Formula 1 Is Heading to Vegas


| LAST UPDATE 04/07/2022

By Logan Shaw
Red, Bull, Formula, One
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Formula 1 drivers are in for the ultimate treat because they're heading to Vegas for the 2023 race! The Las Vegas Strip and adjacent roads will be converted into an F1 race track circuit in an incredibly exciting development for the audience and participants alike. Although the Grand Prix race usually takes place on Sunday mornings, the Vegas 2023 version is scheduled to take place in November on a Saturday night. Qualifying will stick with its usual Friday before time slot. After Austin and Miami, Las Vegas will be the third stop for the US F1 Competition 2023. Here what we know so far.

As determined by the IFA, the governing body for auto-racing events, the 50-lap race will be set on a 3.8-mile circuit, including three main straights, 14 corners, and a chicane. At speeds of up to 212mph, the drivers will drive down the famous Vegas strip, passing by some of the most iconic Vegas landmarks, namely the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Venetian, and Wynn. The race will be the first race to take place in Vegas for 40 years. F1 recently took to their Instagram account to share the drivers' reactions to the news.

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The immediately excited drivers couldn't help but predict the inevitable chaos that would take place due to the location. "I think a few drivers might not wake up for the race itself. Let's not do back-to-back [race weekends] for this one. Let's give it two weeks' break before and after. I cannot imagine what it's gonna be like. This is gonna be absolute madness. Let's go!" laughed the reigning champion Max Verstappen. Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton agreed with his fellow competitors, "that's going to be a pretty hardcore event. Knowing that it's a real party city, it's difficult for a racing driver. There's gonna be so much going on."

Las Vegas Formula 1
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"I'm sure some drivers gonna spend some money in the casino and hopefully try and get back on Sunday," joked the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. "I was gonna retire; I will not no more," teased Daniel Ricciardo. With the recent Netflix show, Formula 1: Drive to Survive, the racecar competition has reached a new US audience, increasing its popularity across America. For all the updates, check their website

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