Charles Barkley Gave His Stamp of Approval to the Viral Impression of His Blazers-Nuggets Commentary


| LAST UPDATE 06/06/2021

By Tiana Blanco
charles barkley viral impression
LISA O'CONNOR via Getty Images

Inside the NBA viewers got a special treat this past weekend as Charles Barkley saw a comedic impression of his commentary style that went viral. The clip came after the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks battled it out in their first Eastern Conference Semifinal match, which saw the Nets start off strong with a 115-107 win.

inside nba viral clip
Lisa Lake/Stringer via Getty Images

The TNT postgame show wasn't exactly known for its humor, but the viewers and hosts couldn't help but laugh at the spot-on impression done by comedian Charles Barkley. The stand-up and radio show host posted his best "Charles Barkley" on Twitter a couple of days earlier on June 4th, and got a viral reaction. The video, which has reached over 13,000 retweets and nearly 55,000 likes, eventually caught the attention of the Inside the NBA studio.

inside NBA funny moments
Michael Loccisano via Getty Images

The current Washington-native really knocked one out of the park with his video. His impersonation was based on Barkley's commentary from an earlier playoff match between Western Division's Denver Nuggets and Portland Trail Blazers "This the first half analysis, the half of basketball was played... That's not the whole game," the funnyman started off with. For those who hadn't caught the clip, check it out below:

And what did the Inside the NBA regular have to say? Well, it seemed that he enjoyed it. "That's pretty good right there," the host laughed in approval. Before the clip was even finished, viewers could hear the post-game hosts laughing at the impersonation. Barkley's co-host even described the accuracy as "scary." Safe to say they understand why it went so viral: "He can do some impressions," Ernie Johnson Jr. said. You can catch their full reaction in the video:

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Co-hosts O'Neal and Smith better watch their back, because it looks like no one is safe from Danny Rouhier savage impersonations. But on the plus side, if Barkley ever needs to call in sick during this year's NBA playoff season, he knows who to bring to fill in at the last minute.