29+ Prom Throwbacks of Our Favorite Celebrities


| LAST UPDATE 05/26/2022

By Tiana Blanco

From Jeremy Renner rocking a mullet to Paul Scheer sporting a gummi bear corsage, these stars sure knew how to make a statement at their senior dance. Here are some throwback snaps of Hollywood's finest at prom.

Matthew McConaughey

Way back when, before he was starring in Dazed and Confused as a high schooler trying to win over the ladies, Matthew McConaughey was getting all dressed up in a bow tie for his very own senior prom.

celebrity prom throwback picturescelebrity prom throwback pictures
Twitter via @leahkpickett

In 2014, this photo of the actor was spreading like wildfire on Twitter after one user shared the pic with all her followers. "My aunt's high school prom date just won an Oscar. Congrats, Matthew McConaughey!" wrote the excited fan, referring to the star's Best Actor award.

Kerry Washington

Whether it comes to her acting career or her high school days, it looks like Kerry Washington is an overachiever in many things. From appearing in many iconic films like Django Unchained to being the star of the hit series, Scandal, the actress sure can do it all.

prom throwback kerry washingtonprom throwback kerry washington
Instagram via @kerrywashington

Washington even attended multiple senior dances when she was a teenager. She shared with her Instagram followers an old picture from her good ol' days. "I'm throwin' it back… to prom! Well, one of 'em. I went to a few. Tee hee," the star captioned the post.

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Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani shared a throwback pic of her outfit at prom, and let's just say this Hollaback girl sure knew a thing or two about fashion - even way back during her teenage years. The blond bombshell rocked an elegant black off-the-shoulder dress that would probably still be worn today.

prom throwback gwen stefaniprom throwback gwen stefani
Instagram via @gwenstefani

"This is the dress me & my mom made when I was 17, inspired by Grace Kelly's dress in the movie Rear Window," the Rich Girl singer explained in her caption. We have no doubt her prom outfit turned heads that night! If only her classmates knew what a huge pop sensation she would later become.

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Tracee Ellis Ross

Even before she was gracing the small screen with her iconic role as Dr. Rainbow Johnson on the hit show, Black-Ish, Tracee Ellis Ross was outshining those around her. Or at least that's what we can only assume happened after seeing the look the star wore to her senior prom.

prom tracee ellis rossprom tracee ellis ross
Instagram via @traceeellisross

"18-year-old me in 1990 ready for my prom in this @giorgioarmani dress, bangles, and shoes," Ross captioned the throwback photo on her Instagram. It looks like her style has stayed with her through the years because up until today, she pulls out some fabulous red carpet looks.

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Paris Jackson

Being the child of the infamous King of Pop, Michael Jackson, means Paris Jackson probably always had eyes on her. And while we can't imagine what high school might have been like for this star, this picture does give us a better idea. With the dyed hair, it looks like Paris was just like any other regular teen.

prom throwback paris jacksonprom throwback paris jackson
Instagram via @parisjackson

In fact, the only reason why Paris's hair was that color was that her of her prom date's outfit. "Only true friends dye their hair to match their gal's prom gown," the Let Down artist revealed in her caption. Talk about commitment to color coordination!

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Lance Bass

It's safe to say that Lance Bass has excelled in many things. Not only was he a member of the iconic 90's boy band, NSYNC, but the artist also starred in the movie, On the Line, and he was even certified as a cosmonaut by NASA. Wow, talk about impressive.

prom throwback lance bassprom throwback lance bass
Twitter via @lancebass

Even his prom date was impressive. Bass attended the dance with none other than Boy Meets World star Danielle Fishel. And while the two may have huge smiles on their faces in the throwback pictures, Bass later confessed that the high school event wasn't so fun.

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John Stamos

It's without a doubt that John Stamos was turning heads back in the 80s. It looks like his infamous hair has always been luscious based on these old prom pics he shared with his followers. Many fans quickly filled the Instagram post with comments about his hair being #goals.

john stamos prom throwbackjohn stamos prom throwback
Instagram via @johnstamos

But many others decided to mention how the Full House star's date was also rocking a head of gorgeous locks! "I was actually looking at HER hair," one user commented - and honestly, we can't help but agree. If only these two would share their secrets...

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Elle Fanning

While Elle Fanning may have been in the industry since she was 12 years old, that never stopped her from doing the "normal" things that other kids her age were doing. And that included prom, which the actress attended back in 2016... but her experience may have been different than her peers.

elle fanning prom throwbackelle fanning prom throwback
Instagram via @ellefanning

Fanning was required to attend the Cannes Film Festival for her film The Neon Demon, but unfortunately, it was at the same time as her prom. Luckily for the actress, her date flew out just in time for them to take the iconic awkward prom pics. And she even got to wear her jaw-dropping Cannes gown for her prom.

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Tony Goldwyn

Ever since Tony Goldwyn starred in the 1986 film Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives he has been a Hollywood sensation. The star went on to portray many other roles in movies and shows such as Scandal, The Mechanic, and more. But before he found fame, he was a regular ol' hormonal teenager.

tony goldwyn prom throwbacktony goldwyn prom throwback
Instagram via @tonygoldwyn

But beyond his acting career, Goldwyn went on to become a political activist. So to try and get more 18-year-olds to vote during the 2020 election, he shared a TBT pic from his days at prom. At the time he was unable to vote since the legal age was 21, so he urged others to take advantage of their rights.

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Shailene Woodley

From The Fault In Our Stars to The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Shailene Woodley is no newbie when it comes to portraying teenagers in her various acting gigs. So obviously, in real life, she knew how to live it up like a regular teen, especially at prom.

shailene woodley prom throwbackshailene woodley prom throwback
Instagram via @shailenewoodley

As a throwback Instagram post, Woodley posted a photo from her time at the high school dance. "Don't front. I know you looked this comfortable at prom, too," she joked in the caption, referring to her very strappy outfit. But what she didn't mention on the post was who her date was…we guess we'll never know.

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Snoop Dogg

Believe it or not, Snoop Dogg's wife, Shante Taylor, was actually the rapper's prom date way back when! Through all of his fame and fortune, she has stuck by her man's side. Now we can see why the Drop It Like It's Hot artist is constantly showing Taylor off on his socials.

snoop dogg prom throwbacksnoop dogg prom throwback
Instagram via @snoopdogg

To celebrate their many years together, Snoop shared the throwback pic from the couple back in high school, "19. Years today @bosslady_ent Happy anniversary been a1 from day 1," he wrote under the image. "Thanks for my kids." Okay, we can't deny they are adorable.

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Bethenny Frankel

While RHONY fans may adore Bethenny Frankel, many of them have no idea what the reality TV star was like when she was a teenager. But luckily, she shared a throwback photo that gave fans a slight peek into her high school life of Frankel. And honestly, we expected nothing less.

prom throwback bethenny frankelprom throwback bethenny frankel
Instagram via @bethennyfrankel

Obviously, the founder of SkinnyGirl liquor brand wore a mega pink gown to the senior dance. "In honor of prom season, here's my #promtbt - who else rocked the 80s puff-sleeved prom dress look?!" she asked her followers on IG. We didn't... but looking at this pic, we almost wish we had.

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Jimmy Fallon

"My date didn't tell me she was getting a tan and high heels for the prom," Jimmy Fallon teased in his caption alongside this hilarious throwback photo. "Standing next to her, I looked so pale and so small," he said before including the prom fail hashtag.

prom throwback jimmy fallonprom throwback jimmy fallon
Instagram via @jimmyfallon

The comedian was probably taken aback when he saw his bombshell date for the first time. But luckily for us, Fallon wasn't shy about his prom look and openly shared the hilarious pictures with his fans. We have no doubts heads were turning when these two walked into the dance.

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Nick Kroll

Back when we were all stuck at home quarantined, Nick Kroll decided his fans may need to crack a smile, so he shared a throwback photo of himself from his prom night. But that wasn't all - there was also a story that went along with it, which the comedian included in the caption.

nick kroll prom throwbacknick kroll prom throwback
Twitter via @nickkroll

"After the prom, I got a group of friends to go see Jazz in NYC. Shoulder-length hair and a love of live jazz? Shocked I didn't get laid in high school," Kroll said. "Tatyana graduated the year before and was nice enough to come back and be my date..." He ended with a grinning emoji - and we think we know what he meant by that...

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Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan may have played the  "small town, down-to-earth girl" on Disney's spin-off Suite Life on Deck, but outside of the set, she was just a regular teenager who loved a good party! And based on this throwback photo from her prom night, it seems like she also loved to get down and dance.

prom throwback debby ryanprom throwback debby ryan
Instagram via @debbyryan

Ryan captioned the grainy image with, "#tbt prom with my bestfriend. high school never ends with @emmgren." Wow, she seems like a fun friend to have. And we can't help but be happy that Ryan had her pal and also somewhat of a "normal" upbringing despite being a star.

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Harley Quinn Smith

As a youngster, Harley Quinn Smith was already appearing on screens in one of her famous father's films, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. And that was just the beginning of Kevin Smith's daughter's career - from then on, she went on to be cast in multiple other films.

lily rose depp promlily rose depp prom
Instagram via @thatkevinsmith

Kevin posted a pic of his daughter and her pal Lily Rose Depp, who also has a famous father (Johnny Depp), at their senior prom. And while the two gals smiled next to each other, Harley's dad ensured fans that they "had dates of course, but (ever on guard for thee) they were there strictly to chew bubble gum and squish Bratzis!"

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Michelle Obama

"Throwing it back to my 1982 prom night and this pink satin, polka-dotted dress," Michelle Obama wrote under the photo she shared for the "Prom Challenge" that was going around social media back in 2020. And based on her look, we can see she's been a classy lady since she was a teen.

prom throwback michelle obamaprom throwback michelle obama
Twitter via @MichelleObama

The former First Lady was rocking a satin champagne-colored gown, and for her photos, she had her date stand over her while she sat in a wicker chair. We can't help but enjoy seeing a glimpse of what Michelle was like in high school. Seems like she was powerful then and powerful now.

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Josh Duhamel

Before Josh Duhamel was starring in the Transformers franchise as Colonel William Lennox or before he landed his role on All My Children, the actor was just like us! Duhamel also roamed the high school halls and attended the infamous senior dance: prom.

josh duhamel prom throwbackjosh duhamel prom throwback
Twitter via @joshduhamel

To commemorate the good ol' days, the Hollywood star shared a TBT photo of himself on Twitter rocking a bow tie and suit. He captioned the picture, "The look a high school kid has before prom when he realizes he may see a real live girl naked for the 1st time." LOL.

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Porsha Williams

From the years 2012 to 2021, Porsha Williams graced fans with her presence on the reality TV show The Real Housewives of Atlanta. And luckily, she continued on with her very own show, Porsha's Family Matters, because honestly, fans can't get enough of the star!

prom throwback porsha williamsprom throwback porsha williams
Instagram via @porsha4real

But before her glamorous lifestyle, she was a regular gal in high school. She even gave us a sneak peek at what she was like back then with a throwback photo from her night at a prom. "Wow my cousin sent me this offline! #Prom 1998 Who scratched my date's face… he was cute lol." Looks like we'll just have to believe her.

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Tom Brady

Infamous football star Tom Brady has won 7 Superbowl championships during his career as an athlete. Through it, all his devoted fans stuck by his side, even through his short-lived retirement in 2022. But what they don't know about the legend is what he was like back in high school.

prom throwback tom bradyprom throwback tom brady
Instagram via @tombrady

That was until Brady posted an old picture of himself getting ready to head out to his prom. The 44-year-old looks snazzy in his black and white bow tie, and we're not the only ones who thought so. NBC Sports Boston reshared the image and wrote that the football star was "lookin' sharp."

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Candace Cameron Bure

Fans of Fuller House may already be familiar with the ever-lasting debate whether Candace Cameron Bure's character DJ Tanner should stick with "Team Steven" or "Team Matt." But it looks like the actress may be a bit biased towards which side she's on...

prom throwback full houseprom throwback full house
Instagram via @candacecbure

Or at least that's what fans assumed after she shared a throwback picture of her and Steve at their prom. "#TBT to my real-life senior prom with @scottweinger," she captioned the Instagram post. Yup, this really did happen (Awwwww.) Should DJ and Steve be together, or is this ancient history?"

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Kim Kardashian

From the day they were born, Kris Jenner and her daughters have been extremely close - so it comes as no surprise that the iconic momager made an appearance in Kim Kardashian's prom photos. But that wasn't entirely what fans were focused on when the SKIMS founder posted the throwback pic.

prom throwback kim kardashianprom throwback kim kardashian
Instagram via @kkwfragrance

Instead, it was getting to see a glimpse of what the reality TV star looked like way before all the glitz and the glam that came with living a famous lifestyle. And honestly, we can't help but think she looks pretty much the same! Both her and Kris... we wonder what their secret is.

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Storm Reid

Euphoria star, Storm Reid, didn't just play a high schooler on the hit HBO show, but she really was a teenager in school when she filmed the show! Back in 2019, she even got to attend the highly anticipated senior prom, and let's just say fans were loving her look.

prom throwback storm reidprom throwback storm reid
Instagram via @stormreid

With her dreamy pink dress and the sparkly face jewels *shocker,* it looked like Reid knew how to do prom, both with the fashion and the fun. "Lifetime memories," she wrote in the caption of her Instagram picture. "Thank you, @SayeedShahidi, for making 4.13.19 unforgettable."

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Gigi Hadid

Almost a decade ago, Gigi Hadid was headed to her senior prom dance - and in true 2013 fashion, the model created a photo collage of all the fun pictures she and her friends took throughout the night. And in our opinion, it looks like she knows how to strike a pose well before becoming a supermodel.

prom throwback gigi hadidprom throwback gigi hadid
Twitter via @GiGiHadid

Yet it seems hard to imagine that these photos are 10 years old as she looked nearly the exact same today. And she's not the only one who hasn't aged because her younger sister Bella Hadid also makes an appearance in the photos, and she too hasn't changed a bit. How do they do it?

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Paul Scheer

Many may remember the "Prom challenge" that took over the internet back in 2020. But for those who don't, let's take a look at how Paul Scheer was a part of the trend. The comedian took it upon himself to share a throwback photo of his days at the prom.

prom throwback paul scheerprom throwback paul scheer
Instagram via @paulscheer

"Did I rock a Gummi Bear Corsage for my High School prom? You're damn straight I did," Scheer joked in the caption of the picture of himself and his date. She also seemed to have the right idea with the color pink dress and bright red corsage. We wonder if they planned the colorful outfits...

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Jeremy Renner

Rocking a mullet and a full white suit, Jeremy Renner sure did pull out an interesting look for his night at prom. But it doesn't seem like that actor was too fond of his outfit. "Well glad this tux was a rental," he teased in the caption of the photo he posted on Twitter. 

prom throwback jeremy rennerprom throwback jeremy renner
Twitter via @JeremyRenner

If only that young high schoolboy knew that one day he would be winning not just one - but two Oscars for his talented acting skills! And, of course, starring in some of Hollywood's biggest films - including Captain America, Avengers: End Game, Wind River, and more.

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Terry Crews

We can't lie, it took us a minute to realize that the boy in this picture is Terry Crews! He looks so different compared to his strong build we have come to know after seeing him in many films and TV shows like White Chicks, Brooklyn 99, Everybody Hates Chris, and more.

prom throwback terry crewsprom throwback terry crews
Twitter via @terrycrews

And based on the former NFL player's caption, Crews was well aware of how much he has changed since he was a teenager, "Me and my date at my prom, Flint Academy 1986! (I finally grew into my hands and feet!)," he teased on Twitter after sharing the throwback picture.

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Lourdes Leon

Okay, okay, so maybe this isn't a throwback of Madonna's time at prom, but it may as well be because her daughter Lourdes Leon looks like a carbon copy of the Queen of Pop. But beyond her looks, it seems like the teenager was having a blast with her gal pals at the senior dance.

prom throwback celeb madonnaprom throwback celeb madonna
Instagram via @madonna

But don't just take our word for it. "Pre prom turn up!" the Material Girl singer captioned the photo she shared of her daughter on Instagram back in 2014. And honestly, we have no doubt that Lourdes partied the night away in true Madonna fashion. Like mother, like daughter!

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Jaden Smith

Thanks to his father's fame, Jaden Smith has been in the public eye for nearly his entire life. From parties to album releases, the artist constantly shares updates with his social media followers. So things were no different when it came to his senior prom photos.

prom throwback jaden smithprom throwback jaden smith
Twitter via @jaden

"We Went To Prom, This Picture Describes The Experience," Jaden vaguely captioned the Twitter pic. And while we honestly can't pinpoint exactly how the artist and his date's experience at the dance was, we're gonna assume they had a good time... or at least we hope they did.

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Ellen Degeneres

To commemorate the 2020 Nation prom Day, Ellen DeGeneres decided to so gracefully share a throwback photo of her time at the dance with her 118 million Instagram followers. We can't lie, the comedian looks nearly unrecognizable compared to her now-infamous short hair.

prom throwback ellen degeneresprom throwback ellen degeneres
Instagram via @theellenshow

But Degeneres wasn't too focused on how her locks looked - instead it was more about the dress she chose. "If your prom was supposed to be this weekend, I wanna see your gorgeous prom outfits. This was mine, so the bar is low," she hilariously wrote in the caption.

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