The Explanation Behind Cristiano Ronaldo's Trademark Free-Kick Stance


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Alexa Alves
Cristiano Ronaldo Free Kick
Steve Bardens / Stringer via Getty Images

When we say "Cristiano Ronaldo's free-kick stance," we have a feeling that ya'll know what we mean. But if you don't, see the full of power image below of the soccer star squaring up in the middle of any game. So, what is this special positioning all about?

Cristiano Ronaldo Free-Kick
Valerio Pennicino / Stringer via Getty Images

Well, as Ronaldo has made a habit of stepping three steps back and once to the side, many fans of the sport have wondered what the secret behind standing with such a wide stance is. Just before kicking the ball, Cristiano takes a deep dramatic breath...

Cristiano Ronaldo Free Kick
VCG / Contributor via Getty Images

Then he runs up, and BAM! For all of you on the edge of your seats waiting for the answer to this soccer mystery, former Manchester United assistant manager Mike Phelan explained: "[Ronaldo] brought in a more dynamic showmanship."

Soccer Icon Cristiano Ronaldo
VINCENZO PINTO / Contributor via Getty Images

"He places the ball down; the concentration level is high, he takes his certain amount of steps back so that his standing foot is in the perfect place to hit the ball in the sweet spot. When he pulls those shorts up and shows his thighs, he is saying 'all eyes on me' and 'this is going in,'" Phelan explained.

Ronaldo Free-Kick Stance
Fred Lee / Stringer via Getty Images

But why does Cristiano make it a whole production? Well, the former assistant manager continued: "He understands the marketing side of it. The way he struts up and places it, the world is watching him." And amidst the current games of Euro 2020, the world is certainly watching.

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Many lovers of the game were also watching when Cristiano Ronaldo removed two coca-cola bottles from his table at a recent Euro 2020 press conference. "Agua!" The soccer star exclaimed as he looked disappointed at the Coke bottles. With his health regimen, he seemed confused as to why the bottles were there in the first place...

Cristiano Ronaldo Free-Kick
Alex Livesey - UEFA / Contributor via Getty Images

His actions, despite being an unplanned reaction, caused the soft-drink company an enormous amount of money. How much, you might be wondering? Well, just about $4 billion. While an official spokesperson for Euro 2020 stated, "Everyone is entitled to their drink preferences," there's no denying that it was a huge hit to the company.