Kid Cudi Teases "Surprises" During Rolling Loud Set


| LAST UPDATE 12/13/2021

By Alexa Alves
kid cudi rolling loud
Timothy Norris/WireImage/Getty Images

Mr. Rager is officially back. The Man on the Moon legend has had quite the journey - but he's just getting started. As a matter of fact, he's got loads more tricks up his sleeves. But don't take our word for it. Here's what the rapper recently revealed about his upcoming projects, slated for next year.

On Friday, December 10, Kid Cudi took to the big stage as Rolling Loud rolled out in L.A. But forget his time belting out old-school classics. Let's talk his time covering unfamiliar tracks: "I’m teasing all this stuff because, as you know, I have Entergalactic coming in the summer," the rapper nodded, before introducing several unreleased drops (below). "It’s coming out soon. So tonight, record this ****."

No surprise, it didn't take long to get that crowd (and us, of course) hyped up. As the rapper continued to give fans a glimpse of what to expect, he then went on to hit us with another announcement: "I wanna drop another album before [Entergalactic]," Cudi teased. "I got some tasty surprises and I really am excited about all this new ****, this new music to give to you guys." So are we, man.

kid cudi album Entergalactic
Timothy Norris/WireImage/Getty Images

In case you forgot, Entergalactic is set to make waves online when it hits our Netflix screens next summer. The animated series - which will be paired with an accompanying album - is going to be like nothing we've ever seen (or heard) before. "Wait til y’all hear and see Entergalactic. U have no idea," Cudi teased online back in September. "Everything about this... is next level. U'll see."

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Clearly, the best things in life are worth waiting for. Until then, though, Mr. Scott's got lots to keep you occupied. From his recent Amazon drop, A Man Named Scott to his time in the star-studded blockbuster, Don’t Look Up, the rapper - who also just welcomed his first gold solo album since 2013 - wasn't lying when he said he was going to the moon. And it's only up from there...

Stay tuned. You won't want to miss this one.