Issa Rae Is Bringing a New Show to Our Screens


| LAST UPDATE 08/12/2021

By Helena Yannis
Issa Rae New Series
Amanda Edwards / Contributor via Getty Images

Anyone else sad about the fact that Insecure Season 5 will be the hit series' final season? We feel ya. But luckily, we've got the perfect remedy to fill the hole in our hearts because Issa Rae is bringing a brand new show to our screens. Here are all of the details.

Insecure Finale, ending
Jeff Kravitz / Contributor via Getty Images

The Insecure star and creator has added another item to her extensive resume: producer of a new reality series titled Sweet Life: Los Angeles. The unscripted show will follow seven young Black women and men as they navigate personal and professional life in the City of Angels. But this is no average set of friends - these pals are quite the ambitious crew aiming to make it big time in L.A.

"We're looking at Black success, really," says one of the cast members in the newly-released trailer. We'll see the group navigate their ups and downs as they work hard to become homeowners, make that net worth grow, and find love in L.A. Get a peek into the coming action (and drama) above. So who exactly will be gracing our screens for the 10-episode reality series?

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Sweet Life Reality Series
Instagram via @cherlytempless

First, we've got Cheryl Des Vignes (fashion designer) and her longtime boyfriend Jerrold Smith II (marketing specialist), who are manifesting their millionaire dreams. Then there's Streetwear CEO Jordan Bently, entrepreneur Briana Jones, music manager P'Jae Compton, event planner Tylynn Burns, and PR consultant Amanda Scott.

Get ready because the show's coming soon... The series will premiere on HBO Max on August 19th.