Tyga Drops Surprisingly Heartfelt Single, “Lifetime”


| LAST UPDATE 04/11/2022

By Zuzanna Krause
Tyga music lifetime video
Edward Berthelot / Contributor via Getty Images

Rapper Tyga just dropped his latest track, Lifetime, accompanied by a music video showing the artist in a whole different light. The artist switched things up from his usual party-inspired videos to something a little more toned down for this track, so let's take a closer look at what's going on here...

From X-rated bars to slowed-down beats, Tyga has fans hyped up over his latest song. The music video dropped just a few days ago, featuring the Taste singer in an all-red Adidas tracksuit paying pool in a high-rise building while scrolling on his phone. The blurred visuals pan back and forth from Tyga casually rapping to a mysterious love interest posing by the tall glass windows. In the track, Tyga ponders over his love interests, rapping, "Baby, you deserve better, and I'm not him/But I know when we happy, we be locked in/And it's some **** I just comprehend/Maybe I deserve better and you not her." The rapper continues, "Reflectin' life in real-time," he raps in the track's outro before asking, "Can I be with one soul for a lifetime?" We're wondering who he's talking about here?

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Lifetime dropped just a few weeks after the release of his hit single with Doja Cat, Freaky Deaky, which is giving the complete opposite vibes from his solo track. Freaky Deaky features the more trap-rap genre we're used to seeing Tyga in and the more extravagant music videos, which we're also more used to seeing Tyga part of. The video was directed by Christian Breslauer, who is famously known for producing some of Hollywood's finest music videos, including Lil Nas X ft. Jack Harlow's Industry Baby and The Weeknd's Die for You.

Tyga Doja Cat Music
Timothy Norris/WireImage via Getty Images

It is unclear whether or not Lifetime will be a part of an upcoming album or if the track is holding fans over until further notice. Legendary marked Tyga's seventh studio album, the artist's last project released in 2019, and debuted at number 17 on the US Billboard 200. So, until then, we'll be listening to Lifetime on repeat, reflecting on a few exes of our own. Tyga got us really thinking!

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