‘Cypress Hill: Insane in the Brain’ Official Trailer Drops


| LAST UPDATE 04/06/2022

By Zuzanna Krause
Cyprus hill music documentary
Steve Eichner / Contributor via Getty Images

Hip-hop group legend, Cypress Hill, is making its way to the small screen in Showtime's upcoming music documentary. Known as one of the main founders of West Coast and 1990s hip-hop, the influential group revolutionized the genre and how we hear it today. Here's what to expect.

Hailing from South Gate, California, the documentary Cypress Hill: Insane in the Brain will follow the four influential artists, B Real, DJ Muggs, Sen Dog, and Eric "Bobo" Correa, and their come-up in the music industry. The film will feature the group that "went beyond hip" and explore the cultural transformation in the music biz through their sound and tight brotherhood. Inspired by their Latin roots and upbringing on Avenue Cypress in Los Angeles, their music rocked the nation with their groundbreaking genre-defying sound. The doc will feature ample amounts of never-before-seen footage and images of band members, showcasing the tight brotherhood between the artists and how they are still influential and relevant over two decades later. The newly dropped trailer notes that Cypress Hill didn't intend to be the group behind the hip-hop revolution but rather looked to make some dope music, hang out with each other, put on dope concerts for their fans, and just roll through life. 

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The music documentary falls under Showtimes's Hip-Hop 50 initiative, which encompasses a combination of series, podcasts, features, and more to highlight some of hip-hop's most prestigious names in celebration of hip-hops 50th anniversary in 2023. Directed by photographer and filmmaker Estevan Oriol, the film apparently has been in the works for a few years, and the release will coincide with the group's newest album and tour, Back in Black, which is out now. Oriol is known for his work directing the doc film LA Originals, plus many music-related projects and music videos for some of the industry's finest.

Cypress Hill Music Documentary
Al Pereira via Getty Images/Michael Ochs Archives

Ultimately, Cypress Hill is one of the reasons the genre exists today, and with that, we thank them! Cypress Hill: Insane in the Brain is set to drop on April 20, 2022 - for all the true fans out there, so make sure to watch the trailer and get ready to get insane in the brain.

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