Jack Harlows' ‘First Class’ Brings Him Full Circle


| LAST UPDATE 04/17/2022

By Zuzanna Krause
Jack Harlow First Class
Scott Dudelson via Getty Images

We've all heard his name once or twice by this point, whether through scrolling on TikTok or watching his recent Grammy performance. 24-year-old rapper, Jack Harlow, has made his way into the powerful rap game, and he's here to stay.

The rapper's latest single, 'First Class,' recently dropped and is exploding over the web due to its popularity on TikTok even before the song was fully released. TikTok produced over 50,000 videos using just 13 seconds of the track in less than a week. Harlow has one of the queens of pop, Fergie, to thank for that. Why? Well, the singer sampled the legendary hit, Glamorous, and according to the rapper himself, this drop was brewing for a while. "I grew up loving Fergie, like she literally inspired me," the rapper said at this year's Kids' Choice Awards. "When I was in 5th grade, I tried to perform 'Fergalicious' at the talent show," he said. "I have, like, a strong artistic connection to Fergie. I've been wanting to do that for a while, and it just came together, and I figured it's time." Considering his audience is very Gen Z, we're hoping those listening appreciate the artistry behind the 2006 legendary banger. 

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Fergie wasn't the only person who got some love on Harlow's latest single. Euphoria star, Angus Cloud, got a special shoutout from the Nail Tech singer. Harlow raps, "Can't lie, I'm on Angus Cloud nine." (Just like the rest of us are.) The rapper said, "I didn't even tell him. I just wanted to surprise him." So far, no word from Fezco, but we're hoping he thinks it is as dope as we do. 

Jack Harlow First Class
Rich Fury via Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Approaching the year "hungry" and "focused," Harlow manifested the success of First Class. "I'm about to drop a song this week that's gonna be nominated next year. Tunnel vision. Focused on the future," he told ET at the Grammys. First Class is Jack Harlow's second single from his upcoming album Come Home the Kids Miss You, scheduled to be released on May 6. Stay tuned.

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