Kendrick Returns to the Stage and Teases New Album


| LAST UPDATE 11/14/2021

By Alexa Alves
kendrick lamar album vegas
Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Coachella

He's never one to do things quietly - and his latest gig was no exception. After two years, Kendrick marked his return to the stage as he headlined this year's Day N Vegas Festival. From the nostalgic set to his words on an upcoming album, Lamar's show was a night to remember. Here's what went down.

kendrick lamar vegas album
Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

On Friday, November 12, the DAMN rapper had the crowd going wild as he headlined the Vegas music festival. And with good reason. After all, his gig was a long time coming: "It has been 365 days, times two, since I've seen you," Lamar addressed the audience. Safe to say, the set that followed saw the rapper making up for lost time...

kendrick TDE album updates
Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

From Humble to Poetic Justice, Lamar's 90-minute gig saw him bringing out all the classics. But that's not all he did. In honor of Section. 80's 10-year anniversary, the rapper kicked off the show by covering old-school gems like F***k Your Ethnicity and A.D.H.D - something his day ones, or "section babies," as Kendrick calls them, couldn't get enough of.

But perhaps our highlight of the night? The moment he wrapped up his set, leaving fans with lots to think about: "Vegas, till next time. And when I say next time, very soon," Lamar teased. Are you thinking what we're thinking? Was K-Dot hinting at an upcoming drop? While your guess is as good as ours, his farewell message was enough to get the online world talking.

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In case you forgot, it's been four years since Kendrick dropped his last album. Is #5 sooner than we realized? "There's beauty in completion. And always faith in the unknown... see you soon enough," the Oklama artist teased back in August of his final TDE album. Well, you heard it here first. Stay tuned as we keep up with this rhyming legend.