Woman Discovers Favorite TV Actress is Actually Her Birth Mom


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Alexa Alves

When Lisa Wright was told surprising information about her life, she took the opportunity to find out as much about her past as she could. In the end, she fit the puzzle pieces together, and everything completely changed. This is her story.

It Was Fate

In 1964 when a young mother was forced to put her baby up for adoption, she never expected this story to play out the way it did. As Lynne saw it, her offspring was gone forever. But that's not exactly how the cookie crumbled.

Lisa Wright Adopted StoryLisa Wright Adopted Story
Facebook via Lisa Naomi Wright

Decades later, their paths would cross again. "As a mother, you never, ever, ever forget," Lynne reflected, seeing her daughter after all these years. "I was stunned — knocked off my feet," she exclaimed. From birth to a reunion 50+ years in the making, here is the story of a mother's love and a daughter's urge to find the truth.

Introducing Lynne

After more than 5 decades, Lynne, once a teen mom, now a grown adult, described her experience as "Mind-blowing." But, this monumental life happening wasn't the first time the Detroit local had all eyes on her. In fact, for years, she lived a life of fame and glory.

Lynne Moody Teen MomLynne Moody Teen Mom
Facebook via Lynne Moody

As a young girl in Michigan, Lynne Moody dreamed of getting out of town for as long as she could remember. But where did she want to go? The place with red carpets and glam, of course: Hollywood! After all, she was a determined aspiring actress. But, she was soon stunted by a harsh reality.

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Teenage Pregnancy

As she turned the ripe age of 18, Moody found out that she was pregnant. Now, this wasn't something the teen planned for in her fast-track to the big screen. Lynne was only a child herself; how could she manage taking care of a newborn? And more than that, how could she juggle parenthood and Hollywood?

Teenage Pregnancy Lynne MoodyTeenage Pregnancy Lynne Moody
Michael Ochs via Getty Images

There was no denying; the young girl was in way too deep to find a solution on her own. So, with her belly growing a tiny human inside, Moody confessed the truth to her parents. She asked for help but later learned to regret that decision. As far as they were concerned, Lynne's time of calling the shots was over.

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Pushed To Opt-In To Adoption

After a long and emotional pregnancy, knowing the fate of her child, on December 10, 1964, a baby girl was welcomed into the world. This typically calls for celebration; however, Lynne knew her parents wouldn't allow her to get attached. The young mother was overwhelmed with guilt.

Forced Adoption Lynne MoodyForced Adoption Lynne Moody
Amy Sussman/Invision/AP via Shutterstock

"They covered…my eyes so that I couldn't see her," Lynne recalled of the day she birthed her daughter. Her elders believed this was the "easy" way, but, as Moody remembered, "I could hear her cry…All I could say was, 'I'm sorry, baby.'" The new mom was heartbroken, but fate would eventually bring her baby back to her.

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Meet Lisa

The newborn that was whisked away was later adopted and named Lisa Wright. Her new family raised her in Los Angeles, where Lisa grew up surrounded by affection. And, in their home, there was never a moment where the young girl doubted how much care and support she had. That feeling has even lasted to this day.

Lisa Wright Adopted ChildLisa Wright Adopted Child
Instagram via @misterwright1

"[I] will never forget the woman who raised me and nurtured me," Lisa gushed, thinking of Naomi, the mother she grew to know from childhood. Her dad, Phil, was also a doting parent who valued family time above all else. In fact, the three of them formed a special tradition...

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A Fairytale Childhood

Every Wednesday, the Wright family would snuggle up on the couch to watch their favorite sitcom, That's My Mama. To them, it was "Our must-see TV." They spent loads of quality time together, watching the Lakers games and chatting up a storm every night. 

That's My Mama SitcomThat's My Mama Sitcom
Facebook via Lisa Naomi Wright

Life seemed to be cloud nine in the home until Naomi and Phil told Lisa that they needed to have an important conversation with her. Little Wright's life was about to be permanently altered. Would this new information change their relationships? Would Lisa still feel the same way about her parents? Only time would tell...

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"She Knew She Couldn't Take Care of You"

The truth soon came to fruition. Mr. and Mrs. Wright held their baby girl close and took deep breaths. With just one sentence, Lisa's life changed forever. "Your mommy loved you, but she was really young, and she knew she couldn't take care of you," the parents said as they choked back tears.

Lisa Wright Adoption StoryLisa Wright Adoption Story
Instagram via @misterwright1

Lisa was hit with reality: She was adopted. Before she could react, Naomi followed up with more of the story. "I wanted the baby so bad, and that's why your mom let me take care of you,'" she quickly explained. "You weren't abandoned. This was just the best thing for you." This information was all so confusing for young Lisa.

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Lisa Wanted To Know More

Although her adoptive parents could tell that this was a large pill for their daughter to swallow, they felt strongly about her right to know the truth. Lisa warranted answers, and the Wright's were convinced that beginning this conversation at that time would save their child from future uncertainty.

Adoption Search For TruthAdoption Search For Truth
Facebook via Lisa Naomi Wright

But, now more than ever before, Lisa had questions. Who were her biological parents? Where was she born? Did her "real" mom and dad know anything about her? Did they want to know her? All of the answers to these questions would take half a century to find explanations for.

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A Mini-Me Of Her Own

In the meantime, while searching for answers, Lisa's life went on to include many new experiences. She grew happy with her life as it was, but suddenly, she was rehashing her childhood all over again. Why? Because Lisa soon found herself in a new and unfamiliar situation.

Motherhood Lisa Moody Baby Motherhood Lisa Moody Baby
Instagram via @misterwright1

She had risen through the ranks at work to become an Accountant Executive, and soon, she became a mother herself! Lisa birthed a beautiful baby boy, and as reality hit that she now had to be the one providing answers, things changed. In a flash, the new mother would be brought back to her early days.

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Her Son Began Asking Questions

It had taken a total of 54 years for Lisa to find out the truth about her roots. And, if there was one thing she was going to make sure of, it was that her son would grow up knowing the whole story. So, as Nic began asking questions, Lisa started to break down her entire past for him.

Nic Wright Adoption QuestionsNic Wright Adoption Questions
Instagram via @lisanwright

But for a long time, Nic didn't know if his mom felt comfortable enough to tell him the answers. In addition, Lisa didn't necessarily have them. So, wanting to help, he suggested a way to find them. And luckily, it didn't really take much convincing...

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"I Wanted To Know What I Was Made Of"

"It was really by happen­stance," Lisa said, remembering how the moment came to be. Her son had suggested that she do a DNA test. So, on her birthday in 2018, Lisa took the plunge. She was finally ready to hear her truth and the best part? Her son was right by his side.

DNA Test 23andMe DiscoveryDNA Test 23andMe Discovery
Instagram via @lisanwright

"I just wanted to know what I was made of. I was interested in my DNA," Lisa revealed. Even though she yearned for the answers, she became overwhelmed with emotion now that she had the 23andMe test in her hands. With an encouraging smile from Nic, Lisa took a deep breath.

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Results Came Ringing

So many things were running through her mind. More than 5 decades of waiting was all going to be in her hands at the tap of a finger in no time. Was she really ready to find out the truth? Would her son think any differently about her, depending on what the results would say?

Huge Discovery DNA TestHuge Discovery DNA Test
Facebook via Lisa Naomi Wright

Suddenly, her phone jingled, and her heart skipped a beat. "I got an alert," Lisa recalled of the notification that shined across her phone. The long-awaited moment was finally here. She closed her eyes, sighed, and unlocked her phone. The answers loaded...

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Meet "Mr. Moody"

The explanations Lisa thought she would receive were hints to her heritage or a delve into her ethnic history. Maybe some clarity of her behind her genetic makeup, but what Lisa got was much, much more. *Gulp* Another deep breath and glance at Nic. "Your direct uncle is..."

Carlton Moody Biological FamilyCarlton Moody Biological Family
Facebook via Carlton Moody

Who was this person? Where did he live? Lisa sprinted to the computer to find out as fast as she could. Full of emotion, Lisa began writing a memo to "Mr. Carlton Moody." She furiously typed, "I would love to chat with you to see what all of this means..."

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Lisa Met Her Uncle

Knowing that it wasn't realistic to expect a response immediately, Lisa couldn't help but pace before the screen. But, minutes turned to hours, and the adopted woman's head began to hang. What if Carlton didn't reply? Would he even want to speak with her?

Lisa Wright Biological FamilyLisa Wright Biological Family
Facebook via Carlton Moody

What if he wasn't really her uncle? A day passed, and Lisa checked her inbox. To her immense surprise, she had a new message awaiting her! Carlton was interested in finding out more information as well, as he was confused about a 54-year-old outsider claiming that she was part of his family. So, the pair set up a phone call.

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A Dive Into The Past

Unsure of where to begin, neither alleged relative said anything at first. "Tell me about yourself," Mr. Moody said suddenly. Oh, where to start? "I told him that I was adopted as a baby...That my mother was very young and had come to Los Angeles because she wanted to make it in Hollywood."

Adoption Story New Revelations Adoption Story New Revelations
Facebook via Lisa Naomi Wright

"She knew she loved me but couldn't take care of me," Lisa began to explain about Lynne, her biological mom. But, "Before I could finish, he stopped me. I'm thinking, 'OK, here it comes. He's going to say don't ever call me again.'" But, what the man said next shocked Lisa to her core.

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"Lisa…You Are My Niece"

Instead, Lisa heard a gasp through the phone's receiver. It was as if Carlton had come to a realization. He recognized this story very clearly because it was the same as Lynne's - his sister! Lisa felt frantic; why wasn't he saying anything? Then, finally, Mr. Moody said: "Lisa…you are my niece."

Carlton Lynne Moody FamilyCarlton Lynne Moody Family
Instagram via @lisanwright

Her eyes widened, and she couldn't speak. The results rang true! "I'm in my office, sweating and crying," Wright remembered of the moving experience. Then, Carlton said the only thing that could have made the moment any better: "As of this minute, you are my favorite niece."

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Searching For Mom

Lisa's heart nearly jumped out of her chest. In just over a day, she not only had a name of a supposed relative but spoke to him on the phone and had her life story validated! All hope had been restored; the hunt was over! But, a moment of hesitation crossed Lisa's mind. 

Searching For Biological MotherSearching For Biological Mother
Facebook via Lisa Naomi Wright

Did her biological mom even want to meet her? *Gulp* She had one more question to ask of her uncle: Who was she? Carlton's voice echoed through the phone, and life began to play in slow motion. Could it be? Did she hear him right? The gears started to turn...

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That's My Mama!

"Wait a minute, I know that name," Lisa nearly yelled as she ran towards her computer. Her fingers danced across the keyboard as she typed in the name. *Oops, too fast, backspace, try again* All Lisa had to do was click search, and the answers to the past 54 years were hers.

Adoption Story Lynne MoodyAdoption Story Lynne Moody
J. Vespa/WireImage via Getty Images

"When her picture popped up, I almost wanted to cry," Lisa gushed with joy. The woman's hair, her smile, and most importantly, her eyes. "I grew up watching my mother on TV and didn't even know it," sure enough, Lynne Moody, the That's My Mama actress, was her true mother. 

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A Mother Always Knows

Lisa was beyond shocked. She couldn't believe that not only had she grown up watching Lynne on TV, but in a way, Mrs. Moody had been present throughout her life too! On a show called That's My Mama nonetheless! As Lisa and Carlton's phone call ended, more memorable moments were on their way.

That's My Mama StoryThat's My Mama Story
Facebook via Lisa Naomi Wright

In what felt like the blink of an eye, Linda's phone was ringing again. Did Carlton have another detail to share? Without thinking, she answered the phone call. "Hello?" The world paused. The moment had arrived. Lisa couldn't believe it, she was finally hearing that voice again, this time, right into her ear...

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"Yes, Sweetie"

"Is this my daughter?" the familiar voice on the other end of the receiver questioned. This was the exact moment Lisa had been waiting for. Her birth mother was speaking to her, finally! "Oh, my God, is this my mother?'" the excited woman asked as tears ran down her face.

Adoption Story Huge DiscoveryAdoption Story Huge Discovery
Instagram via @lisanwright

Then, as Lisa remembers, "She goes, 'Yes, sweetie, this is your mom.'" What an incredible moment this was! All of these years later, a mother and daughter were able to reconnect. "It was just the most indescribable feeling," the relieved offspring recalled.

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Lynne's Perspective

Hearing her daughter's voice on the other end of the phone after 54 years of uncertainty and wondering where she was, Lynne burst into tears as well. The last time she heard Lisa's voice was when she gave birth to her, and now, here she was, all grown up.

Lynne Moody Adoption StoryLynne Moody Adoption Story
Amy Sussman/Invision/AP via Shutterstock

In an incredible turn of events, Lisa took the plunge to find the answers to the massive questions about the gaps in her life and succeeded. "When I found out that she was my daughter, at that moment, it was like I was giving birth," Lynne recalled. "I lost my legs; I was on the floor in a fetal position, screaming and crying."

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"All I Did Was Try To Learn How To Live With It"

In reality, Ms. Moody was faced with the fact that the baby she was forced to give up for adoption had found her. "For 54 years, I had to learn how to deal with the fact that I had a daughter out there, not knowing if she was dead or alive," Lynne admitted. The newfound mother was emotional as ever.

Adoption Daughter Mother ReunionAdoption Daughter Mother Reunion
YouTube via Inside Edition

Throughout the past 5 decades, the Hollywood actress did her best to move forward as much as possible, but she could never get her baby girl out of mind. "As a mother, you never, ever forget," Moody explained. "During those 50+ years, all I did was try to learn how to live with it."

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Living in Los Angeles

"It's amazing what God has done for me," Lynne welled. To say that both women were overwhelmed with the recent revelations was an understatement. And the kicker? The mother and daughter had actually been much closer than they realized all along! Both women resided in the Los Angeles area, just miles apart.

Los Angeles Moody WrightLos Angeles Moody Wright
Amy Sussman/Invision/AP via Shutterstock

Only fate could have brought them back to one another. But was it time to meet face-to-face? "I was still nervous: I wasn't sure if she'd hate me, resent me, accept me, love me," the mother revealed. Nevertheless, Moody jumped in her car and headed towards the Wright home.

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Reunited At Last

As she pulled into the driveway of Lisa's home that day in 2018, Lynne jumped out of her car. "I was stunned — totally blown away and knocked off my feet," the mother recalled emotionally. She was standing right there in front of her, her baby girl. But she had since matured into a beautiful adult.

Mother Daughter Finally Reunited Mother Daughter Finally Reunited
Facebook via Lisa Naomi Wright

"For the first time in my life, I was able to say, 'Yes, honey, I am your mother,'" Lynne recalled as she reminisced about squeezing her daughter tight. They hugged and hugged, neither woman wanting to let go. The pair cried and laughed, stunned that the day had finally arrived for their worlds to collide.

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"I'm Looking At Somebody Who Looks Like Me"

The moment was nearly indescribable. "For the first time ever...I'm looking at somebody who looks like me," Lisa emotionally admitted. "I just could not believe it," she continued as she tried to wrap her mind around the fact that her favorite TV star was also her mom.

Biological Family Reunion MotherBiological Family Reunion Mother
Facebook via Lisa Naomi Wright

She wondered if her adoptive parents had known the truth all along. What if they sat her in front of That's My Mama to try to tell her the truth long ago? No matter, Lisa was thrilled to be able to look into her biological mother's eyes and see bits of herself. 

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Parent Number Two

Lisa had finally met her mother after 54 years, but what about her father? The emotional revelation of this new connection only brought about more questions. Did her dad want to meet her? Did he even know she existed? Maybe he already wrote off the idea of meeting her...

Meeting Biological Family MembersMeeting Biological Family Members
Instagram via @lisanwright

To Lisa's surprise, when she referred back to the 23andMe results to find out more information, the answers flowed. "First, it was my Mom. Now it's my Daddy, 4 sisters, a bunch of nieces and nephews!" Lisa said of her newfound family members. "We a whole movie!" she joked.

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The Moody's Went Viral

It wasn't long before Lisa was reunited with her father and got even more answers to her questions. She was embraced with open arms and felt showered in an abundance of love. Soon, their story found its way onto the interwebs and quickly began trending as viral news!

Going Viral Moody FamilyGoing Viral Moody Family
Instagram via @lisanwright

To say that the story captivated the masses is an understatement. People all across the world were enthralled with the Moody's story. From daily talk shows to fans worldwide, Lynne and Lisa's story became news nearly everyone in the LA area caught wind of. Even high-ranking celebs became invested in the situation.

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What Did The Wright's Think?

But, despite the love the newfound family members were getting from talk show hosts...something didn't sit right with Lisa. What did her adoptive parents think about all of this? Were they still happy with their decision to sit her down that day and start telling her the truth? Did the Wright's still feel the same way about Lisa?

Wright Family Adoption StoryWright Family Adoption Story
Facebook via Lisa Naomi Wright

Unfortunately, that's something Lisa, nor we will ever have the answers to because, in 2006 and 2010, her beloved adopted family passed away. Despite this being a sad part of this story, we can imagine that the parents watched over Lisa on her journey to find the truth, beaming with smiles from ear to ear.

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Mother-Daughter Bonding

Knowing this to be true in her heart, Lisa leaned in to creating relationships with her biological family. She had been assured that her mother and father still loved her, wanted a relationship with her, and were willing to learn alongside her what it means to be in each other's lives. This was all Lisa and Lynne could ever have asked for.

Family Bonding Biological ConnectionsFamily Bonding Biological Connections
Facebook via Lisa Naomi Wright

"The last year and a half has been mind-blowing," Moody recalled. "At 73, I'm experiencing a new world... and I couldn't be happier," she proclaimed. It was as if Lynne got a second chance to do motherhood all over again. And this time, she was going to do it her way and let her daughter know just how much she appreciated her.

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Miracles, Surprises, and Faith

As far as Lynne was concerned, being reunited with her daughter was a magical experience. When she was just a teenager at 18-year-old, she was given no choice but to give her baby up for adoption. Then 54 years later, that little girl walked back into her life in the most beautiful way.

Miracles Faith Family BondMiracles Faith Family Bond
Facebook via Lisa Naomi Wright

"Life is full of surprises sometimes, so hang in there no matter what your circumstances are," Lynne gushed. "Be open to miracles, be open to surprises, and keep the faith," she continued. In the end, her lifelong dream came true, to be reunited with her daughter. And, it seems that it was as all worth the wait!

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