Is LeBron Leaving the Lakers? NBA Exec Weighs In


| LAST UPDATE 01/15/2023

By Raven Wade
LeBron James NBA Lakers Warriors
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The word on the street is that NBA champion, LeBron James, might just be switching courts. James has been a part of the Lakers for the past 20 years, bringing the Los Angeles team win after win. Now, he could be proving things are never too late to make a career change...

Back in 2003, James was specially selected for his master skills on the court. He was shooting hoops like no tomorrow and has made history in the ball game over the past two decades. Throughout his career, he has succeeded in 907 wins, so it's no surprise he is a shoo-in for any other NBA team. He's a gold mine, and it could take any contract to secure him on another team. Yet, it's for LeBron to decide whether he's ready to make the switch, leaving his beloved team behind. Currently, "the Warriors sit in eighth place with a 20-21 record," says Hypebeast, whereas the LA Lakers are in 12th, with a 19-22 record. They are not performing to their top standard, even though they have Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook tearing up the court. What will it take for them to receive nothing but net?

LeBron James Lakers Warriors Transfer
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Recently, an NBA executive spoke with Heavy Sports' Sean Deveney contemplating whether LeBron should make the swap. Though nothing has been signed or set in stone, the discussion is in session, "swapping Jordan Poole for other players, including Lakers star LeBron James." The conversation entails the following, "If there is a bidding war going on at some point, the Warriors are in a great position because they can give you the young guys – [James] Wiseman or [Jonathan] Kuminga or [Moses] Moody, or [Pat] Baldwin, whoever the Lakers want. But you have to add either Poole or [Andrew] Wiggins, and that’s not easy. But if they want to win now, you can give up Poole if you are getting back LeBron, right? If they keep Draymond [Green] and come back with Steph [Curry], Klay Thompson, Draymond and LeBron, that would be a fun, fun team to watch." In a recent from Sam Quinn of CBS Sports, he listed a variety of potential "trade destinations" for James. Quinn wrote, "Hey, speaking of quotes launching rumors, James wasn’t even a little subtle in April when he said that Stephen Curry would be the player in today’s league with whom he’d most want to play."

The fate is now in James and Poole's hands. It is up to them, and even more so, the future of the Warriors and Lakers depends on this trade. LeBron has committed his life to the Lakers, so it is questionable whether he is ready to make his last NBA run with a new team. Stay tuned...

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