Kodak Black Calls Out 50 Cent & Tyler Perry for a Movie Cameo


| LAST UPDATE 03/30/2022

By Tiana Blanco
kodak black movie deal
Astrida Valigorsky / Contributor via Getty Images

In recent years quite a few hip-hop artists have started to branch out of their respective music fields and pursue different careers. From Snoop Dogg's cookbooks to Kanye West's Yeezy empire, rappers have proven to be skilled at more than just one thing. And now it looks like Kodak Black is also ready to try something new: the rapper recently admitted that he is trying to enter the film industry - and even has a plan in mind. Here's what Kodak said about his grand plans.

On March 29th, the Tunnel Vision artist shared with his 11.9 million Instagram followers his thoughts. Kodak claimed that he had already thought up some fascinating script material that he was ready to share. "I got movie ideas I wanna pitch to Tyler Perry or 50 Cent," he wrote on his IG Story. "If you know me and can see pass the internet antics, then you know that I'm really an intellectual young man, so with that being said, I have some VERY INTERESTING scripts." After dominating the music world with his creativity, we'd say Kodak has the potential to turn heads on the big on-screen.

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While his fans were supportive of his attempt at trying out a new career path, his request for a collab hasn't quite been accepted by either Fiddy or Perry. But the rapper continued holding on to the chance they may just accept. This all comes after the rapper had a different request. Recently, the multi-platinum selling artist asked for early termination from his supervised release. Currently, he is on probation since getting out of prison after Donald Trump pardoned the Super Gremlin rapper from his charges, in January 2021. But Trump still gave Kodak a remainder of 36 months of supervised release.

kodak black prison probation
Prince Williams / Contributor via Getty Images

In early March of this year, Kodak's lawyer submitted an official request by arguing he had a "stable community reintegration, progressive strides toward supervision objections, and no identifiable risk to the safety of any victim or the public." We guess we'll just have to wait and see if either one of his pleas gets accepted. In the meantime, we'll be peeping his IG story for any updates. Stay tuned.

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