LeBron James’ Retirement Plan Is Shaking Up the NBA


| LAST UPDATE 02/25/2022

By Logan Shaw
LeBron James, NBA, Retirement
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Most sports stars dream of ending their careers on a record-breaking win, usually alongside a top-ranking sports team. LeBron James, however, has a different dream to tick off his bucket list before retiring - to play on the court alongside his son, Bronny. The 37-year-old NBA star, who is currently ranked third in the NBA, has made it very clear to the world that to make this dream a reality, he plans to spend his last season on the court playing for whichever team drafts his son. Here's what we know.

Speaking to The Athletic, James explained, "my last year will be played with my son, wherever Bronny is at, that's where I'll be. I would do whatever it takes to play with my son for one year. It's not about the money at that point." When asked if he would consider returning to Cleveland, where his career began, he responded, "the door's not closed on that; I'm not saying I'm coming back and playing, I don't know."

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Bronny is currently a high school junior, ranked as a second-round prospect in the 2023 class. If he were to draft, it would likely be in the 2024-25 season. He has been chiefly seen as a 'role-player' for his Sierra Canyon high school team rather than a significant NBA candidate. Despite this, LeBron's plan could significantly boost his son's basketball career as teams may draft Bronny solely to recruit his father. NBA fans across social media platforms have been quick to point out the impacts this announcement could have on the NBA as a whole.

LeBron James, Retirement, NBA
Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Some believed this "would be something very cool to see that we might never see in the NBA again." Others, such as Richland Source editor Larry Phillips, were more critical, pointing out that "Bronny is not an NBA prospect unless he grows dramatically in the next two years." Former NFL wide receiver Mark Dell questioned why Bronny would want his whole career credited to his father. CBS Sports' NBA reporter, Sam Quinn, explains that it ultimately comes down to "what is the highest draft pick a contender would trade for a one-year rental on a 40-year-old LeBron James? That is where Bronny will get picked." Whatever the result may be, the 2023 NBA Draft is set to be a wild one! Set your calendars now, folks. 

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