World Champs Again! Houston Astros Win World Series


| LAST UPDATE 11/07/2022

By Kenzie Rose
Houston Astros World Series
Harry How/Staff via Getty Images

The Houston Astros have done it again! As of Saturday, November 5, the MLB team has officially been crowned World Series champions. Only this time, there is no cheating scandal bringing them down...

After winning their first championship title in 2017, the limelight was quickly overshadowed by the fact that they supposedly cheated their way to the top. The news broke that the team and its management were using technology and signals, like banging on trash cans, to relay signs and steals. The MLB did not take away their title, but it was not an easy ride afterward. In any city they played in that was not their own, the booing and jeers followed them everywhere they went. Opposing fans were not pleased with their behavior, and they made that very clear. However, the Houston Astros kept going. 

Astros world champions cheating
Harry How/Staff via Getty Images
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They were able to band together and, more importantly, win together. They did not let the haters get inside their heads. If anything, it was the opposite. Dusty Baker, the team manager for the past three seasons, said, “I think that’s what drove this team. The boos and the jeers that we got all over the country, it bothered these guys, but it also motivated them at the same time.” He continued, “It was more of a, come together even closer-type thing.” The Astros played at home in Houston for game six against the Philadelphia Phillies. They were already up 4-1 and needed to cinch this win for the title. They have one of the world’s best pitchers on their team, Justin Verlander, and now they just needed a win to help them become Champions once more.

The Astros were falling behind at the bottom of the sixth inning. They needed something big to happen. It was delivered to them when Yordan Alvarez hit a home run that pushed the Astros into the lead. With that, the Houston Astros became the 2022 World Champions. Congratulations to them! Until next season, stay tuned.

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