‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Makes History With the Most Wins


| LAST UPDATE 03/14/2023

By Bernadette Forster
EEAAO Oscars record 2023
Rodin Eckenroth / Stringer via Getty Images

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a revolutionary movie that has earned the title of most-awarded movie of all time, taking over the top spot from Peter Jackson's highly acclaimed The Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King, which had held its position since 2003. This ambitious fantasy produced and distributed by A24 has already accumulated an impressive number of 158 recognitions - surpassing more than double the amount won by Jackson's film with only 101 awards. Here's a look.

The film boasts captivating performances by Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Lee Curtis and Ke Huy Quan, who were also up for 11 nominations at this year's Academy Awards such as Best Picture, Best Director and two acting nods for both Yeoh and Curtis. Later on at the ceremony, Quan made history by becoming only the second Vietnam-born actor to receive an Oscar in 95 years. Meanwhile, Michelle Yeoh’s win was even more momentous - considering that she became one of two women of color to have won an Oscar for Best Actress on the same night as Halle Berry in 2002.

EEAAO oscar winners 2023
YouTube via A24
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At his speech on stage, Quan said, "Mom, I just won an Oscar!" prompting immediate responses across social media platforms; sparking jubilant celebrations within Asian American communities everywhere. Actor-director Jon Chu believes EEAAO's wins are more than awards - they are inspiring stories that validate talent and promote motivation among AAPI performers from around America. He expressed through a statement "An Oscar win for Michelle [...] validates her undeniable talent and will inspire AAPI performers around the country."

The Oscars evening marked yet another chance to acquire more honors into its record-breaking portfolio! With 158 acknowledgments already under its belt so far, this iconic film promises to deliver overwhelmingly gratifying moments yet again when tonight's results are announced! Fans eagerly await another groundbreaking achievement from what has already become a cinematic classic; paving its way into cinematic history with its creative concept and tremendous success! Stay tuned.

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