Khalid's 'Scenic Drive' Shows a "More Mature Version" of Him


| LAST UPDATE 12/09/2021

By Helena Yannis
Khalid Scenic Drive the Tape
Jackie Butler / Contributor via Getty Images

2022 is fast approaching which is great news cause that's when Khalid will bless our ears with a new album. Here's everything to know about the upcoming record and what we can expect from the iconic artist.

"[It's] one of those projects that I've been holding onto my heart for so long," Kahlid said of his recently-released Scenic Drive (The Tape) and the upcoming album. His new work will give listeners an "understanding of who I am as an adult. I've learned a lot about myself and who I am as a creative, and I feel like the collaborators that I worked with as well are adults that I respect," the 23-year-old explained. "When I listen to this project, it just sounds like a more mature version of myself." But music isn't the only thing the Location singer is focused on at the moment: he's also become the latest face of Coca-Cola.

And this partnership goes beyond selling bottles - Khalid is collaborating with the multi-billion dollar company in projects aimed at empowering BIPOC communities. "The thing that gravitated me to Coca-Cola for the platform that they're releasing, Real Magic, is being a Black creator, person of color, and just being an advocate for that support that actually is necessary - especially this day and age," he shared. "I'm all about inclusivity, spreading love, [and] spreading positivity."

Khalid Coca-Cola Campaign
Hutton Supancic / Contributor via Getty Images

The Real Magic campaign is part of the company's TikTok launch, which will celebrate the creativity of BIPOC TikTokers who are often overlooked. Back in June, the #BlackTikTokStrike took over social media as Black creators called out the app and its non-Black users for not giving credit where it's due to people of color. Coca-Cola hopes to uplift these online artists with the help of Khalid and his inspirational track, Open.

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And with the holidays fast approaching, Khalid is busy doing something for that, too (seriously, when does the guy sleep?). The award-winning artist partnered with the queen of Christmas music Mariah Carey and choirmaster Kirk Franklin on Fall in Love at Christmas. "They are legends," Khalid said of the singers. "Legends. Icons. So to be in that picture and to be a part of this amazing, beautiful song that's special and just embodies the holidays is something that I will forever be appreciative for as an artist myself."