Is Jay-Z Fit To Own an NFL Team? Beyonce’s Mom Weighs In


| LAST UPDATE 11/29/2022

By Zuzanna Krause
Jay Z NFL Commanders Purchase
Ezra Shaw via Getty Images

There's really nothing this hip-hop mogul can't do. A few months ago, Jay-Z was spotted meeting with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in Los Angeles, sparking rumors that the two were interested in purchasing an NFL team. Although there has been no movement on the purchase, Bezos and Carter would make quite the power duo in the sports world. So, what's happening now?

According to initial TMZ reports, the two met after word got out that they both shared an interest in putting in a bid to purchase the Washington Commanders. The sports community was shocked when current owner Daniel Snyder and his wife Tanya confirmed the news that they are looking to sell their team for around $7 billion. So who better to back the Roc Nation mogul than one of the wealthiest men in the world? However, this is not the first time Jay has shopped around for a team to invest in. Last year, news broke that Hov was interested in purchasing the Denver Broncos but, too, would need an investor to aid the $4 billion dollar purchase. However, money moves were not made fast enough, and the franchise was sold to the Walter-Penner Group for $4.65 billion, making it the largest team sale in U.S. sports history.

Jay-Z Washington Commanders NFL
 Evan Agostini via Getty Images
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Anyways, fast forward a few weeks, and Tina Knowles, Beyonce's mother, has shared her opinion on her son-in-law's decision to potentially buy the NFL team. "I have no doubt that anything they can put their minds to, they can do it well," Knowles said to TMZ Sports at LAX earlier this month. Thanks, momma! She also admitted she has no further information on the current status of the purchase and whether or not Snyder is officially selling. 

Knowles is not the only star to believe Jay would be an excellent NFL honcho. Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban and sports analyst Shannon Sharpe both backed the idea of seeing a Carter-run NFL team. "It's a good look," Sharpe said. "It shows we're trying to diversify and we're trying to expand. And we're trying to do the right things." Alright, so let's see where this one goes!

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