Jake Paul Tops Highest-Paid Boxers of 2021


| LAST UPDATE 01/16/2022

By Alexa Alves
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Love him or hate him, Jake Paul ain't going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, boxing's "Problem Child" just welcomed another major milestone. According to a new report, the rookie athlete has become the highest-paid boxer of 2021. As for exactly how much he's raking in? From the initial reveal to the Instagram roast it called for, here's what to know about the star's latest win. Keep scrolling.

On Friday, January 14, Forbes first broke the big news: "Pivoting From YouTube To Boxing, Jake Paul Earned $40 Million In The Ring In 2021," their report read. As the media giant noted, Mr. Paul's been making quite the money moves in recent months. So much so, that it actually placed him as the richest boxer of 2021. But that's not all. Apparently, the boxing champ has also become the highest-paid athlete under 25 of this past year. (Well, according to Paul, at least. Technically? Naomi Osaka weighed in at #1 with almost $60 mil.) Either way, we'd say the YouTube star is doing just fine.

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But despite the millions he's now got lying around in the bank, he actually wasn't too thrilled about the Forbes report. Why? According to the athlete, he's making even more than $40 mil. "True story on my momma... the numbers are slightly low," he shaded on the 'gram, claiming the media giant actually deflated his earnings. "A lot of times Forbes inflates the number made. In 2018 when I made the list I made $17m, and they reported $22m, I believe. On this day, they are actually behind, and the numbers are actually low. Most celebs would say, "thank the lord, I'm so blessed," but I say any regular mother****** could do this **** if u a sicko and ready to die for ur cause." How endearing.

jake paul net worth
Al Bello/Staff/Getty Images

While he may not be the most popular boxer, we gotta give credit where credit is due: Mr. Paul seems to know how to work his way around the ring. From his 5-0 ranking to his recent talks of joining the PFL, we'd watch out for this Problem Child. Until next time, check out these other boxing legends making making some serious dough. And, of course, stay tuned.

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