Lil Yachty Reveals Drama Over His Hit Track ‘Poland’


| LAST UPDATE 02/16/2023

By Bernadette Forster
Lil Yachty Poland Video
Prince Williams / Contributor via Getty Images

Lil Yachty created one of the biggest hits to take over 2022, but shockingly had no intention of ever releasing it. Now the rapper isn't holding back when it comes to expressing how he really feels about the track. Here's what he said.

He sat down with Apple Music's Zane Lowe this week to show off his incredible Let’s Start Here album, but what he spoke about shocked everyone—his hit F1lthy-produced single Poland! It turns out the success of the track vexed him so much that it made him completely P.O.'d! “I was pissed because I made Poland on a day when my team were mixing something else and I was stuck in another room getting bored," he said. Despite its wild popularity, our boy wasn't always planning on keeping it as part of his pivot into bigger things--he never would've dropped Poland otherwise…ever! “So I was really irritated when it dropped, but I’m so grateful it did. Like I said, I really don’t know what I do next. I don’t know if I’ma do this again or do more rap," he added.

Drake Lil Yachty collab
Prince Williams / Contributor via Getty Images
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The iconic warbling hook of Poland took the internet by storm, thanks to Quality Control rapper's AutoTune-laced bop! It quickly climbed up the Billboard Hot 100 and made it all way into Top 40. Over 24 million viewers already couldn't get enough of this mesmerizing music video directed by Lyrical Lemonade. Talk about an epic takeover! Yachty's hit song made it all the way to Poland, and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was so impressed he invited him over for a visit! Quality Control CEO Pee chatted with PM Morawiecki about getting Lil Boat out there asap. Turns out nothing like this has ever happened before; never before had a rapper been given such an honor from Her Majesty The Queen of Polska herself - super dope news!

Pee then had the genius idea of sending PMF's text to Lil Yachty, who was shook they even knew each other existed. After looking into it further, there was an "Oh s***" moment from Yachty himself. To top that off, a slew of rap giants like Drake and Wiz Khalifa have given their stamp of approval for this bop with Steve Lacy and Offset jamming along too!

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