F1’s Alex Albon Returns to the Racetrack After Surgery


| LAST UPDATE 10/02/2022

By Kenzie Rose
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Bradley Collyer - PA Images / Contributor via Getty Images

Alex Albon was meant to be driving in the Italian Grand Prix. Instead, he was in the hospital being treated for appendicitis. During his surgery, he suffered complications and was put on a ventilator. Only 3 weeks later, though, he has made a serious comeback, racing in the Singapore Grand Prix. Are you just as impressed as we are?

The Singapore Grand Prix is one of the most tricky races on the Formula 1 calendar. The entire season spans from March to December, with 21 races that are in 21 different countries. Talk about traveling in style! Next year, the circuit is going to include Las Vegas. As the Thai racer began his recovery, he documented his progress on Instagram. Not only was Albon recovering from his surgery, but he was also training to race in the Singapore Grand Prix. Just a few days before the race, he posted on Instagram a series of photos highlighting his progress. It showed him on a treadmill, with a respirator on his face, and even in a cooling chamber.

Alex Albon Formula 1
Mark Thompson/Staff via Getty Images
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It is tough work preparing for a race. Formula 1 drivers must be in tip-top shape to be prepared to compete. They must withstand intense heat from the engines, be ready to lose weight due to the lack of water, and endure large amounts of G force. All of this to say is that it is completely crazy and impressive that three weeks after Albon had surgery and was in the intensive care unit, he is suiting up to race in Singapore. Albon is part of the Williams Racing team, which he joined for this 2022 season. He took his first podium in 2020 in Mugello and only made his Formula 1 debut in 2019.

Formula 1 fans are racing towards excitement to see the 26-year-old back on the track after he missed the Italian Grand Prix. But even more hyped than fans for his return is Albon himself. It has been a few long and tiresome weeks for the athlete. You can bet we'll be tuning in as he steps back into the driver's seat. Stay tuned.

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