Inside Juice WRLD's Long-Awaited HBO Max Documentary


| LAST UPDATE 12/07/2021

By Alexa Alves
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He might be gone, but his legacy is bound to live on forever: Juice WRLD's time in the industry truly went unmatched -and HBO Max is set to document just that. From the unseen footage to the release date, here's what we know about the late rapper's upcoming documentary.

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On Thursday, December 16, we'll be headed backstage as HBO Max walks us throughout the legendary life of the late artist. Titled, Into The Abyss, the docu-film will be highlighting exactly that - Juice WRLD's time on the inside. "When you’re a fan of this ****, you look at it from a certain perspective," the late rapper explains in the trailer (below). "But when you in it? You see it for what it really is."

Sure enough, the rapper's time in the industry called for so much more than fire collabs and certified-platinum tracks: Juice went where very few dared to go, breaking taboos in the process. From coming clean about his mental health battle to becoming a voice of the generation, the HBO doc will be covering it all. "I’m still happy I could change the world, but… It’s not what it looks like," the Lucid Dreams artist can be seen explaining in the promo.

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And, well, he wasn't wrong. Juice WRLD changed the name of hip-hop forever, inspiring others not to shy away from their emotions. "He was so good at articulating his feelings... it turned into so much beautiful art," a voiceover further explains in the doc's trailer.

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juice wrld hbo documentary
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No doubt, you don't want to miss this drop. Tune in on December 16 when Into the Abyss airs - exclusively on HBO Max. Until then, we've got lots other hot releases. From Juice's 2nd posthumous album, Fighting Demons (slated for a December 10 release date) to his posthumous single with Bieber, Wandered to LA, Juice WRLD's reign in the industry is far from over.

Stay tuned.