Bad Bunny Talks Playing Marvel Superhero, 'El Muerto'


| LAST UPDATE 05/30/2022

By Zuzanna Krause
Bad Bunny Marvel Movie
Daniel Knighton via Getty Images

Bad Bunny has officially added superhero to his resume, and we can't wait to see him do his thing. The world's newest superhero, Bad Bunny, is starring in Marvel's latest film, El Muerto, as the lead superhero, El Muerto. According to the Latino music sensation, being "part of this [Marvel] family still feels like a dream." Bad Bunny is rocking GQ's June/July cover, where he opened up to audiences on what it was like scoring the role of his dreams. Here's what he had to say for himself.

The Puerto Rican reggaeton artist has become one of the most influential artists worldwide. With widely successful studio albums, countless awards, sold-out arena tours, and his style icon status, Bad Bunny is doing it all. In addition to his lead role alongside Brad Pitt in the 2022 action/thriller film Bullet Train, the Latin Trap artist has signed on to become Marvel's first Latinx superhero to lead a live-action film for the major franchise.

El Muerto Bad Bunny
 John Parra/WireImage via Getty Images
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El Muerto is expected to arrive in January 2024, where Bad Bunny will be playing El Muerto himself. Marvel's latest superhero, El Muerto, is a wrestler whose mask and superpowers are handed down from generation to generation. Each inheritor of the assigned role has to prove themselves worthy to El Dorado, the oppressor, to stay alive and hold their superpowers. Bad Bunny feels connected to the role as a wrestler already, as he told GQ. "I grew up watching wrestling... This role is perfect, and I know El Muerto is going to be epic." The future El Muerto is no stranger to the wrestling world, as he made an official debut at WrestleMania in the ring last year shortly after he took home the Grammy for YHLQMDLG. Just like a superhero, he really can do it all...

Bad Bunny opened up to GQ about the carrying the weight of being the first Latino Marvel superhero, saying, "Maybe, for some people, it's different in that the higher they go, the less pressure they feel, because maybe they're confident that everything they do will be a success," he said. "But I'm the opposite—the more I acquire an audience, the more I go up, the more pressure I feel to keep going. Sometimes, I can't sleep thinking about that. I go days without sleeping." The 28-year-old continued, "I think people are gonna be proud about my work." And yes, we already are! Stay tuned.

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