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| LAST UPDATE 10/10/2021

By Tiana Blanco
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It hasn't been an easy time for Seattle Seahawks fans, but after a long wait, we finally got some much-needed updates on Russell Wilson's hand surgery. Here's everything we know.

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The legendary quarterback went in for surgery on Friday, October 8th, to repair a middle finger injury that occurred on Thursday's game versus the Los Angeles Rams. Action was taken immediately, and surgery was done to target two injuries in the QB's finger. According to the official Seahawks reporter John Boyle, no official return date has been set for Wilson to get back onto the field, but many are hopeful that we'll see him sometime in the 2021-2022 season. In the meantime, the Hawks have Geno Smith filling in as Russell's set to miss his first game in his decade-long career.

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The surgeon responsible for the procedure is none other than Dr. Steven Shin, a famous Los Angeles-based orthopedic surgeon in the sports world. He's operated on legends like Stephen Curry, Mike Trout, and more. And with his years of expertise, he said with certainty that Dangeruss Wilson would be back in no time. "Based on what I saw today, I am fully confident Russell will return to the NFL this season and play at the same world-class level that fans have come to expect of one of the game's very best quarterbacks," the doctor shared in his statement. It's been reported that the QB was already working away in physio this weekend.

russell wilson surgery updates
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Besides the doc, Russell also got the full support of his head coach, Pete Carroll. "This is Russ at his finest in terms of competitiveness," Carroll explained. "He's doing everything possible to be ready to take advantage of whatever is available to him... It's looking ahead; we're already looking at getting right and coming back; that's how we're talking about it. And I know that he'll maximize whatever the timeframe is." Russell's wife Ciara also jumped in with her support, writing, "You're the toughest Man I know. Always dedicated and committed to whatever it takes."

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russell wilson surgery recovery
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Sending wishes for a speedy recovery for the NFL legend. Be sure to check back soon for more updates on your favorite athletes.