The 14 Best Movies Of 2022, So Far...


| LAST UPDATE 08/23/2022

By Alexa Alves
Best Movies Of 2022

Aaaah, this year has been a string of superb releases on all our favorite streaming platforms – be it Netflix, Prime VideoX or Disney+. This can be overwhelming because there’s so much to watch and you wouldn’t know where to start. Not to worry, because we love watching movies and even have more time for it (hurray for our jobs!). So, we’re bringing to you the best movies of the year, across all the platforms. Keep in mind, that these are the best movies of 2022 so far, but we still have 4 more months to go! So, bookmark this article, and stay tuned in as we keep updating it throughout the year.

Jackass Forever

To bring a series back from the dead is no joke. You need to be better than the first series, yet also maintain the relations with it so that you can invoke an action of binging from the first movie. Jackass Forever succeeds fully in this regard. The original cast of Jackass is back to rock you off your seats with laughter, as they push the limits of comedy by taking a more absurd and dangerous route. Starring Johnny Knoxville, Steve O, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Jason "Wee Man" Acuña and Danger Ehren, it's the most hilarious form of themselves yet.


Austin Butler and Baz Luhrmann deliver an energy-packed recreation of the life of the King of Rock, Elvis Presley in Elvis. We get to see the story behind the .an as we know him - his enigmatic manager Colonel Tom Parker who navigated his career through the changing scenes of the American music culture. Involved in the story is a woman who could be considered one of the most influential people in his life, Priscilla Presley. Take the music, the flashy life, the confusion - each aspect of the movie is perfectly delivered. If we had to make a list of improvements we would like in the movie, that list would be blank now and forever.

Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun is a movie that is a cornerstone of the American Dream - every child watching this movie can be certain that even the sky isn't the limit to what you can achieve. Top Gun: Maverick is a revival of this iconic movie in a wilder, more enthusiastic fashion. Maverick, played by Tom Cruise, is in a role he never expected to find himself - teaching new graduates for a specialized mission that is a first in the history of the Top Gun academy. It is by chance that the son of his best friend Lt. Bradshaw aka "Goose" is also part of the mission. As they approach the deadline, Maverick must deal with his demons and find a way to successfully complete them, no matter the cost.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Michelle Yeoh leads the performance of Everything Everywhere All at Once, and her performance alone is worthy enough for us to think this movie is one of the best movies of the year. An interdimensional rupture gives Evelyn Wang new powers, which she must understand and channel to save the world as we know it from the dangers that entered when the rupture occurred. While the movie sounds serious, it has wildly wonderful comedic elements and you might just end up crying. The movie gives you everything it's got, right from the get-go. 

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Directed and produced by Jordan Peele, Nope is one of those movies where the movie may seem like it's going one way but delivers a pleasant surprise by doing something else. OJ and Emerald Haywood are siblings who run a Californian horse ranch, where life is as predictable as can be. When they discover something dangerous but beautiful lurking in the skies above them, they're not sure whether they should be worried or appreciative. But Ricky “Jupe" Park knows what to do - he is out to make a profit out of this phenomenon.  With 135 minutes of brimming tension, this movie is beautifully captured and the cast delivers superb performances. This is a movie you will come back to again and again and again.

Turning Red

Turning Red is a movie for the entire family to watch because whether you're a child or an adult, we've all faced the questions that the main protagonist asks herself every day. Torn between her desire to be completely free to discover her passions and her need to make her mother happy, Mei isn't having an easy time as a kid. Throw into this mixture a tendency to turn into a giant red panda when she gets too excited, and this teenager's life couldn't get more difficult even if she tries.


Experience the birth of the Predator – the elite extraterrestrial hunter who has a place in the Hollywood genre of space horror and adventure. Set in a time almost 300 years ago in the Comanche Nation, PREY focuses on Naru, who is out to prove herself as a skilled hunter. But her adventures end up positioning her in the crosshairs of the Predator, and her tribe. This is a prequel done right – complete with bloodthirsty, adrenaline-fueled sequences that are just as good, if not better, than the original. Undoubtedly, one of the best movies of this year.

The Northman

Alexander Skarsgård and Nicole Kidman lead the star cast of The Northman, which also includes popular names like Ethan Hawke and Anya Taylor-Joy. Building on the life of Prince Amleth, who finds his family torn apart by his uncle when his father is murdered, and his mother kidnapped. Cast aside o die, he comes back as a Viking with only one goal – saves his mother and brutally kills his uncle. There’s something beautiful about the brutality of vengeance captured onscreen, which is oddly captivating.

The Batman

We all thought the Batman we knew on screen would end with Christian Bale, until Robert Pattinson came along and showed us that the perfect Batman could still exist. A movie shot in dark environments to completely match the air of The Batman, this movie is the most ambitious of representations yet. A new killer haunts Gotham City – one with sadistic nature and who can only be found when you decipher the cryptic messages, he leaves behind at the crime scenes. But when no one can solve this case, Lt. James Gordon calls on the one man who does not need to follow the rules to save the city from the corruption that plagues it.

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The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is aptly described as an action-comedy where Nicholas Cage plays the role of Nicholas Cage. Under immediate financial ruin, he must find a way to tap into his creative juices to pick himself back up again. The opportunity presents itself when he is invited to the birthday party of a superfan who has offered him $1 million. But this news doesn’t stay low for too long when the CIA recruit Cage to help take down this superfan, who is more dangerous than he seems. While the premise may seem old, the movie is incredibly hard to resist 10 minutes into it.

The Black Phone

Ethan Hawke succeeds in creating an atmosphere of fear for nearly two hours as the Grabber, the evil antagonist on whom The Black Phone is based. Finney is abducted by the Grabber and put into a room in the basement where no one can hear him. But Finney soon finds help and comfort from the unlikeliest of places – a disconnected phone that lets him speak to the previous victims of the Grabber. With their help, he must find a way to escape the Grabber and turns into the menacing predator he was to his previous victims.


Adam Sandler comes to us in a different form than we normally see him onscreen – the funny man who everyone enjoys watching. Hustle has him exploring new territory as Stanley Sugerman, a crazed but tired basketball scout for the Philadelphia 76ers. As his ambition of becoming a coach is on its last legs, he comes across an undiscovered gem in Bo Cruz – a street basketball player who could be the next big thing in the sport if he could find the right guidance away from his troubled past. Putting every last bit on the line, he must find a way to tap into Bo’s potential to redeem both of them.  

Bullet Train

Featuring the star cast of Brad Pitt, Joey King and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bullet Train revolves around the unluck life of Ladybug (played by Brad Pitt), an assassin who just can’t seem to get a single gig complete in a peaceful way. When he finally thinks things are going the way he wants, fate doesn’t let it stay that way for long - his target is also pursued by other adversaries who have everything he doesn’t. All this is set inside the world’s fastest train in Japan – how will it all end?


With elements of horror and mystery, X is a movie that will have you gripping the edges of your seat till the very end. Maxine, Jenna and Bobby-Lynne want to get famous and find their way into Hollywood, and the only way they can think of is? Make an adult film in the rural outskirts of Texas. But when the aged owners of the location find out what the actors are up to, the cast is in for a horrific surprise as they fight to save themselves from the couple. This is a horror movie with the horror formula played out perfectly.

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