Quavo Addresses Migos’ Future in New Song


| LAST UPDATE 02/28/2023

By Bernadette Forster
Quavo Migos Song Greatness
Instagram via @quavohuncho

We bring sad news to the Migos fans out there: Quavo's new track Greatness seems to imply that the Atlanta trio is coming to an end. In the song, he pays tribute to his fellow Migos rapper Takeoff, who famously passed away in a shooting last November. It's clear that this loss has deeply affected Quavo, and he acknowledges that things won't be the same without his friend. He even mentions taking care of Takeoff's mother in his lyrics. Here's a closer look.

The loss of Takeoff has undoubtedly been devastating for both Quavo and Offset, the third member of Migos. However, it is worth noting that this isn't the first time the group has disbanded. In fact, they previously went their separate ways due to beef between Quavo and Offset surrounding loyalty. Afterward, he and Takeoff rebranded as the rap duo Unc & Phew. Days following Takeoff's death, Quavo and Offset made a joint public appearance at a massive memorial held for their former bandmate at Atlanta's State Farm Arena. The two remaining members posted emotional messages about their fellow recording artist on the 'gram soon after.

takeoff death migos tribute
Instagram via @yrntakeoff
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Quavo's new song Greatness is not only a tribute to Takeoff but also an acknowledgment of Migos' impact on hip-hop culture. The group is known for hit songs such as Bad & BoujeeHandsome and Wealthy, and Hannah Montana. Their unique sound helped shape trap music into what it is today. At this year's 65th Grammy Awards ceremony, Quavo paid tribute to his late nephew by holding up Takeoff's bejeweled chain during his performance with Maverick City Music's portion of the in memoriam segment. Despite this poignant moment, there was drama behind the scenes when Set took to Twitter to address reports about a backstage altercation between him and Quavo. Now, Quavo hinted at their future in his latest track: "So don't ask about the group, he gone, we gone, young n*gga, it can't come back," he raps.

So it looks like Migos' reign might have finally reached its end. Fans will surely miss their iconic trap hits but are grateful for all they brought to hip-hop culture during their time together. While we don't know what lies ahead for Quavo or Offset individually or if they will continue making music together under a different name, we can only hope that they continue creating impactful music that resonates with fans worldwide... Stay tuned.

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