big - though the popstar is looking real small!

Shaq Tall Xtina ThrowbackShaq Tall Xtina Throwback
Getty Images via Freelance Photographer

The international superstar singer Christina Aguilera is known for being relatively petite, standing at 5'1". So next to two of the tallest NBA players of all time, she is looking especially tiny! We wonder if the Lakers ever bumped Christina Aguilera in the locker room before a game?

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The Dynamic Duo

Regarded as one of the greatest duos of all time, Shaq and Kobe Bryant, there was nothing like watching these two dominate the court side by side. Back in the old days, when Kobe rocked the number eight, he still looked up to number 34, even at 6'4" inches.

Shaq Kobe Bryant ThrowbackShaq Kobe Bryant Throwback

During a memorial for Kobe Bryant at the Staples Center in 2020, the former Lakers player expressed his love for his fellow athlete, saying, "Mamba, you were taken away from us way too soon. The next chapter of your life was just beginning, but now it's time for us to continue your legacy." Well said.

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That ’90s Groove

An iconic shot pictured from the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards, Whoopi Goldberg is standing next to Shaquille O'Neal and Lauryn Hill as the three flash a big smile for the camera. We can immediately tell this is the '90s - look at everyone's outfits, specifically Shaq's matching suit and hat!

Shaq Lauryn Hill ThrowbackShaq Lauryn Hill Throwback
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc via Getty Images

Ms. Lauryn Hill is already a shorty, coming in at 5'2" - and so is Goldberg, who is only three inches taller than the musician. So the both of them look extra short standing next to the 7'1" friendly giant. What an iconic trio, though! But our trip down memory lane is just getting started…

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Hollaback Boy

So much happened at the MTV Video Music Awards back in the day. And looks like Shaq was a frequent attendee and presenter! The iconic award ceremony went down every year to honor some of the hottest names in Hollywood. And although the athlete might not have won any MTV awards, he has plenty of MVP awards.

Shaq Gwen Funny ThrowbackShaq Gwen Funny Throwback
R. Diamond/WireImage via Getty Images

In this iconic shot, Shaq is smiling down at Gwen Stefani as he presents to her the Best Group Pop Award for 2004 for the hit track, It's My Life. The 5'5" powerhouse of a singer can be seen accepting the award from Shaq on behalf of the rock band No Doubt as she barely reaches the athlete's belly button!

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Popstars Meet NBA

Talk about a throwback. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey started dating in the late '90s and were married in 2002 before calling it quits in 2005. But looks like before the former pop couple officially called it quits, they hung out with the NBA legend at Shaqtacular VIII.

Shaq Viral Picture FunnyShaq Viral Picture Funny
 Jeffrey Mayer via Getty Images

The pop star looks teeny tiny next to Shaq, at only 5'2" inches, while on the other side of the former athlete, the former 98 Degrees pop star comes in at 5'7". However, the three were clearly all smiles at Shaqtacular VIII - Athletes & Entertainers for Kids back in 2003.

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Where’s Shaq? (Part II)

Well, this must happen more often than not for someone who comes in at over seven feet tall! The hilarious photo shows Shaq hugging the famous DJ, but we can only see his massive hands. "Saw my good friend @steveaoki today #truelegend," he captioned the photo.

Shaq Steve Aoki InstagramShaq Steve Aoki Instagram
Instagram via @shaq

The comments section popped off with fans dying over the hilarious photo. There were many "hahaha's" coming from the crowd, with one user commenting that Shaq is "Too big for the photo, lol." Considering Aoki is 5'9" and comes in well under his armpit, yes, he is way too big for the photo!

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Dear Mr. President

President Barack Obama and Shaq are all laughs as they are photographed during the White House Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn during Obama's presidency in 2016. Although Obama is 6'1", it looks like the two are measuring their arm length. And well, Shaq's arm span is slightly longer than the former president's.

Shaq Obama Easter PictureShaq Obama Easter Picture
Olivier Douliery-Pool via Getty Images

It looks like these two go way back here - and as it turns out, they do (kind of). The former president even called his cell phone directly once, to which Shaq asked, "Mr. Obama, how'd you get my number?" and Obama responded, "C'mon, Shaq, I'm the president." We love the direct honesty, Mr. Obama.

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Hey, Neighbor

Shaq is serving style in this patterned suit jacket! The former NBA player is towering over the TV personality Niecy Nash as the two of them take on the theater at Madison Square Garden in 2019 for a WarnerMedia Upfront show. Nash looks like she's having the time of her life up there, though.

Shaq Next To Celebrities Shaq Next To Celebrities
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images for WarnerMedia

Niecy Nash is only 5'3", but those heels must give her three of four inches. However, her height still is in no comparison to Shaq's! The actress, best known for her time on Claws and Reno 911 and, of course, hosting Clean House back in the early 2000s, is actually neighbors with the former Laker player! Small world...

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