Nicki Minaj Makes Spotify History With New Release


| LAST UPDATE 09/12/2022

By Kenzie Rose
Nicki Minaj Spotify Music
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

On August 13th, Nicki Minaj released her new song 'Super Freaky Girl.' Not long after the track drop, her latest hit became an overnight sensation, making a groundbreaking step in her career. Inspired by a 1980's hit, Minaj incorporated her own Barbie twist, creating a sound that would blow her fans' minds. She did exactly that.

It's only on the rare occasion where a 21st Century artist takes an old and gold hit, bringing it back into the charts with a modern interpretation. Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, famously known as Nicki Minaj, took the 1981 Rick James hit 'Super Freak' and remixed it to the max. After releasing her new song, 'Super Freaky Girl' on Spotify, the tune became a "historic launch." The new track gained over "three million first-day streams and also became the top new entry on the Spotify Global Chart, debuting at No. 13." While her fans favor typical Minaj hits like Anaconda, as well as more mellow tunes like Moment 4 Life, she perfectly intertwined her talent with this one. It seems like this could be Nicki's come-back year.

Nicki Minaj Spotify History
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic via Getty Images
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This busted rhymes blow-up has had hype before its release, teasing other upcoming trademarks in her career. Firstly, the success of Minaj's latest song "comes ahead of her anticipated performance at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards," where she will be honored as the "latest recipient of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award." Throwing more surprises one after the other, Minaj has also announced the return of her show Queen Radio through Amp, the newest live radio app created by Amazon. What else? While Nicki prefers to refer to herself as the Queen, she lives up to this royal status. Her new single didn't just break Spotify records. Still, Freaky Girl "experienced worldwide success on iTunes by claiming the No. 1 spot on the U.S. and Canada charts and entering the Top 100 in several other countries including Mexico, the U.K., and Australia." The song has seen such incredible results that the account @chartdata on Twitter credited Minaj as she has earnt "the biggest debut for a solo female rap song in Spotify history." Fans rushed to the comments, bowing down to Queen Nicki.

As Minaj continues to "reign as rap royalty," the pink wigged Harajuku Barbie has trademarked a personality like no other artist. She has stressed to her fans over Twitter, prior to the 2022 VMA's, to absolutely not miss her performance. There has never been a female rap artist quite like Nicki Minaj. After debuting her rap skills on's 'Check It Out', she was an opportunity that Young Money Entertainment could not miss out on.

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