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29+ Rappers and Their Booking Fees, Ranked


| LAST UPDATE 03/02/2022

By Alexa Alves

Catching our favorite rappers in action is nice and all, but it doesn't come cheap. From 8,000% markups (yes, really) to 7-digit paydays, here's how much hip-hop's finest are cashing in from appearances.

39. DaniLeigh: $50,000

Only a few years back, Danileigh was a backup dancer for Pharell and Nelly Furtado. As the crowds cheered for the main artist, she wondered if she would ever be the headline act. After years of hard work and dedication, DaniLeigh is now having her moment in the spotlight.

DaniLeigh, Rapper, Booking, FeeDaniLeigh, Rapper, Booking, Fee
Erika Goldring via Getty Images

After being mentored by Prince himself and working alongside Lil Baby, Chris Brown, and G Eazy, DaniLeigh realizes her glowing resume speaks for itself. She knows her worth and, according to Main Stage Productions, that's up to $50,000. With this hefty performance price tag, she is certainly making up for lost time.

38. CJ: $50,000

This American rapper from New York, has found success in his home country and across the pond. His single Whoopty reached third place in the UK Singles Chart and earned him worldwide fame. CJ has famously claimed that his music is heavily influenced by artists such as 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Clan, and Pop Smoke.

CJ, rapper, booking, feeCJ, rapper, booking, fee
Thaddaeus McAdams via Getty Images

However, it seems this is not the only way he is following their lead. With a performance cost of $50,000, according to Main Stage Productions, he clearly aspires to also earn big bucks for his performances. He may not have their level of fame, but as Oprah Winfrey claims, “you get in life what you have the courage to ask for.”

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37. Rick Ross: $60,000

They don't call him The Boss for nothing. Rick Ross has been living large for years now, and his booking fee speaks to just that. Back in 2020, the rapper pocketed $60 racks after signing off on a concert gig. Well, or so he thought...

rick ross booking feesrick ross booking fees
Jamie McCarthy/Staff/Getty Images

According to Business Journal, the rapper was actually sued shortly after, with claims that he was a no-show at the St. Louis event. And while perhaps we'll never know what truly went down here, we do know that $60,000 for a club appearance is quite the party.

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36. Gunna: $60,000

Back in 2020, Gunna was set to receive a fat paycheck for performing his top tracks at the highly anticipated Super Bowl parties. The rapper made an appearance at the nightclub Studio 23 in Miami Beach, Florida. Based on TMZ, he earned $60,000 dollars for his show, where he sang his top tracks.

gunna features performance pricegunna features performance price
Josh Brasted / Contributor via Getty Images

But that wasn't all - the rapper was also pocketing another $60,000 for hosting a party at the Mirage. While these prices may sound extremely large, we can't imagine how much Gunna would get paid to appear at a club today, since he has recently become an even more sought-after artist.

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35. Tory Lanez: $75,000

Fargo will always be doing things his way. And that's exactly where his value comes into play. "I can take it to the top because this kid never let the millions of people on the internet tell him anything," he proudly explained. Perhaps that's why it won't be cheap getting this guy on stage.

tory lanez updates concerttory lanez updates concert
David Wolff/Patrick/Contributor via Getty Images

As BET revealed, the Say It rapper is charging about $75,000 for appearances. Is the number ringing a bell? That's also how much Lanez expects to get him in the studio. Whether we agree with the steep prices or not, we can't say he doesn't know how to hustle.

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34. Rico Nasty: $75,000

Born Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly, this American rapper rose to fame in 2018 with her popular singles "Smack a Bitch" and "Poppin." With this latter single title, it seems Rico Nasty was manifesting her future, as just four years later, and her bank account is sure to be poppin from her performance cost earnings.

Rico, Nasty, Booking, FeeRico, Nasty, Booking, Fee
JC Olivera via Getty Images

In 2021, Rico Nasty opened for Playboi Carti on his King Vamp Tour. At multiple locations on the tour, she was booed or had items thrown at her while she was performing. It's no surprise then that, according to Main Stage Productions, she won't get on stage for less than $75,000. For that price, she'll learn to handle the hate.

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33. Coi Leray: $75,000

She may have gotten her start on TikTok, but Leray's 15-minutes certainly don't end there. In fact, the breakout star is just getting started. "Don't be the person at home debating with their dusty… cousin if I'm hot or not, telling each other I won't make it," the No More Parties artist noted.

coi leray music versescoi leray music verses
Steven Ferdman/Contributor via Getty Images

Hot or not, the New Jersey native has certainly made her mark. So perhaps it doesn't come as a surprise that one will have to cough up the big bucks to be graced by her presence. According to Main Stage Productions, an A-list booking agency, the rapper is charging roughly $75k for appearances these days.

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32. Tierra Whack: $85,000

Tierra Whack built her rapping career from her love for rhyming, inspired as a child by Dr Seuss. So, as reported by Main Stage Productions, her weighty, eighty thousand dollar performance cost is to be expected! She released her debut studio album, Whack World, in May 2018 and received widespread praise.

Tierra, Whack, Booking, FeeTierra, Whack, Booking, Fee
Scott Dudelson via Getty Images

She was applauded for her creative album release approach. Each song was just a minute long and consecutively posted by the star on her Instagram alongside a short clip. For up to $85,000, we can expect Tierra to bring this level of originality to her performances as well, guaranteeing the ultimate concert experience.

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31. Gucci Mane: $100,000

With a name like Gucci, this baller is certainly living up to his reputation. The So Icy Boyz rapper has cemented a cool $14 million over the years - as CelebrityNetWorth estimated. And it seems a nice chunk of that change is actually coming from appearances.

gucci mane performance pricegucci mane performance price
Mark Horton/Contributor via Getty Images

That's right. As Main Stage Productions revealed, Gucci is pocketing 6-digits for his performances - about $100,000 per show. And while he may have a rep for showing up late to his gigs, we wouldn't mind catching Guwop in action. After all, good things take time.

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30. Lil Yachty: $100,000

Oprah, who? Yachty might be relatively new to the scene, but the Oprah's Bank Account rapper has done quite well for himself already. From his colorful presence to his catchy tunes, the artist knows how to turn heads. And it appears his time on stage is actually just as memorable.

lil yachty music newslil yachty music news
Prince Williams/Contributor via Getty Images

In fact, according to one SongKick user, Yachty's concert was "one of the best shows I've seen." While we can't speak on that one, we do know that his time wowing fans has paid off - in every sense of the word. As Forbes noted back in '17, the rapper was grossing about $100,000/show. We're just imagining what that number must look like today...

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29. T.I.: $100,000

It won't be cheap getting the King of the South off his throne. From record-breaking singles to reality tv, let's face it: T.I. is a busy man. So, just how much will it cost ya to see the rapper live in action? 6-digits, as Main Stage Productions estimated.

rapper booking fees T.I.rapper booking fees T.I.
Vivien Killilea/Stringer via Getty Images

According to the premier booking agency, TIP is charging up to $100,000 for an appearance. From his "going away party" before going to prison back in 2009, to his former Las Vegas residency, the Bring Em Out legend clearly knows how to put on a show.

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28. 24kGoldn: $100,000

If someone wanted to hire 24kGoldn to perform their next birthday party or special event, they should be ready to spend loads of money. The A LOT TO LOSE artist charges up to $100,000 dollars for making an appearance, based on reports by Main Stage Productions.

24kgoldn features booking price24kgoldn features booking price
Paras Griffin / Contributor via Getty Images

But we have no doubt that every single penny would be worth it. Or at least according to the rapper: "Performing is what I was born to do," he once noted. So we're gonna go ahead and guess that 24kGoldn would try and give the performance of a lifetime for his devoted fans.

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27. Jack Harlow: $100,000

Just a few years ago, Jack Harlow was an aspiring rapper performing in front of "probably 7 people in the crowd," as he reflected. "There was just this unspoken feeling of, 'Wow, this ***** is empty.'" Safe to say, a whole lot has changed since then.

jack harlow concert pricejack harlow concert price
Scott Legato/Contributor via Getty Images

Whether it's his multi-platinum status or millions of fans, the What's Poppin hitmaker has officially made it big. So much so, that Harlow is now earning roughly $100k for appearances, as Main Stage Productions estimated. Talk about a complete turnaround. We love to hear it.

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26. Young Dolph: $100,000

Back in November, hip-hop lost a real one after Dolph passed away in Memphis, Tennessee. But while his time may have been cut short, his legacy is bound to live on forever. Look no further than his former gigs, something that earned him 6-digit payouts.

young dolph music legacyyoung dolph music legacy
Paras Griffin/Contributor via Getty Images

According to Main Stage Productions, the late legend was earning up to $100,000 for his shows. And perhaps with good reason. "Dolph masterfully performed his boastful raps with a sort of power that only a veteran of the Dirty South could," one concert-goer perfectly noted.

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25. Lil Wayne: $110,000

$110,000 for a club appearance is already a nice chunk of change. But $110,000 for 15 minutes is G.O.A.T. status. Sure enough, that's exactly how much Wheezy was said to be pocketing back in 2015. Only that's not all the Young Money rapper was demanding.

lil wayne performance pricelil wayne performance price
Erika Goldring/Contributor via Getty Images

As TMZ had reported, Tunechi's booking fee also called for 2 security guards and a few extra treats on the house. And suddenly 15 minutes of fame never looked better. Given the years that have since passed, we can only wonder what he's charging these days...

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24. Kid Cudi: $110,000

As the saying goes, shoot for the stars and land on the moon. And this Man on the Moon has had a ride like no other. From his highs to his many lows, Cudi hasn't been shy about his struggles in the industry. But that's okay - in fact, he'll continue to do things his way.

kid cudi album performancekid cudi album performance
Scott Dudelson/Contributor via Getty Images

Whether he's sporting an Off-White dress on the SNL stage or signing autographs mid-concert, Cudi's antics are never one to be missed. "I want to be a disruptor, I want to [stir] **** up," he noted. And while Complex reported back in 2014 that he was pocketing $110,000/gig, we'd say his presence is priceless.

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23. Kodak Black: $123,000

According to TMZ, on February 28, 2017, Kodak Black signed a contract with Corey Minniefield that stated he was going to perform at a club. But unfortunately, that same day, the rapper was arrested for violating his probation. Despite changing the date that Kodak Black would appear, he never showed up to the event.

kodak black jail updateskodak black jail updates
John Parra / Contributor via Getty Images

It wouldn't have been a big deal if the Tunnel Vision artist hadn't cashed the $45,000 dollar check that Minniefield wrote. This led to Kodak being sued. But this actually wasn't the first time. Nicholas Fitts claimed he lost $123,000 booking Kodak for a show that he never made it to since he was behind bars.

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22. Iggy Azalea: $125,000

As she's reminded us before, cash rules everything around her: the Kream hitmaker has been making money moves for years now, and her booking fees are no exception. Love her or don't, it's going to cost the big bucks to get Iggy Azalea and her talents out on stage.

rappers concert price 2021rappers concert price 2021
Kevin Winter/MTV1415/Contributor via Getty Images

The rapper is said to charge up to $125,000 for appearances, as Main Stage Productions reported. But according to past concert-goers, she'll make every penny worth it. "Azalea performs with what can only be described as 'swagger,'' one impressed SongKick user noted.

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21. Big Sean: $130,000

Don Sean isn't shy when it comes to talking business. But forget the millions he claims 'Ye has yet to cough up - let's talk about those who have paid up to get the rapper behind the mic. Back in 2017, the University of Florida shelled out 6-figures for an appearance from the lyrical legend.

big sean music moneybig sean music money
Arik McArthur/Contributor via Getty Images

According to UF's student newspaper, The Alligator, Sean walked away with $130,000 for his time performing on campus. But if that seems like a lot, just remember he's only continued to climb the charts since then. In other words, there's a very good chance that number has since rocketed.

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20. Wizkid: $150,000

He might be known as the King of Afropop, but his reign is far from over. In fact, the Nigerian hitmaker has since made his presence known in the world of hip-hop. From his record-breaking single Essence to his critically acclaimed fourth album Made in Lagos - we'll be watching out for this guy.

wizkid rapper concert priceswizkid rapper concert prices
Joseph Okpako/Contributor via Getty Images

As several reports estimated, he's already asking six figures for appearances - a true testament to his rapid success. Yep. Not only does Wizkid charge $30 million Naira (about $150,000) to get on stage, but he's managed to break records in the process.

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19. Kevin Gates: $150,000

Kevin Gates knows how to put on a show - that is when he finally hops on stage. "He was 2 hours late for his own show. Which we heard was normal for him," one SongKick concert goer recalled. But don't worry - from the sounds of it, his gigs are worth every bit of the wait...

kevin gates performance costkevin gates performance cost
Scott Dudelson/Contributor via Getty Images

The baller's appearances have earned quite the rep for being nothing short of entertaining - start to finish. Perhaps that's why he's charging the big bucks to accomplish just that. According to Main Stage Productions, the 2 Phones rapper is charging up to $150,000 per show.

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18. Polo G: $150,000

He might be sitting on top of the charts, but Polo will never forget where he came from. And neither will his manager: "I remember the days when it was $5,000," his mother, Stacia Mac, recalled of G's booking fee. "We couldn't cover travel accommodations and were in the hole." Safe to say, a whole lot has changed since then.

polo g performance pricepolo g performance price
Michael Hickey/Contributor via Getty Images

"His fee is now $150,000," Mac proudly revealed. And the RAPSTAR artist worked every second to make those 6-digits a reality. "We arrived at his current fee with each of our successes... That's a fact. What you have to do is stand firm on your worth."

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17. Swae Lee: $150,000

He might have gone down in history for hosting a free Instagram Live concert during quarantine, but don't get it twisted: Swae is still all about the money moves. And rightfully so. As a matter of fact, it costs a lot of green to get the Rae Sremmurd rapper on stage.

swae lee music newsswae lee music news
Joseph Okpako/Contributor via Getty Images

As Main Stage Productions estimated, the No Type artist is already asking $150,000 per appearance. And according to the rapper himself, he's worth every penny: "I'm breaking all the rules [and] I'm breaking all the boundaries," the 28-year-old assured.

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16. 50 Cent: $150,000

Remember when Fiddy copped 200 front-row seats to Ja Rule's concert just so that it'd be empty? Of course we do, because, well, how could we not? But what we didn't know, was how much money was involved when it came to the In Da Club legend's very own shows.

50 cent music money50 cent music money
Jamie McCarthy/Staff via Getty Images

Back in 2014, Complex reported that G-Unit was raking in about $150,000 per appearance. And while, granted, he hasn't dropped any new music in quite some time now, we still expected that number to be much higher. After all, get rich or die trying. Right?

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15. Solange Knowles: $150,000

While hiring Beyonce for a private show may break the bank, getting her equally talented sister for a performance may be a bit easier on the wallet. According to BET, Solange Knowles charges about $150,000 dollars for her appearances. But if someone is thinking of hiring her, they better hurry up.

solange knowles booking feessolange knowles booking fees
Josh Brasted / Contributor via Getty Images

It seems she may not be doing it for too long. "I love music. But I'm not gonna work myself to death. If there ever comes a point where I'm not enjoying it, then I'm not gonna do it anymore," she confessed. "I've promised myself that. I've written it down on paper and signed a contract."

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14. Moneybagg Yo: $150,000

He might know how to spit bars, but Moneybagg Yo also knows a thing or two about self-worth. So much so, that he's upped his booking fee by 8,000% since 2020. Yep, not a typo: where he once pocketed a meek $2,500 per appearance, Big Bagg is now in the 6-digits ballpark.

moneybagg yo booking feesmoneybagg yo booking fees
Paras Griffin/Contributor via Getty Images

The Memphis star recently caught up with TMZ to talk all things music. More importantly, how much he's already managed to secure from his time on the charts. As he revealed, he's taking $200 racks/show nowadays. And that number is still growing: "I think I can get up to $500," he vowed. Talk about ambition...

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13. Lil Durk: $200,000

Durkio has had quite the run these days, something he himself will happily remind ya. From his certified-platinum collab with Drizzy to his back-to-back albums, the rapper is officially unstoppable. And he's had no problem adjusting his booking fees accordingly...

lil durk show pricelil durk show price
Paras Griffin/Contributor via Getty Images

"I need 200k a show now, Smurk top 3 out here," The Voice rapper tweeted back in 2020. That's right. Lil Durk is taking no less than 200 racks these days. And whether one agrees with those prices or not, something tells us that number isn't done increasing. Stay tuned.

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12. DJ Khaled: $200,000

Looking for the keys to success? Expect to cough up 6-figures. DJ Khaled might be busy shelling out words of wisdom on the 'gram, but to catch him live in action, it'll cost ya the big bucks. Which, well, are we really that surprised here? As for how much?

dj khaled net worthdj khaled net worth
Leon Bennett/Stringer via Getty Images

According to AAE Speakers, a talent agency home to several big-name clients, Khaled's going rate is $200,000. Though we should probably mention, their price list has the Miami DJ listed as a keynote speaker. Business by day, party by night? We respect it.

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11. Pitbull: $200,000

Speaking of Miami, Mr. 305 is always down for a good time. Just know, it won't come cheap. While it's been a while since we heard his name make a debut on the charts, Pitbull is still charging a whole lot of dough to catch him live in action. But don't quote us on that one.

pitbull rapper booking feespitbull rapper booking fees
Gerardo Mora/Contributor via Getty Images

Back in 2019, a roundup of a booking agency's performance fees began to float around the internet. And while we have yet to hear confirmation from the International Love artist himself, he weighed in at about $200,000/appearance. Cap or no cap, it's always nice to hear about a blast from the past.

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10. Lil Dicky: $200,000

When the world first met an awkward, self-loathing Dave Burd, no one knew he'd blow up the way that he did. Heck, even he was surprised by his come-up. "Did I know I was talented enough to have actual hit songs and sell-out tours off the music alone? No," Dicky confessed. Of course, though, we all know how this story ends.

lil dicky dave musiclil dicky dave music
Andrew Toth/Stringer via Getty Images

Today, the viral rapper has morphed into one of hip-hop's standout faces. Whether he's penning his very own hit series, Dave, or poking fun at himself in one of his tracks, it's never a dull moment when Lil Dicky's involved. Perhaps that's why it'll cost $200k to catch the jokester live, as Main Stage Productions estimated.

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9. Dababy: $250,000

"Everyone said we were... crazy," Andrew Lieber recalled. Sure enough, Dababy's booking agent always had grand plans for the KIRK rapper. And, well, it appears he was right on the money, after all. "Going to these big... rooms, high ticket prices, and we proved 'em wrong," he nodded.

dababy music booking feesdababy music booking fees
Rich Fury/Staff via Getty Images

Sure enough, what started out at just $10 racks quickly grew to $100,000 a gig. Today? Kirk's number has more than doubled. "To make it short, I'm not taking anything less than a quarter-million a show," Dababy flexed on the 'gram. Talk about coming full circle...

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8. Nicki Minaj: $250,000

Sure, she bailed on her would-be VMA's performance back in September. But this barbie won't be shying away from the stage anytime soon. "Next year we there baby," the Chun Swae rapper vowed. Ya heard it here first: mark those calendars. And while we're at it, start saving up...

nicki minaj music performancenicki minaj music performance
Paras Griffin/Contributor via Getty Images

According to Complex's report back in 2014, Minaj has been pocketing up to $250,000 for every appearance. But given the years - and success - that have since followed? Something tells us the self-titled Queen of Rap is officially in a different playing field.

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7. Drake: $250,000

He might have been 25 sitting on 25 mil, but back in 2011, Drizzy was just getting started. So much so, that he was still busy booking birthday parties. That's right. For a quarter of a mil, the rapper was tapped to perform at the Bar Mitzvah of a New York teen.

drake album booking feesdrake album booking fees
Paras Griffin/Stringer via Getty Images

But our birthday boy isn't the only one who's grown up since. Today, the 6 God is a force to be reckoned with, with 4 Grammys and an Artist of the Decade Award under his belt. In other words? We've got a pretty good feeling Drizzy's asking fee is looking very different these days...

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6. Cardi B: $300,000

As she's reminded us before, there's nothing in this world that Bardi like more than checks. The Money rapper is all about the money moves, which, lucky for her, has her with millions in the bank. Unlucky for us, that also means we'll likely never see her on tour.

cardi b music tourcardi b music tour
Rich Fury/Stringer via Getty Images

But don't take our word for it: "why would I do that now when I... got festival and independent Cardi concerts' money?" the artist explained of the pricey fees that go into touring. And perhaps she's got a point. Not only did she reveal she'd nabbed $300 racks for a Vegas party, but it seems no price is too high for the Bardi Gang.

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5. Lil Baby: $400,000

Don't let his name fool ya - Lil Baby is living large. Back in 2020, the Emotionally Scarred rapper had heads turning after claiming he made "200 [racks] an occasion." But if by some chance that's not surprising enough? That number has since doubled.

lil baby show pricelil baby show price
Denise Truscello/Contributor via Getty Images

At least according to Baby. During a follow-up interview with The Breakfast Club, the Yes Indeed hitmaker revealed his newly upgraded appearance price: $400,000" he casually informed Charlamagne tha God. Hey, when your net-worth is in the multi-millions, what's another $400k anyways?

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4. Tekashi 6ix9ine: $500,000

Love him or hate him, Tekashi knows how to keep things interesting. Which is exactly why it'll cost ya a lot to nab an appearance from the guy. We're talking half a mil. That's right. The controversial rapper isn't leaving the house for less than $500 racks.

tekashi 69 show pricetekashi 69 show price
Marco Bertorello/Contributor via Getty Images

"I DROP 4 SONGS A YEAR AND GET 500,000 DOLLARS A SHOW AND DO ARENAS!" the FEFE artist flexed on the 'gram back in May. "TELL THESE RAPPERS CATCH...UPPPPPPPPP." While the self-titled King of New York has said a lot of questionable things over the years, this might just take the cake. Cap or no cap?

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3. Kanye West: $1 Million

Kanye loves Kanye. That's facts. But not everybody is as impressed with our Christian Genius Billionaire. As a matter of fact, back in 2011, when Drizzy embraced his Jewish roots at a fan's Bar Mitzvah, there was originally a different big-name slated to perform: Mr. West. What happened?

kanye west donda concertkanye west donda concert
Timothy Norris/Contributor via Getty Images

To put it simply, there were 1 million reasons why the deal went south. According to The NY Post, West had demanded $1 million for the appearance. And while we already know our birthday boy rejected the offer, something tells us 'Ye hasn't humbled down his prices since then.

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2. Jay-Z: $1 Million

With a price so high, we're hoping Jay-Z also surprises his fans with a performance from his wife, Queen Bey. According to Capital Xtra, to get the rapper to show up to an event, he needs to be paid up to $1 million dollars. For that amount of dough, we'd hope he performs all his best songs.

jay z booking features pricejay z booking features price
Brian Ach / Stringer via Getty Images

But we can't promise he'll always accept an invitation. "Do things that are true to you," he once noted. "Most things that I'm involved with is being creative, and things that I like. Get involved with things that you love and be sure to have a standard and integrity with what you're doing."

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1. Young Thug: $1.5 Million

And coming in at #1 for the priciest performer: Thugger. Whether one was expecting that or not, we've got a feeling once we break down just how much moolah was involved, they'll be lots of jaws on the floor here. Not only is Young Thug raking in 7-digits, but he's even broken down the math for us. And it's wild.

young thug performance priceyoung thug performance price
Erika Goldring/Contributor via Getty Images

 "1.5 for a 45-minute show. #ThankUGod," the So Much Fun hitmaker revealed on the 'gram back in 2020. Allow us to put that into perspective for ya: $1.5 million for 45 minutes = about $33,000/minute. Yep. If it wasn't clear before, Thugger has officially reached G.O.A.T. status...

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