AI Track With Drake and The Weeknd's Vocals Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 04/17/2023

By Bernadette Forster
David Wolff - Patrick / Contributor via Getty Images
Drake Weeknd AI track

Fans are buzzing about the AI-generated track featuring Drizzy Drake and The Weeknd that's taken over the internet. The jam, called Heart on My Sleeve, dropped last weekend and quickly went viral on TikTok and Twitter with people hyped about it. But there's more to this story than just some dope beats and bars. Some say it could be a publicity stunt for a start-up tech firm.

Laylo, the start-up in question, is all about helping creators blow up their followers and subscribers. They might be behind this genius marketing stunt. Mitchell Cohen from AppSumo thinks the same, stating, "Not by Drake, but by a SaaS startup." Cohen traced the origin of the track to a TikTok account, @ghostwriter977, that recently dropped an AI version of Drizzy covering Colbie Caillat's Bubbly from 2007. The account claimed that there was a full version of the track on their website, but to get it, peeps had to give up some personal details. That website linked to Laylo, making people go even more wild with speculation.

Drake Weeknd Heart Sleeve
Ollie Millington / Contributor via Getty Images
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While some think that Drake and The Weeknd might've jumped in on the action, Cohen thinks otherwise. He's confident that the Canadian icons wouldn't release a track with someone who isn't of the same calibre as The Weeknd. So, all signs point to a marketing move by Laylo. Regardless of where Heart on My Sleeve came from, fans believe it's an absolute banger. The beat is heavy on bass and starts with a Young Metro intro. Then, we have Drizzy doing his thing and The Weeknd jumping in with his distinctive voice. The whole thing is AI-generated – out of this world!

The fact that this track sounds like it was made by actual artists is wild. It shows the potential of AI to create some serious heat in the music industry. This future is mad exciting, and even though some people question the authenticity of AI-generated music, we can't deny that it's gonna be a game-changer. So, we don't know for sure if Laylo created this track as a marketing stunt, but what we do know is that they're all about helping creators get to the top. That's real, and it's giving us hope that we'll see more of this kind of energy in the music industry.

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