Tupac's Custom Ring Fetches $1M; New Leads in Unsolved Murder Case


| LAST UPDATE 07/26/2023

By Bernadette Forster
Tupac Shakur hip hop
mark peterson / Contributor via Getty Images

Tupac Shakur's custom gold, diamond, and ruby ring just got sold for a whopping $1 million at a New York auction, breaking all records. This isn't just any ring, it's the one he sported at the MTV Video Music Awards only nine days before he was tragically gunned down in Vegas.

This bling, designed by 'Pac himself, is now the most valuable hip-hop artifact ever sold, surpassing Sotheby's pre-sale estimate of between £200,000 and $300,000. It's a 14-Karat gold crown ring encrusted with diamonds and rubies, fit for a rap king. He designed it after reading Niccolo Machiavelli's political manifesto 'The Prince' during his time in prison. The ring bears the engraving 'Pac & Dada 1996,' shouting out his love for his girlfriend Kidada Jones. The legendary ring was offered up for auction by his godmother Yaasmyn Fula. This sale was part of a massive hip-hop auction to celebrate 50 years of the genre.

Tupack Shakur death ring
Archive Photos / Stringer via Getty Images
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But here's where things get real. The cops investigating Tupac's murder are now conducting forensic tests on several .40 caliber bullets found at former Crips gang member Keefe D's home. In the Netflix docuseries 'Unsolved, the Tupac and Biggie Murders', Keefe D confessed that his nephew Orlando 'Baby Lane' Anderson was the triggerman, and he was in the car when it happened. Las Vegas police recently raided this home looking for evidence connected to Tupac's death. They were hollering into bullhorns, "Come out with your hands up and your hands empty," as they rolled up in armored vehicles. They were seeking computers, laptops, and articles about Tupac and his death. The case remains unsolved nearly 30 years later, but this new evidence could finally shed some light on this dark mystery. The bullets found in the raid are being tested to see if they match those found in Tupac's body. Could this be the break the case needed? Only time will tell.

The legacy of Tupac Shakur lives on, not just in his music, but also in the endless theories and investigations surrounding his untimely death. As we remember his immense contribution to the West Coast hip-hop scene and his enduring feud with East Coast rappers, let's hope that these new developments bring us closer to justice.

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