Blac Chyna Steps Into the Celebrity Boxing Ring


| LAST UPDATE 06/13/2022

By Zuzanna Krause
blac chyna boxing match
Aaron Davidson via Getty Images

Blac Chyna and Alysia Magen went at it in the ring this week during a celebrity boxing match. But after the match ended in a draw, both stars were unsatisfied, claiming the final call was "b******t." So what went down exactly?

When it was first announced Blac Chyna would be fighting in a celebrity boxing match, fans everywhere were curious who was going to step up to the plate and go head to head with Rob Kardashians' baby mamma. It didn't take long for Instagram Fitness model Alysia Magen to volunteer as tribute and announce she would step into the ring. The two were training for weeks to get ready for the highly anticipated match - Chyna even trained with Tamara Frapasella-Fortune, who fought Kim Kardashian in a 2010 celebrity boxing match. Ah, full circle.

Blac Chyna Alysia Magen
Aaron Davidson via Getty Images
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When Chyna and Magen participated in the celebrity match on June 11 in Pembroke Pines, things got a little messy. Despite the outcome, the women were ready to throw hands, and that's what they did. Before the match began during weigh-ins, Magen started riling things up a little and called out Chyna's defamation case loss against the Kardashians. Ouch. "Hey, I'm not Kim Kardashian. I'm going to knock you both out!" she said, to which Chyna lunged at Magen. Both women were out to fight, with Chyna, at one point during the match, getting knocked to the floor. The refs behind the battle called the game a draw, with both ladies calling "b******t" and Chyna saying, "Maybe they should check the scores again," according to TMZ

Despite the match ending in a draw, Chyna has been having quite the month. She just lost a defamation suit against the Kardashians after claiming they "killed" her reality TV show Rob & Chyna. She sued the family for a total of $100 million and walked away with a loss. Regardless of all the legal drama, according to Chyna herself, she was "mentally prepared to fight" leading up to the match, so hopefully, it was all worth it...

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